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Ahimsa means to not harm anyone or anything with one's thoughts, actions or words. How can we better follow ahimsa in our lives?

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Shriji Maharaj gave us agna in Shikshapatri to do not make fun of people. Do not kill animals. Do not make people feel sad. I will try to follow Shriji Maharaj's and Pramukh Swami Maharaj's agna and become adarsh balika.
Stuti (6)
Thonotosassa, UNITED STATES

We can better follow ahimsa in our lives by not saying bad words or words that people get hurt by. Don’t kill a living being including small animals like wasp, bee or ant. Don’t even think bad about anybody just like Yogiji Maharaj. Learn to forgive and forget. Yogiji Maharaj also tolerated and saw the good in bad peoples. So let’s become like Yogiji Maharaj.
Sharad (8)
Thonotosassa, UNITED STATES


Jai Swaminarayan to all Ahimsa means not to harm anyone or anything by words, actions or thoughts.The main himsa done by actions is harming animals. Well then why do humans harm animals? They say that animals population is decreasing. The answer is quite clear that humans harm the animals for their meat.We as BAPS should be proud that we do not do himsa of these animals. The humans around us are selfish as they do. We should be careful that we don't even hurt a tiny ant because they don't come to harm us and also they have their own life too to enjoy. They are just like us. So when someone harms the smallest thing it is just like harming a human being. Now hinsa by thoughts is done quite often.So when we think that he or she is like this or that in a negative way or thinking that someone is bad you have done himsa of someone already without even a move. Now words, himsa by words is basically abhav avgun. When you say some thing negative about someone you have done himsa of that person.Our guru pramukh swami maharaj has said " bija na bhala ma bhalu re potanu" so taking that forward in our life we should remember that if something fortunate happens to someone we should not be jealous and have bad thoughts, actions or words about that person and pray good for all. 
Nyari Barot (9)
East London, ENGLAND

We should always follow ahimsa in are lives because it means to be safe and not to harm anyone in are lives, so everyone out there please follow ahimsa. That will make me happy and bapa, thank you.
Yutika Amin (8)
Melbourne, AUSTRALIA


Jai swaminarayan to all! First of all, to follow ahimsa and all the other dharmas in hinduism we have to daily read the shikshapatri even as children.We should keep away from people who eat meat.we should always remember maharaj and and bapa before eating anything so we can remember to follow our niyam of ahimsa, and as we should all know even an elephant always follows the niyam of ahimsa. Jai swaminarayan!
palak patel (9)
london, ENGLAND

We should never harm any one or think bad about any one
Riya brahmbhatt (8)

We can better follow ahimsa by putting ourselves into the position of what we are about to harm. when we watch bad and violent TV programs those bad violent attributes come into us so if we don't don't watch bad programs on TV we can improve our Ahimsa. 
Dev Patel (13)

To me Ahimsa means not to do the wrong deeds, or in other words never to do or say something to someone that they would not like. It if you do Ahimsa Bapa and Maharaj would not like that.
Dharmik Patel (13)
Toronto, CANADA

By doing Satsang,listening to Swaminarayan Bhagvan and Param pujya Bapa pravachan,praying to god, listening to your parents.
Ishaa Mehta (7)
Oklahoma City, UNITED STATES

Animals have a right to live exactly like us… we should think about the prasang when Ghanshyam Maharaj taught the fisherman about animals rights. JAY SWAMINARAYAN
Brampton, CANADA

By remembering BAPA constantly. By thinking about my favourite animals. I Love BAPA!!! I want to make BAPA Happy!!!
Bansari Patel (5)
Toront Mandir, CANADA

Killing is bad. Harming is bad. To keep from harming people or animals stop playing video games that includes violence, AND stop watching stuff that includes violence Jay Swaminarayan
Pragat Patel (10)
Ellicott City, UNITED STATES

Lord Mahavira taught that: There is no quality of soul more subtle than non-violence and no virtue of spirit greater than reverence for life. 'Ahimsa paramo dharmah' (Non-violence is the supreme religion). √ Koi Jiv ni Himsa n karvi.- Ved √ Koi manushya 100 Asvamegh yagn kare ane Bijo Manushya akhu jivan masahar n kare, to te bannenu Punya saman che.- Manusmruti √ Suxm Jivo ni pan Himsa n karvi. Ygna nu mas pan n khavu - Shixapatri. 
Niraj Parmar (21)
Anjar (Kutch), INDIA

