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    Why Be Vegetarian?

Why Be Vegetarian?

A question for you: Why do you think it is important for people to live a vegetarian lifestyle? Write a short paragraph with your answer and look to see if your answer gets selected for the next issue of the Bal Prakash.

Submit your responses before March 31st.


Being a vegetarian is very important. Killing animals is a sin. When animals have done nothing to us, why should we take their lives? They have the same amount of freedom to live peacefully on this earth as we do. We as humans do not have the right to kill them mercilessly. Animals have feelings just like us humans. When a close family member leaves us, the pain is unbearable. We must think about how the animals must feel when they see their loved ones being slaughtered by careless human beings. Besides, meat is not healthy for the human body. It is not made to break down the rough meat. Our teeth are not made to cut through meat. We can only become stronger by eating fruits and vegetables. That is our true food. In the ShikshapatriMaharaj write that one should never kill a single living being, even if it is as tiny as an ant. It is also Bapa'sagna that we never eat meat. The real vitamins and protein come from a vegetarian diet, not from meat. I think it is very important to live vegetarian lifestyle. In this way, we are not hurting the animals and they can live happily.
KaushaliThakker (14)

it is important to live a vegetarian lifestyle because as it is not appropriate to eat animals by killing them for your prey
Dia (12)


I say its important to be a vergetarian because if u a veggie no other animals are being affected.Imagine if they were aliens and we were like animals to them how will we feel when they hunt,kill,and then eat us ... Its a thinking question though.God did not send us on this Earth to eat others Flesh and their body he sent here to live in peace even animals are God's creation.Even the animals cry like us.So people who are not vegetarians please change for the better
Pranav Harrie (14)

We should not kill and harm animals, because eating meat means killing animals. We should eat vegetarian food ,because vegetarian food does not mean killing anyone or doing anything bad.It is what god tells us to do. Vegetarian people live longer than non-vegetarian. 
Anjali Patel (8)

I think we are vegetarian because we swaminarayans are an ahimsa or believe in nonviolence and also we believe even the tiniest leaf has life so I think all animals have atma in them and there’s god in them and when you kill animals its like you are hurting god so that’s we believe in an ahimsa or non violence to animals. PRAMUKH SWAMI MAHARAJ NI JAIIIIIII
Aman Narendra Patel (12)
St.Petersburg, UNITED STATES

We are told in the Vachanamrut (Gadhada I-69) that non-violence is the dharma by which one is led to liberation. Ahisma - non violence, is a code which is said in all of the shastras. It is a sin to even kill insects such as lice, bugs, spiders, etc. (intentionally)even to offer in sacrifices. No one should harm any creature by body, mind or speech, God resides in every soul, just as it is bad to kill another human being, it is just as bad to kill animals and insects. A good example to show this is the story of Ganashyam 'Reviving the Dead Fish'.  
Jeeyam Patel (14)

Here are the reasons why I think people should live a vegetarian life-style: 1.It will prevent animals from getting killed. 2.They can eat other vegetarian food as protein. 3.The more vegetables they eat,the more trees will be grown. 4.It is healthy and peaceful to everyone. 5.It will help them follow the dharma of ahinsa. A vegetarian life-style is very helpful to the world and those who live on it. 
Meera Panchal (8)

It is important to live a vegetarian lifestyle because by being vegetarian, we please Bapa. It is Bapa'sAgna to not eat meat because when we do, we kill animals. Also, killing animals is Adharma&himsa. Eating meat can cause the way you think to change. Eating vegetables and grains is healthy.By doing so we are not killing animals and preserving the animal kingdom.There are many tasty dishes that are vegetarian. In the Annakut during Diwali festival, we offer more than 3000 vegetarian Items. Thus, living a vegetarian life style helps you stay spiritual and healthy. That's why everyone should adapt a vegetarian life style. Jay Swaminarayan.
Saiyam Shah (10)

jai swaminarayan eating vegeterian is the only way we can stay has got high fibers and all the protiens you need in your body...and why would we want to kill someone to satisfy our own hunger we aren’t savages. It’s very much important for us to stay civilized and pure this makes our atma healthy too. people say that mankind is the ruler of the earth,well if we are kings and queens then we should know how to keep justice and fairness for everyone. just because they can’t speak that doesn’t mean that we do what we feel like.even if we look at it in a modern way meat is much more expensive than vegetables so why spend so much money on something which isn’t yours anyway.these animals are god's creations and we have no rights to harm them, that’s why shrijimaharaj and bapa tells us not to eat meat….god has already given us a very healthy and delicious diet then why should we change it. i think a vegeterian diet is the best way to stay healthy,strong and make bapa happy jai swaminarayan 
smruti bhavsar (14)
mombasa, KENYA

