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    World No Tobacco Day

World No Tobacco Day

World No Tobacco Day is a day to promote de-addiction. If you had to convince someone to give up harmful addictions like tobacco, alcohol and other drugs, what would you say?

Submit your responses before May 31.

Jai swaminaryan I would say that if they keep drinking alcohol and drugs then Maharaj will not be happy with them. Also it would worsen their health gradually. They would be in misery if they keep doing bad things.
Smruti Patel (15)

Jai Swaminarayan, I will say that addictions such as Alcohol, Drugs etc...are harmful to themselves and it can cause cancer or death too . If they love his family then one will have to be de-addicted. Jai Swaminarayan. 
KarunaGuha (11)


Stop smoking?..
Vandan KOTECHA (4)
Etobicoke , CANADA

I would say that if today is world no tobacco day can u please stop smoking????
Krishna KOTECHA (8)
Toronto , CANADA


Jai Swaminarayan! and Hi! If I were going to convince someone to stop chewing tobacco I would say that tobacco, drugs, alcohol etc. would make your lungs crumpled, hard time breathing, stop their heart beats etc. I would also tell them to stop all those bad addictions because it is bad for you. Jai Swaminarayan! and Bye!
Mukti Patel (9)
Irving United States, UNITED STATES

We can say,"Please give up this, it is harmful to you. You should think about yourself, your relatives and your friends." To a Hindu, we can also say,"This is not in our culture. You should not forget that you are a Hindu and in Hinduism, it is strictly prohibited."
Shah Niyati Jigneshbhai (12)
Mehsana, INDIA

JSN, I would say: "What do you get from these addictions?Nothing but negative effects or harmful effects.For example by drinking (alcohol) you get drunk and you get out of your mind and by chewing or smoking tobacco you get cancer C A N C E R!The worst disease there is.So why carry out these addictions?STOP,THINK,LIVE!"
Nancy.B.Mehta (10)

Jay Swaminarayan I would say to that man/woman that addictions like tobacco, alcohol and drugs can effect your body in a really bad way.I would give a example of my family and friends and tell him that there is a reason that you should not have bad addictions.I would tell him about our BAPS Sanstha and how it is keeping away from this addictions. Jay Swaminarayan 
Rushi Patel (12)

To all Tobacco users: Jai Swaminarayan Just like children have love for chocolates, some grown ups have love for things like alcohol,tobacco and other such things...It is harmful for your health and can even take your life! It has toxics and can give you cancer...If you have a problem in your life and cant find a solution, go to Bapa, he will help you, but killing your self is like suiciding and when you suicide you don't reach to Akshardham. PLease, you must set an example for the next generation and if you give up the generation after you will do the same. Think about the worst things in life but then look at the best things God gave happy for it. I will try my best to help all...and mostly God and Bapa will be there to support you in your toughest times of the year. Jai Swaminarayan
Simran Darshan Brahmbhatt (13)

Jai Swaminarayan! with should not eat tobacco and drink alcohol and smoke because when you smoke it takes 9 percent of life away every puff takes away from achving your goal alcohol affects your health and drugs if you take so much your health gets very affected to health so thats why not take tobacco alcohol and smoke. Jay Smaminarayan.
Yutika Amin (9)
Melbourne, AUSTRALIA

If tobacco is banned many life's can be saved as consumption of it can destroy many families. If in world production of tobacco will decrease than their will be no cancer in the world 
Hetal nathwani (12)
Chandrapur , INDIA

worldtabbacco day is a helpful day.Somepepole might even come on the right track and quit smoking. If someone is smoking I would tell them facts that can happen if you smoke.I would also tell them how smoking can harm babies and get a bad influence on little kids. Smoking is a very bad choice.
Jyot Adhvaryu (10)

If production of tobacco will stop from factories than no one will eat tobacco 
Aadit jobanputra (9)
Malegaon , INDIA

It is human to have a passion for something. It is human to quickly become obsessed with something. It is inhumane to do so if it will harm others. It is inhumane to become obsessed with something if nothing good will come out of. By smoking tobacco, drinking alcohol, or even taking any other drugs, you are jeopardizing your own health and the health of those around you. You are harming your own body and giving many medical problems to yourself. Addictions make your mind weak. They make you unstable. Addictions make you lose focus and concentration. When you are addicted to something,that is the only thing you can think about. Nothing else matters to you. Addictions make you lose sight on what is important in your life. Addictions stand like a wall between you and success. Addictions are a wall between you and Maharaj and Swami. When you are addicted to something, you will go to desperate lengths to receive it. But when you are free from addictions, your mind listens to you. You don't listen to your mind. When you are no longer an addict, you will feel peace. You feel calm. You have a control over yourself. You will be able to reach Maharaj and Swami. There will be no walls between you and your goals. When you are free from addictions, you can focus on what is important. You can focus on reaching you goals and reaching Akshardham. You can focus on what you need to and always stand on the right side when you are free from addictions.
Vaibhavi Bharadwaj (13)