Hi Jay Swaminarayan, As Swamibapa always stays in our heart, we have to think, speak and work the way Swamibapa liked. If we keep Maharaj, swami and Swamibapa with us in our heart, we will always follow ahimsa in our lives. 
Dhruv Dave (8)
Brampton, CANADA

We can better follow Ahimsa in our lives by taking Swami Bapa as a role model. If we think about Bapa daily we will have good thoughts. If we have good thoughts we can do good things, and following Ahimsa is a very good thing. We should also think about the benefits of following Ahimsa. Such as; if we eat meat the bacteria from the animal would come into our body which would get us to be sick. There is something very important about following Ahimsa that we should always remember. Following Ahimsa is Bapa's agna, so if we better follow Ahimsa, we will earn Bapa's rajipo.
Aneri Patel (10)
Toronto Mandir, CANADA

I think it's a better idea if we don't hurt anyone by thoughts actions or words . Here's an example , when you hurt someone by using bad words or saying a lie about them that's hurting them by words maybe you can even hurt someone by Telling other people bad things about them. You can hurt anyone without even knowing. 
Shreya (9)
Brampton, CANADA

If someone starts gossiping about you then you don't say anything back to the person cause there are chances that the problem might get worse.. Remember when Mahatma Gandhi didn't use any weapons or anything and he just used non violence so we should be like Mahatma Gandhi.
Sakshi Patel (12)
Controlling our mind can help us get better at ahimsa and Bhagwan calms us down when we pray to him, so whenever you are about to get mad you can pray to god and ask him for calmness and peace. Everybody in different and if you disagree on something you have to understand that it will help that person's life and make him better. Another way is to look at MLK and build upon his non-violence acts.
Parthiv (10)
Indianapolis, UNITED STATES

Jay Swaminarayan , We can follow ahimsa by: Doing what is right and care about who ever are around us. We should follow ahimsa because then we are not making people sad.I mean if you harm people.....then the person's loved ones will be sad. Thank you Jay Swaminarayan 
Sonia Maniyar (8)
Singapore , SINGAPORE

We can get better at ahimsa by not killing anyone .And by not harming anyone .Main thing is to be vegetarian and not killing anyone 
Dhrasti Patel (9)
melbourn, AUSTRALIA

Jai Swaminarayan to all. If there is a big spider in the corner of the room. We must not kill it. We should throw outside. If you see a small ant on the concrete we should walk over it. Everyone must've walked on an ant by accident. It's a small mistake so say sorry to Maharaj and say Maharaj please forgive me if I have killed anything.
Gauri Patel (11)

Jai swaminarayan. Don't kill even the smallest insects purposefully.Even Bapa doesn't kill insects. Don't hit anyone. Jai swaminarayan
Mahima (6)

Jsn Ahimsa means not to harm any one. Some people should avoid fighting with each other. We kill insects for a reason that it bit us. We can stop this. Ahimsa not only means harming any one externally even we should not break heart of others. By this methods ahimsa can be followed. Jsn. Praying for bapa's health In USA 
Jay kateliya (15)
Bangalore, INDIA

JAI SWAMINAARAYAN - We can follow Ahimsa better in our life by following the shiskapatri. By not taking abav avgun .
Urmi Patel (11)
missasaga, CANADA

jai swaminarayan we can follow ahimsa by not to kill any thing not even ants.Do not sware and hart people feeling do not do non/violent staf
akshar .v. patel (7)
mississauga, CANADA