Why go Veg? Chew on these reasons? You'll ward off diseases. Vegetarian diets are more healthful than the average American diet. The mortality rate for cardiovascular disease is lower in vegetarians than in non vegetarians. You'll live longer. If you switch to a vegetarian diet, you can add about 13 healthy years to your life.You'll have more energy.Balanced veg diets are high in carbohydrates, they supply the body with plenty of energizing fuel. You'll also help reduce pollution. Some people become veg after realizing the devastation the meat industry is having on the environment.Finally, it is also Maharaj's wish that his satsangis should live a vegetarian lifestyle. Jay Swaminarayan
Bhumi Patel (14)
Mombasa, KENYA

There are so many good reasons for being a vegetarian (health, animals, the environment)that a better question might be, "Why NOT be a vegetarian?" when you can easily significantly improve your health, dramatically reduce your environmentally footprint and greatly lessen the suffering of animals. We might ask instead, "What's stopping you?" Of course, the decision about whether to become a vegetarian is a matter of personal choice. But if we think that if more people really knew how bad meat is (for them, the animals and the planet), more people would make the choice to go meatless. Below are some main reasons why people go veg. 1) IMPROVE YOUR HEALTH The medical evidence is clear, consistent and overwhelming. Vegetarian and vegans: -are less likely to get cancer, heart disease, diabetes or osteoporosis. -are far less likely to be over weight. -have lots more stamina. -have superior immune function. 2) SAVE THE EARTH Eating vegetarians save more land, energy and water than any other choice you can make. That's because livestock eat several more times more grain than they produce as meat. So raising livestock reduces: -several times as much land to grow the grain to feed them. -several times as much energy to harvest the grain and transport it. -several times as much water to grow the grain and to water the animals. -several times as much pesticides, etc. 3) PREVENT CRUELTY TO ANIMALS. Nobody wants animals to suffer, but its easy to forget that when we eat them, that's what we are supporting. The easiest action a person can take to reduce animal suffering is to simply stop acting them. Conclusively therefore, in a very real sense, the keeping of a vegetarian diet is a gift which we give to ourselves. We feel better, the quality of our lives improves as the heaviness of our karmic indebtedness diminishes, and we are offered entrance into new subtle and heavenly realms of inner experience. It is well worth the small price you have to pay!
Anjali Bharat Borkhataria (16)
Dar- Es- Salaam, TANZANIA

I think you should be a vegetarian because Then you do not eat other animals. We are vegetarians because eating animals for no reason is really bad. We respect animals. Also eggs because they are chickens baby which we eat! Thats gross. That is why we are a vegetarians 
GargiSavarkar (9)

animals like goat ,pig,hen,fishetc are living things. we should not kill and eat them. Also we get all nutrients from being vegetarian. 
vidhruma j patel (10)
anand, INDIA


Jai Swaminarayan, My response to this question is firstly why not be a vegetarian person. It enables you to have a healthy lifestyle and helps you to have a balanced diet. How would you feel if you felt hands around your neck about to be strangled, cooked and next thing you know it you're in someone's tummy! Why kill such an innocent animal just for the eater's delight and pleasure. It is significant for people to be vegetarian because it helps the poor animals as they have an equal chance as you do to live a life. On the other hand, being vegetarian allows you to be more controlled about the amounts you eat. And it keeps you in good health which can lead to a life without stress or worries.
Nandni Patel (12)

Everybody should follow vegetarian diet which is good for health and we get all required nutrients from vegetables. No body in this world has right to kill others for their food (non-veg). people kills other creatures for their food. Please be vegetarian....
Aakanksha Tiwari (9)
Muscat, OMAN

It is important to be vegetarian because it is a healthy diet. Also if we eat meat then we are eating another organism. When a person eats meat, they are also hurting Maharaj and Bapa. Also when a person eats meat they are committing a sin. When a person eats meat, they will not go to Akshardham. 
Smruti (14)

