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    Telephone call with God?

Telephone call with God?

“Did you know that the radio was patented on June 2nd, 1896? Probably not. But, you probably do remember that the first iPhone was released in June 2007. Voice over waves has come a long way in all those years and may go a long way still. But what if you could have a telephone call with God? What would you say?”

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Jay Swaminarayan Maharaj, If I had a telephone and could talk with you I would say Jay Swaminarayan and how are you going? Then I would ask please take me to Akshardham as quickly as you can and please make me brave and so then I would not be scared of death and please make Swami Bapa's health really good. Take me out of all this maya and make me BRAHMARUP and then I can worship you. Make me a really good person in life and may I study well and impress Swami Bapa and my parents and achieve all their goals they set for me. Then bless me that when I grow up I can help this sanstha in various ways by like Tan, Man and Dhan and then I will ask, can you please stop all these bad things happening in this world and all the bad things happening to all the people and please make everyone happy and that is all I am asking for in your sacred feet, Jay Swaminarayan
Shrey Patel (13)

If I had a telephone call with God,I would say,"He Maharaj! He Swamibapa, please bless me that I can always have your darshan. After all, you are eternal. This material world is dukhdayak, and gives us ashanti. Your darshan is akhand sukhdayak.
Meera Panchal (8)


If I could give maharaj a call I would tell him about MM14 and how I’m doing in school. I would also tell him about my summer.
Priyal H. Patel (11)

Jai Swaminarayan If I got a phone call from Maharaj I would say, " Jai Swaminarayan. Thank you for all you have done for me. Thank you for making me a satsangi. How did you create Earth? Maharaj, I love you. Jai swaminarayan.”
Manya Patel (6)
Chicago Illinois, UNITED STATES

Jai Swaminaryan If I had a telephone call with God I would tell him thanks about all that he has given me- a loving family, and a God realized saint. I also would say that he give me His blessings and that I always stay with Him and His saint.
Smruti Patel (14)

Jai Swaminarayan to all readers. If I was to talk to Bhagwan Swaminarayan. " Jai Swaminarayan, Bhagwan. This is a miracle that I get to hear your most divine voice on the phone. I really want to do this often. I would like to know if any of my relitives went into your vast, peaceful abode. I am pleased to talk to you. I would like to see you witness your divine form. Please call me back."
Nishant Soni (11)
Northampton , UNITED KINGDOM

If you have telephone call with God you first need to say "JAY SWAMINARAYAN" or whatever your God name is! Then you want to say your problem so God can help you!If you do not have any problem so you want to say your exited thing or your happy thing! When you have finish talking you want to say JAY SWAMINARAYAN or whatever your God name is! JAY SWAMINARAYAN 
Vidhi .D (9)
Vadodara, INDIA

I would be excited and I would ask is my future bright? What is Akshardam like? Do you really look like the Murtis? Then I would ask are you happy with all the decisions I made in life? Then I would ask him to tell me stories about his travels. What his view was? Then I would say goodbye I will always have faith jay swaminarayan maharaj.
Yesha patel (12)

dhvinsi sharma (11)
pretoria, SOUTH AFRICA

Vamika Soni (9)
chandigarh, INDIA

Jay swaminarayan If I could talk to Maharaj I would say "Maharaj thank you for all the things you made possible. If you hadn't created this Earth then none of us would be born or had a life. For you and all of the gurus this is a special message "WE LOVE YOU ", From all the Satsangis around the world. Thank you again and Jay swaminarayan."
Sajni Patel (8)

Jai swaminarayan to all If I could have a telephone call with Maharaj then I would say, "Maharaj, thank you for always being here for me. Without you I wouldn't be myself. I pray to you that Bapa's health stays very healthy. I follow all my niyams and I try to improve every day. Maharaj, I am a aadarsh balika but I know I can improve so I do improve. I pray to you that I become a PERFECT satsangi. I know that I can be a perfect satsangi if I follow all my niyams and please You and Swami. Maharaj, you are the best. I love you for all you have done, for all you are doing, and for all you will do. Maharaj, you are my life. Once again I love you. Jai Swaminarayan Maharaj." ~Sakshi~ This is what I would tell Maharaj if I could have a private telephone call with him. Jai Swaminarayan 
Sakshi Patel (11)
Westerville Ohio, UNITED STATES

Jai swaminarayan Maharaj how are you doing? And how is it going Maharaj in sarangpur with Bapa and also Bapa are you proud of me for following your agna and how do I earn your rajipo and how do I earn your aashirwad maharaj jay swaminarayan maharaj hope to see you very soon and let me get moksha maharaj by trying to please you.
Aman Patel (12)