If I had to convince someone to give up harmful addictions like tobacco, alcohol and other drugs I would say that God has given all of us our life to do the seva of other people, sadhus and of God and also to attain moksha. If you will waste this gift of god then you will never go to Akshardham but instead you will have again bear many others births .so , promise to yourself and god to give up all harmful addictions and live a pure life and be true satsangi.
Urvi Patel (12)
Anand, INDIA

We should not have tobacco alcohol and other drugs .If you want your body to be healthy,then you should not have this things,if you have those things then forget them.If you forget those things then your body won't have cancer or others body affect that can cause you to go to hospital. So everybody leave tobacco and live healthy jay swaminarayan 
Hinal (8)

If I would to convince someone to give up harmful addiction,then I would say "Uncle/Aunt you should not have tobbaco,alcohol,and other drugs because it would not harm you now,but it will surely in future.If you wanna be healthy,then do not have eat or smoke tobacco.
Saloni (12)
Jay Swaminarayan! The World No Tobacco Day is on 31st May 2015. It is not good to chew tobacco. And if you don't chew tobacco then you have to stop other people from chewing tobacco. It is Maharaj and Swami Bapa'sagna to not take addictions. They spoil our body. So it is a must to stop if you do. And if you don't chew then encourage others to stop. Jay Swaminarayan.
Jay S Patel (11)
Nairobi, KENYA

Jai Swaminarayan I would say These drugs may make you happy but in fact they make you worse. Stop having these drugs for a week and see how you feel if that doesn't work then call me. You can come to mandir and your view will change. Thank You Jai Swaminarayan
Gauri Patel (11)

everybody knows that tobacco,alcohol,and other drugs are dangerous but still people eat them, drink them. we see people in streets, in front of stores, in towns, in villages eating tobacco. our baps volunteiors go in towns, villages, cities and tell people about the effects of tobacco. we all should stop people eating tobacco and drinking alcohol. jay swaminarayan 
Dhaval patel (12)

JAY SWAMINARAYAN I'm sure that we do not eat Tabaco because you can get cancer and different dissess.So it's better not to eat Tabaco.
Vidhi.D (9)

Tabacco is very bad for you. It can cause you cancer or you can die from it. It is important to understand this so please don't eat tabacco.
Riya (11)

You should give up harmful additions because they cause harm. Moreover, it helps you be a better satangi because to be a satangi you can't eat meat and meat is addition. Also, you have to give up stuff like tv and to give up tv is as hard as giving up harmful addictions.
Nitya Patel (10)

Jay Swaminarayan. If you have bad addictions this may cause many health problems such as cancer. So i am sure that you would not like to die just because of a very bad addiction. Jay Swaminarayan.
Pal Patel (10)

smoking is injurious to health. it takes you behind the bars of this universe. you should not smoke. 
Riddhi jain (10)
delhi, INDIA

If I had to convince someone to stop addictions such as drugs,badcompany,and eating meat,exc. , i would tell them strong persuasive reasons they can't defend their belief against and what i think is right.One thing i can say is "What will you benefit from it?".They have no defensive good answer to that because all they could say is "I benefit nothing and i do it because I want to.". I would say other things like that, that he can't defend against.That would be very persuasive and hopefully they will stop for their own good. 
Pragat Patel (10)
Ellicott City, UNITED STATES

jay swaminarayan, as we all know that tobacco is injurious to our health, our health is deeply harmed by it. god has given us such a beautiful body which cannot be created artificially, so why to harm such a great gift to us from god. even when we buy the 1000 rs thing we take its care so, in case of our body its price cannot be counted, so why to harm our body. lastly tobacco is nothing but a slow poison which will lead us to desertification Thanks. 
Krishna prasad (14)
Dhule, INDIA

Cancer is caused by tobacco ,alcohol and other drugs.Tabacco is really bad for you.Itcauses you to have bad breath.
Pooja Patel (11)

If I you had to convice someone to give up harmful addictions like tobacco,alcohol and other drugs I Would say, it's too bad for you. Love yourself and love your family BAPA WILL NOT LIKE IT!!!.
Shiv (8)