To be a vegetarian means to be a true bhakt of ShrijiMaharaj. He has said not to eat meat, and Bapa today says not to eat eggs either. Being a vegetarian is something that pleases both Maharaj and Swami. Being a vegetarian means to be inner pure. A vegetarian could face a lot of advantages such as being more healthy, less risk of cancer, more energy, health skin, increase life span and more. So make your decision today do you want to be a vegetarian?
Dwarkesh (13)
Toronto, CANADA

We be vegetarian because we want to make bapa happy and go to Akhashardham.This against to our religions. 
Hari Rupeshkumar Patel (7)
Scarborough, CANADA

I think Being vegetarian is an essential part of our lives. It motivates us to not perform any violent action in our life. I even think what's the use if you kill living beings for eating. People think that eating non-veg helps them to be healthy. It is true but not appropriate if you kill anybody and use them for your own sake. It turns out to be a bit selfish when you use other beings for yourself and doing them no good. Being vegetarian, I believe that if we do not harm other beings, we can even create peace among all of us. God has given us vegetables and fruits to us for eating, then why go around killing animals for food even though we have enough of it. Swami Shreeji has created all of us and treated us equally, so we do not have the right to kill anybody. That reminds me of the story of Ghanshammaharaj with the Fishermen. We should understand the ethics and morality of vegetarianism as it is our responsibility given by God to us. Therefore, I believe that being vegetarian is like being blessed by God!
Mansi Nanavati (13)
Hyderabad, INDIA

I think we are vegetarians as we have to follow the rule ahimsa which the vedas state. Also, Maharaj says that in the shikshapatri that it is not permitted. But why do we still follow? Well think about it; imagine killing an animal. Think that you killed your favourite animal and you ate it, how would you feel? Disgusted right? The same way we should think when we are forced or tempted or due to peer pressure is made to eat meat. Then all the bad thoughts of how "wonderful" meat may taste. We are also incurring bad Karma by doing this and are displeasing Maharaj and Pramukh Swami. So whenever you get tempted just think of Maharaj and Bapa will feel.
Kareena Maniyar (12)
Singapore, SINGAPORE

You should be a vegetarian because it is not good to kill animals and if you kill animals and eat them you are responsible for their death.If someone was to kill you how would you feel? How would you feel if someone killed your family just to eat them? Just like humans animals have a nervous system which means they can feel pain.That is why you should be a vegetarian because it is immoral to commit ahimsa.
Riya Patel (10)

I'm not born a satsangi nor do I got to Mandir often because my father doesn't want to but I think it is important for a person to have a vegetarian life style because I strongly believe that if we can't give the animal a life we have no right to take it away. Vegetarian life style doesn't only benefit the environment but it benefits us too,because vegetarians have a very healthy balanced diet it drives the risks of obesity,malnutrition, etc away. It also saves us from diseses passed on by the animal some of wich are fatal for example the swine flu. But most importantly we gain bapa'srajipo and it's his agna so that is the main porpose of being vegetarian. Jay swaminarayan 
Ananyathakker (13)
Wolverhampton, UNITED KINGDOM

It is important for people to live a vegetarian lifestyle because its healthy for your body, and its great for the environment. It is healthy because, vegetarians have less chances of Heart disease, Diabetes, high blood pressure and many more reasons. This is because, vegetarian diets have more fiber than fat. It is great for the environment because, it saves poor little animals from dying, and leaving their families. Scriptures say, the way you are having fun eating these animals, they one day will do the same to you!In conclusion being a vegetarian will have a life impact on you someday. Being one will save your life and the life of others.
Prayosha (12)
Brampton, CANADA

Its important to be vegetarian because by doing that you are helping tue environment and all animals living on this earth. It also says in our religion, "hinsanakarvi", meaning not to kill anyone especially for ones own benefit. All livings on this earth Has the right to live. Maharaj has given us all the wonderful things to eat like vegetables and fruits. So why should we kill and make our stomach become a grave yard and commit that kind of sin. 
kripa patel (8)

I believe that everyone should live a vegetarian lifestyle because it has a greater longevity. Secondly, it can stop animal killing and abuse. Maharaj (lord, swaminarayan) has mentioned that all living beings have the right to live. Every living being is created by god, so the right our their lives is not ours. Plants are living too but we can eat (certain) plants because plants do not have feeling like animals and we do. 
Chandani Patel (14)