Jay Swaminarayan. How are you Bhagawan Swaminarayan? How's it like being sarvopari bhagawan? How is Akshardham like? Is it like how you discribed it in the Vachanamrut? All of us on Earth are praying for world peace and end to poverty. Please make that happen; even if it takes time. Bhagawan, I have a few questions about what you established on the earth: 1) What is the ultimate truth? There are many but is there one main thing like how Budhha Bhagawan described it as the 4 Nobal Truths? 2) Which sect in the Swaminarayan Sampraday is the one you wanted it to occur? 3) Why does Man-kind have religion? 4)Is Hinduism monotheistic or polytheistic? 5) Why is there Life? I know I have many more questions to ask you but you should go back to your job. On and by the way, When is Kalki Bhagawan coming? Like in what year? Thanks and everyone down here loves you! Talk to you later Bhagawan Swaminarayan! 
Mauktik Dave (14)

If I had a telephone call with God I will ask Him to keep everybody happy in the world. I will tell Him to make homes and give food to the poor people in Bangladesh and to give them education. I will also tell God to clean all the impure and dirty places in Bangladesh and stop pollution. I will also ask Him to give me very very good marks in my exam and to always make me the 1st and the best girl in my class. I will also tell Him to make me good in my music and art class. At last I will tell Him to keep everybody well.
Tanisha Samreen (9)

You can. My dad always says to me that when you do prathna it is just like calling Maharaj. Now I say Maharaj Swami, can you give me good boothi, good grades, get me away from bad company, get someone to normal and many more prathnas.
Keshav Eleshbai Patle (8)

I would really want to ask what is the main thing that I will have to do that will really help me around in life to have a better life and also be really attached to satsang and that will help me follow my daily niyams and i would also would want to ask Shriji Maharaj to give me samadhi once in my life to know how it is like in akshardham.
Hetavi Hiren Modi (11)
Toronto, CANADA
i would tell bapa to help me get good grade help my dad in his hard times 
karishma (13)
cartersville, GEORGIA

I will ask him for his darshans,blessings and moksh.
Krish patel (9)

Jai Swaminarayan. Maharaj. How is your health? How are you doing? Give me good virtues. Help me in studies. Always stay with me. Take me to Akshardham.
Stuti (5)

Jai Swaminarayan. Maharaj. I am so happy to talk with you. Anyways i have been waiting for the summer shibir for years.I am attending shibir for the first time.I want my first shibir to be good, fun, educational, inspirational and awesome. Also I want to see how Akshardham looks like and I want to live inside there forever. I also want you to stay with me, protect me and forgive me for every thing I have done wrong. 
Sharad (8)

Jai Swaminarayan Maharaj ,can u give me live darsan in my pooja and live darsan in BAPA.
Deep Patel (5)

I would first of all thank him for the wonderful things he has given us such as air, water, etc. Then I would ask him to fulfill my wishes of becoming a doctor. After that I would ask for forgiveness of all the wrong deeds I've done. When I am done with all this I would ask for his darshan and tell him that he comes first in life.
Riya Patel (11)

Jai Swaminarayan ! If i embark upon a golden opportunity to have a conversation with God then I would ask him the means through which I can master “Upasana” and ask him to bless me with strength so that I can follow all his “agnas”, since these are the two pankh of the Akshardham. I would also like to seek Maharaj’s blessing to leave no stone unturned in pleasing our present guru, H.D.H. Pramukh Swami and leading a stead-fast life. 
Mitali R. Wadher (14)
Mumbai, INDIA

If I could talk on the phone with god, I would do everything to treat him really good by talking to him nicely. I would say hello and then he would say hello back. Then, I'll say " Tamaru Health saru Che?" And then, I would treat him nicely. IT WILL BE A ONCE IN A LIFETIME OPPORTUNITY TO TALK TO GOD.
Jalen Patel (9)

Jay Swaminarayan, If I had a phone call with Maharaj I would ask him if he would give me ashivad to go to Akshardham. And I would ask him how my future will go if it would go good or bad and I would ask to ask Bapa to come to the Mandir Mohtsave in Robbisville. That would be my phone call with Maharaj
Kush (10)
Delaware City, UNITED STATES

I would say Jay Swaminarayan to Maharaj . Then I would ask him how he is doing and what he did today.I would then tell him about my day. I would tell him if I'm upset. I would tell him who upset me and what they did to make me upset. If I was happy I would tell him who and what made me happy. I would tell him my worries. I would tell him what makes me happy. I would request him to come to my house and play or help me. If my family had any problems I would tell him. I would ask for solutions to my problems. Finally I would ask for blessings and for him to help whenever I need to. I would say goodbye and put the phone down with no worries , feeling more fresh then ever.
Gauri Patel (10)

Jai swaminarayan to all!Our guru(pramukh swami maharaj) does a lot for us, for example:he cares for us;he loves us;guides us through negativea and positive times and is there when we need him - even though we think he might not be! Therefore if I could telephone god, firstly I would say thank-you for giving humanity a diamond(our guru), giving nice loving,caring parents and for all that he has done for us as well as that I would ask for forgiveness for what i might have done wrong! However, most of all I would say make my guru healthy so he can guide us for a long time!
Bhakti Patel (12)