Jai Swaminarayan. Tobacco causes lung cancer.If you chew tobacco it will due death.Chewing or smocking tobacco may give you relief but can cause serious diseases like cancer.Swamibapa says tobacco is very bad.Lets all stop chewing and smocking tobacco.Jai Swaminarayan.
Rahi Y Patel (10)
Mombasa, KENYA
Would Bapa be raji if we consumed these DANGEROUS addictions? Is it beneficial to our health? These addictions have made hundreds of people suffer from various diseases. People who smoke increase their risk of dying from cancer of the lungs, trachea and bronchus 23 times. In the Shikshapatri too, Maharaj has written not to consume intoxicants. We all want Bapa to be happy with us, don't we?
Bhumi Patel (15)
Mombasa, KENYA
Jay Swaminarayan, if I had to convince them to give up harmful addictions such as tobacco , alcohol and other drugs I would tell them all the bad effects and result that could happen to them. For instance if the person had an addiction to tobacco . I would tell them the following bad effects : - it can cause lung cancer - heart cancer -mouth cancer -throat cancer - decays tooth and it can cause much more. 
Vatsal L Patel (11)

When you smoke your lungs get bad. The more you smoke , the worst your lungs get. Smoking can cause lung cancer and heart attacks.
Diya Patel (12)
Atlanta,Georgia, UNITED STATES

Honestly, I think that the right thing to do is stay away from drugs. You shouldn't get addicted to them, especially if you are a Swaminarayan. Staying away from drugs can save you years before you die and in that way you would have more time to do bhakti and impress and convince maharaj to take you to akshardham. In this way, you shouldn't get addicted to drugs. 
Kashish (11)

Jay Swaminaryan Tobacco and alcohol is really bad for you body. If you smoke or drink it your chance of dieing would increase if you live in a family and you die your parents would cry your kids if you have any will cry and your wife or husband would cry everyone will cry you can't support that family anymore and would it make bapa happy? Would it make maharaj happy?
Krisna Patel (13)

Jai Swaminarayan! and Hi! i would try talking them into satsang where he/she could read the Shikshapatri and learn from it not to take tabacco or drink alcohol or other drugs. I would maybe also try to say the bad reasons for taking alcohol and tabacco and other drugs, like it can be bad for your health and cause you to have very painful the next time you try to have alcohol or tabacco then think twice of this message. Jai Swaminarayan! and Bye! 
Sanskriti Vaghela (10)

|| Swami shriji || Jay swaminarayan there is a short essay of no tobacco day Although there have been many studies regarding the negative health risks associated with tobacco, there have also been studies regarding its relation to obesity and depression It discussed the relationships between tobacco depression by carrying out a population based survey of 41,654 adults jay swaminarayan and stop smoking 
Pooja mahadev (10)

Due to smoking cigars,eating tobacco and drinking bad drinks,people are getting harmed.If they stop doing these things,our planet Earth will be saved and people will be not harmed.When we smoke cigars,the smoke that will come out of the cigar will mix into the air and pollute it.
haneethra (8)
ahmedabad, INDIA

I would say STOP!It is bad for the earth.
Akshar Patel (4)

Jay Swaminarayan, if I had to convince them to give up harmful addictions such as tobacco , alcohol and other drugs I would tell them all the bad effects and result that could happen to them. For instance if the person had an addiction to tobacco . I would tell them the following bad effects : - it can cause lung cancer - heart cancer -mouth cancer -throat cancer - decays tooth and it can cause much more. 
Vatsal L Patel (11)

There is no use in using tobacco. It rots your lungs and there is no benefits to it. It can cause problems and can even cause cancer. 
Parthiv Patel (11)
Indianapolis, UNITED STATES

Jai Swaminarayan If I had to convince somebody to give up harmful addictions I would tell them what harm it does to your body. Not only does it harm your body but it also harms the Earth. For example, cigarettes and cigars create lots of pollution. You are also harming others by smoking. The smell of the cigarettes and cigars harms others as well as yourself. Lastly, these addictions affect your family life. They could cause fights or even big changes. These are the things I would tell someone if I was convincing them to give up addictive drugs. Jai Swaminarayan
Sakshi Patel (11)
Pickerington, Ohio, UNITED STATES

heartly jay swaminarayan .whenever I am seeing the man that eating tobacco i always request him to leave this type of addiction i instead tell that donate that money which is saved by not buying tobacco to the temple. Jay swaminarayan once again. ok..
darshana m dave (15)
porbandar, INDIA




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