It is important for people to live a vegetarian lifestyle because it is healthier,save the planet and best of all it is the best way to help animals. Every animals has its own right to live. It is not fair to these poor animals when they are being killed to be eaten. Eating meat doesn't just hurt animals, but it hurts people too. Consuming meat causes lot of pollution. So living vegetarian life will help animals,people and the environment. I have been vegetarian since I was born and very proud to be one. 
Deeya Patel (7)
Farmington hills, UNITED STATES

Well for me, I am a vegetarian because i don't like the thought of killing another living thing and eating it. It makes me think what would happen I was cut up and eaten by someone else. The other living thing also has a life. You are killing to fulfill your desire. 
Urvi Prajapati (16)

By being a vegetarian we practice non violence and also our body keeps very healthy and free of many dieases. We also live long life.
veer dipakkeshra (10)
accra, GHANA

I think it is important for people to live in a vegetarian lifestyle because when you are a meat eater, you eat meat from animals. Hunters kill the animals to get meat from them. We get to eat the meat, but the precious animal loses it's life even though it is not at fault. If people are vegetarian, then people will not eat meat and hunters will stop hunting due to their loss of money. That way, animals will live peacefully and God will be grateful for what we did.
Nupur Shah (10)
Lutherville, UNITED STATES

Isha Barot (10)
Francistown, BOTSWANA

Jay Swaminarayan I think it is important to be a vegetarian because if you eat meat you are killing innocent animals and if you do that you get bad karma. If you eat animals you are making maharaj and swami unhappy.that is why we should always do ahimsa because ahimsa makes maharaj happy. this is why i think being a vegetarian is important. Jay Swaminarayan. 
Priyal H. Patel (11)

You should be vegetarian because in bal 2 bhagwan has said that ishwar has made all of us and if one brother kills the other the parents won't like it and so ishwar has made the animals we are eating so killing the animals will make ishwar and bhagwan unhappy. Some animals give us milk like cows and goats and if we kill them we will not get what we need. 
Swamini Sagar (10)
Toronto, CANADA

why you must be a vegetarian ? you must be a vegetarian so that you can follow our dharma swaminarayan .swami shree does tell us not to eat any kind of meat. if we eat meat we are counted as siners . did you know vegetarian lifestyle is more healthier than non vegetarians? jay swaminarayan.
dhvinsi valand (11)
pretoria, SOUTH AFRICA

People are drawn to vegetarianism by all sorts of motives. Some of us want to live longer, healthier lives or do our part to reduce pollution. Others have made the switch because we want to preserve Earth’’s natural resources or because we’’ve always loved animals and are ethically opposed to eating them. Thanks to an abundance of scientific research that demonstrates the health and environmental benefits of a plant-based diet, even the federal government recommends that we consume most of our calories from grain products, vegetables and fruits. And no wonder: An estimated 70 percent of all diseases, including one-third of all cancers, are related to diet. A vegetarian diet reduces the risk for chronic degenerative diseases such as obesity, coronary artery disease, high blood pressure, diabetes and certain types of cancer including colon, breast, prostate, stomach, lung and esophageal cancer. Jay Swaminarayan.........
kruti patel (14)
bharuch, INDIA

It is important for people to live a vegetarian lifestyle due to several reasons. Firstly the lives of animals is saved. Next it improves the digestion, decreases the risk of cancer and increases the lifespan as compared to meat eaters. Finally being vegetarian saves grocery bills.
Aastha (9)
chino hills, UNITED STATES

Jai Swaminarayan everyone. Living a vegetarian lifestyle is important because, if you follow a vegetarian diet you should be able to get all the nutrients you need. However, you need to be careful that you eat a wide variety of foods to make sure you meet your nutritional requirements.For example you can't just eat potatoes everyday because it doesn't contain all the nutrients you need, however you could improve this by having tomatoes, fresh bread, rotli and other such food items. Not only that vegetarianism has it's benefits: you are able to maintain a lower body weight, you also have better cholesterol levels, your life span is longer, you have a lower risk of developing cancer of any type and to avoid any problems you have a lower risk of developing several diseases. Being vegetarian is the best solution for your body, your health and your mentality. Vegetarianism can have a huge effect on your actions, being non-vegetarian can make you harsh and violent, on the other hand being vegetarian keeps you calm and aware. Look, vegetarianism has so many benefits to it as stated above, it helps you in all areas, even at school. Therefore we should maintain a vegetarian lifestyle don't get influenced by the people around. By the grace of Bhagwan Swaminarayan and our guru ParamPujyaPramukh Swami Maharaj we are able to keep strong and follow our niyams to attain the bliss of Bhagwan Swaminarayan and our guru ParamPujyaPramukh Swami Maharaj. Jai Swaminarayan to all. 
Juhi Patel (14)