I would be so surprised and would talk about the things that I do and would ask him questions to get closer to akshardam. Maharaj is a teacher, friend, and parent to all of us and I would treat him like a friend , teacher because he is getting me closer to akshardam and he is my parent because he is criticizing me in a good way making me an ideal child.
Parthiv patel (10)
Indianapolis , UNITED STATES
If I could talk to god I would I would say..... Hi my name is jyot. My first question is that "do you know why earth is the only planet with living life? Well I think it is because earth has a atmosphere that humans and animals can live in. My other question is why can't you come in front of humans. My third question is why did you make humans animals solar system, etc.?" I just need to ask you one more question when I am going somewhere far I see see the clouds, but they look like the ocean. Sometimes when I am in the dark I say god is everywhere and then I suddenley feel much better. In swimming classes when it is my turn do jump of the diving board I just say the name of hunuman and then jump. I would really like to know where god lives. When I was little I thought god had a mini office and shunkar bhagvan was the boss! I have this dutatre bhagvan keychain and when ever I look at it I feel really bright from inside. In school when I have a test I always say om before I start. Now I have a question about animals. How come animals just know what to do. When I eat I always say the sloka to thank god for my meal. Before I leave for school I say all these sloka:vakratunda, mukum karoti, vasu davam, gurur brumma, shanta karam, yakundey,om bhur, trumbakam, manoj vamma,nilan jam,o iswar,asit geeri. I had fun talking to you bye
Jyot Adhvaryu (10)

If I call maharaj I would like to says thanks him for always present in Satpurush(PRAMUKHSWAMI MAHARAJ) & inspire me from his daily routine activities. And may you always be pleased upon me. That is what I will say and ask for.
Urmi Patel (11)
missaga, CANADA

Jay swaminarayan! Mane bhajan bhakti maan ras thay, hun tamne raji kari shaku, sou nu bhaloo thay, ane mane Akshardham prapt thay avoo karjo.
Jhanvi Parmar (10)

Mari bhakti vadhe, apne raji kari shaku, sounu Kalyan thay, ane mane akshardham aapjo.
Jhanvi Parmar (10)

Jai Swaminarayan Maharaj, Always Bless me with your Rajipo -that is my wish, Always Protect me with your Holy hands -that is my wish, Always keep me engrossed in you -that is my wish, Always give me the company of your people -that is my wish, Take me to your divine Dham -that is my wish. 
Deep Kadam (13)

Nyari CALLING MAHARAJ.... Jai Swaminarayan Maharaj!Kem cho? Aje tame shu khadu? Shu karyu? Mane yad kari ti aje? Me tamne yad karya ta puja ma aje!! aaaa ... Jamti vakhte.... ramti vakhte .... akho divas yaad karyata tamne.... Tame mara pasandi rang na vagha perya ta! Guess karo kayo rang hashe? Tame bav var lagadso hu kai dav! Purple! Aje me bapa ne prathna kari ke mare ek jodi chapal joiye che to pachi ej ratre tame avine mane apigaya. Mane bav gamya. Pan tamne kevirite khabar padi? Gaikale mari ek muslim friend ane ek christian friend vato karta hate ke mara bhagwan keva dekhata hashe? Tyare mane thayu ke le mane to khbar chhe! karan ke tame pragat bapa ma birajya cho!!! Hene! Ane mane bav safe feel thai chhe karan ke tame sarvopari cho etle most powerful cho ane hu tamara sharane ai chu! Jevi rite bakri sinh na panja na sharan ne bethi hati to pan eni raksha thai ane tame to sarvopari bhagwan cho. Etle maru kam thai gayu! Bhale pachi kale vat kariye!!!! Jai Swaminarayan 
Nyari Barot (9)

JAI SWAMINARAYANM If I could realy telephone GOD I would often tell him thank you for giving such a wonderful human life and also for giving us a nice BAPS swaminarayan sanstha. Bhagwan bless me keep me as your child and always protect me from bad and diffculties. God take me AKSHARDHAM your home DHAM......... I THANK GOD 100 TIMES FOR THIS 
Prayosha Piyush lathi (9)

I would be exsited to talk to god. how could anyone can make a phone that you can talk to god? 
Rabeya hossain (11)
dubiln 7, IRELAND

First I would say Jay Swaminarayan.Then I would say who is the person speaking.Then I would ask God to protect all the human beings,then I would say to God that in my language the words I,Me, &Mine should not come.I would ask God to make all the human beings Happy.And at last I would say Jay Swaminarayan.
Patel Shreya Kamleshbhai (12)
Navsari, INDIA

HI HOW R U? I have a question "why do we need to be a nice." saumil
saumil patel (6)

hello, "jay swaminarayan" please help me in my education and stay with me everywhere.please help me and my and my familys in bad times.I am not asking you for wealthness nor meony just stay with me.
shreya (8)
brampton, CANADA

I would love to have a telephone with God's phone number in it . I would love to because nobody would have God's number.
Jiya Patel (7)
Bakersfield, UNITED STATES
jay swaminarayan .if i phoned god and i would tell god first that god please be with me every thing that i do . god please help me every thing that i do please encourage me in every good deed that i do .i love god 
dhvinsi sharma (11)
pretoria, SOUTH AFRICA




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