Many people think Ahimsa just means not to eat meat/ be a vegetarian. But ahimsa is more then that, it means to not hurt a person in any shape or form. Shriji Maharaj said in Shikshapatri Sloka 12 that all the scriptures say that Ahimsa is the highest dharma. Maharaj also wrote about ahimsa in Slokas 11,12,13,16, and 155 and talked about it in the Vachanamrut. We can follow an ahimsa lifestyle by not swearing or say rude words, not think bad things about a person, don't laugh or yell at them if they make a mistake, and to spread gossip. There are MANY more things that we CANOT do to follow ahimsa. But there are things we CAN do to follow ahimsa. We can try to be more caring, forgiving, and respectful. Bapa follows an ahimsa dharma all the time. Since he's the Satpurush, he has the 39 qualities of the Satpurush. Some of them are Daya (compassion), Kshantihi (forgiveness), Titiksha (Tolerance), Dhairyam (patience), and Saucham (purity). So balmitro, not only is Ahimsa important in Hinduism but also important for humanity. Jay Swaminarayan! 
Mauktik Dave (14)

no violence through body, mind and words.
Uday Vashisth (13)
New Delhi, INDIA

I think we can better follow ahims in our lives by: For example if yoir walking and by mistake you step on a ant or any insect..... you feel verry bad but you can say sorry to the insect and pray to god............. NEVER HARM OR HURT ANYONE WITH YOUR WORDS......... And if by mistake you do and from the inside you REALLY FEEL SORRY....... Well then say SORRY.................Actions well never use violence THATS HOW WE SHOULD BETTER FOLLOW AHIMSA IN OUR LIVES
Jyot Adhvaryu (10)

Jay Swaminarayan. Ahimsa means not to cause harm to any creature by either actions, thoughts and words. We can best follow ahimsa by reading the scriptures of our Sampraday that talk about ahimsa and practise the talks in our life. We can also encourage others to follow ahimsa by explaining to them the importance of living and letting to live. We should follow the discourses of our Satpurush, Pramukh Swami Maharaj, on ahimsa and spread that knowledge to others. Maharaj's prasangs on ahimsa can also act as role models in our lives. We should remember that practising himsa will deprive us from the fruits of going to Akshardham which is our main goal. Not only failing to go to Akshardham but we will not be able to get the rajipo of Maharaj and Swami.
Reeya Patel (15)
Kakamega, KENYA
Jay Swaminarayan, Ahimsa is a very nice topic and I think people should not do it. The meaning of it is that if you harm any living thing in any way it is ahimsa. We can better follow it by not killing any thing or hitting anyone no matter how angry you are. So we should not even kill a insect if it comes into our house instead we should we just take it and put it outside in the grass. We should never say anything hurtful or even swear and we should always say good things like please, thank you and sorry. Anyway it doesn't cost us anything to be nice and say nice words. And anyway Bapa is always watching us and it will be benefitial for us because if we be nice and not do AHIMSA we will get a ticket to Akshardham with Maharaj and Swami. So pls never do Ahimsa, Jay Swaminarayan
Shrey Patel (13)

JAI SWAMINARAYAN TO ALL! Ahimsa is non-violence through the thought, words and actions! If we think of something bad about someone e.g. she just dropped that! think of the positive thing like i can do seva by helping her pick it up! Also think if it was you , you could have done that as well so see the same fault in yourself. Also, about verbally and physically harming something think, oh how would i feel if the same thing happened to me, which iam doing to her? if we think like this we will be more firm in following the code of ahimsa in our lives! jai swaminarayan
Bhakti Patel (12)

Not watch or play things with violence.
Pragat Patel (10)
Ellicott City, UNITED STATES

If we follow the rule of forgiveness we will not harm any one.By this we will follow ahimsha in our lives.  
Vinay R Dangodra (10)
mumbai, INDIA

Ahimsa has been clearly explained in our scriptures such as the Shikshapatri and the Vachnamrut. They have explained not to kill even the tiniest living creature. Sometimes we do not obey these commands. Before hurting someone we should think: Would Bapa like it? How would the harmed creature feel? Would we like it if we were them? Those living beings belong to god, not us. As a living being we tend to protect ourselves. Those thoughts are not just ours but all living creatures'. We always have to THINK BEFORE WE ACT.
Meshva Desai (11)
Brampton, CANADA

Jay swaminarayan i think we can better follow ahimsa in our lives by having good company instead of bad company. we can also learn how to tolerate like if some one hits you don't hit them back.
Priyal H. Patel (11)




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