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    Happy Diwali

Happy Diwali

It’s Diwali time! Make a plan to decorate your house with your family and share your ideas with us in this month’s kids creations.


At my house me and my family decided to put up light and divas to bring the light of the Diwali to our home. ~Jay Swaminarayan  
Ritu patel (11)

happy diwali to everyone enjoy a lot may this diwali illuminate your life with beautiful lamp and colourful light
ritisha ramjeet (13)
port louis, MAURITIUS


Diwali is a festival of fireworks. On the first day of diwali we celebrate a religous festival called Dhanteras. On the second day we start playing with fireworks and the temple we also play with fireworks, at your home you can decorate your house with diyas and some small fireworks that is how we celebrate our religous festival called diwali
diya .d.sanghvi (10)

We will clean our house. And on Diwali we will light diwas at night with all the lights turned off. We might also make Diwali decorations such as Styrofoam diwas and hang pictures of our mandir's rangoli around the house.
Vraj Patel (12)
Hacienda Heights, CA, UNITED STATES

Jai Swaminarayan, I would like to decorate my house by putting Divas and Balloons. There would be Rangoli on the entrance of the house. I would also do annkut and do Thal and Arti. I would also decorate Akshar Purshottam with new clothes and jewelry.
Sajni (8)

I like to decorate my house not with any physical thing but with good thoughts and good action plan for new year. I make my house decorative by giving respect to all my elders and giving love to my youngers. 
Abhay Patel (10)

I will make the rangoli on the doorstep of house and my sister will help me create this beautiful piece of art. My dad will hang the lights on my garage. My mom will prepare the food and I will help her cook. As a family we will light the divas and fireworks. 
Anreri Patel (9)
Brampton, CANADA

Jay Swaminarayan I plan to decorate my house with my family on November 3rd so we can have our house decorated by diwali. I plan on putting colorful lights arounnd the whole house and on the front porch. I am going to decorate the gharmandir room with candles. I plan on donating half my savings account money to the mandir and the othe half for my presents to my family and friends. This is what I planned for diwali Jay Swaminarayan
Priyal H. Patel (10)

Jai Swaminarayan I would decorate the house with christmas lights and divos. I would also include my family. Me and my family will think of ideas and gather them all together and then decorate the house. I would also get haars and in my gharmandir I would put them on Maharaj. On the outside if my house I would put the Christmas lights just like all the houses are decorated on Christmas. For Diwali I would make a card for each of my family members and for Maharaj and for Swamibapa. On Diwali I would put the cards I made for Bapa and Maharaj in the gharmandir. I would give the cards I made for my family members to them. This is how I would celebrate my Diwali Jai Swaminarayan
Sakshi Patel (10)
Westerville Ohio, UNITED STATES

Jai Swaminarayan, I would decorate my house with divos lighting up everything, a colorful rangoli outside my house, and annakut items from Mandir that have been offered to Maharaj and Swami.
Vaibhavi Bharadwaj (12)

There are many ways to decorate your house at the time of Diwali. Diwali is the festival of lights, so basically, you need lights when you are decorating. One thing to do is decorate with little lamps known as divas. They make your house look really pretty. That is what my family and I did this year. Another thing you could do is get electric lamps on a big long wire and put them around your house. When you turn them on, lo and behold! your house is glowing beautifully telling everyone that you have gotten rid of all the darkness from your life and now there is nothing but light, light, and light!! 
Kaushali Thakker (14)




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