Jai Swaminarayan I think we should be vegetarian because eating meat,fish, or any non vegetarian items that is killing animals.We have no right to kill animals. If we kill animals to eat than we will not go to Akshardham and end up with Yamraja. Animals have feelings just like us. They have parents, siblings, family just like us. If we are non-vegetarian than Swamibapa will never be happy with us. 
Sajni Patel (8)

Misha patel (6)

Jai Swaminarayan, We should all be vegetarian, as it is our Bhagwan Swaminarayan & our Guruhari'saagna to earn HIS rajipo. We get all necessary,useful and body building nutrients from our veggie diet, otherwise how can elephants & bulls be so strong ? A small child picks fruit and not chicken, as his food. Also, science teaches that wild animals has different types of teeth, claws and intestines, than humans. Animals and birds are God's creation and killing them make us unhappy, cruel, angry and finally we suffer. Advertisement claims that eggs are vegetarian, but it is wrong, as they do not grow on plant. Be Vegetarian, be BAPS kid. 
Yogesh Divyang Thaker (8)
manama, BAHRAIN

Imagine eating meat. If your the chicken wouldn't you be sad if some stranger killed and ate you You have to think about that too.
DeexaKachhia (9)

We have to eat vegetable because vegetable are Yummy.And if we are eating meat we are killing Bhagwansanimals.So be a vegetarian not a meat eater.And if you are a meat eater swami will be mad at you.So never ever eat meat ok. 
Veer (10)

If you eat meat you're eating animals. Animals have done nothing wrong to us,they have not eaten us. Then why eat them? All animals die so we should let them die in peace. When we die animals don't eat us so even if they do die we shouldn't eat them. If you don't eat meat then you're more fit and healthy and you feel more fresh.
Gauri Patel (10)

We should all be vegetarian. It is true that vegetarians live longer than meat eaters. Animals have a right to live exactly like us…We should always listen to Maharaj's commands when he said do not eat meat. By following this we will always be with him and he will always be with us. If we want to please Maharajans Swami we should take their path that has ideally given to us. Jai Swaminarayan.
Shreya Patel (11)

Jay Swaminarayan Friends, Vegetarianism is a very important lifestyle. It prevents diseases, provides a variety of meals, and gives the body nutrients. It may seem hard to people who eat meat, but our Gujarati meals has a variety of food, and gives us many healthy things. But, we lack proteins that meat-eaters get plenty of. Because of that, we must eat more 'dal', and nuts (especially peanut butter). Finally it's Maharaj'sagna to be Vegetarian. Maharaj said this because Vegetarianism is important in Hinduism. In conclusion, being vegetarian is healthy, good, and will please Maharaj& Swami. Even your friends in school will like you because you're following your religion. Let's pray to Maharaj& Swami that we can be strong in our Niyam- Dharams.
Mauktik Dave (14)

We should not hurt animals or any living object. Hurting somebody would be like hurting yourself.
Jay kalrav Khamar (9)
Sinking spring, UNITED STATES

My mom always said to put yourself in that animal's shoes. If a farmer came up to you and killed you with a knife you would not like it. Then, you got cooked and got turned in to food. Also, the way they felt by someone approaching them when they were innocent. With a habit of this, it will never go away. Plus, everything we have is healthy and we can enjoy ourselves with this yummy food. The mandir also taught me to control my mind, and by eating this you are breaking Maharaj's heart.
Parthiv Patel (9)
Indianapolis, UNITED STATES

Eating a vegetarian diet keeps you away from all kinds of diseases,it keeps your weight down,helps you live longer,gives you a lot of energy for everyday life,it decreases pollution,saves life of innocent animals,makes your bones stronger and decreases your chances of getting heart disease and cancer. SO BE VEGETARIAN.
Mahima Patel (13)
Mombasa, KENYA

I think to be vegetarian is important because our guru pramukh swami maharaj likes it. And not only that but if I was non-veg then still my atma wouldn't agree to eat or be a non-veg because god means pramukh swami maharaj would be in my heart...and I want to tell all of the people in the world that please respect god. And god was in my heart, is in my heart and will be in my heart forever....Jay Swaminarayan.
dhruvika k malkan (10)




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