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Raksha Bandhan

Raksha Bandhan is a prayer to God for protection. However, we know that God is always there to protect his devotees. How do you think God has protected you in your life so far?

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Bapa has protecTed me so many times. I love bapa 
Krishna kotecha (8)
Etobicoke /toronto , CANADA

Jai Swaminarayan, I think got has protected me from many bad things happening to my atma,Jiva,and life. He always does good for me and I am glad in RakshaBandhan he protects all my brothers. My actual brother Darsh Patel.My really close friends. Also all my cousins. Thank You God for doing all this for my family and me. Jai Swaminarayan
Isha Mineshkumar Patel (9)


I think that maharaj has protected me in my life is by that he always saves me in any situations. Like for my final test in school maharaj helped me in the test for the hard questions
Vani patel (11), UNITED STATES

Jay swaminarayanBapa I really miss you miss you ware always in my hart .and I LOVE YOU A LOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Shrinidhi. A .Amin (9)


Jai Swaminarayan! I think God has protected since I was born. In school he protects me by helping me get a 100 on tests and quizzes. He protects me at home by helping me be a good daughter and granddaughter. He protects me when I go hiking and keeps all the dangerous animals away from me. He even protects me from making a big sin of killing an ant accidentally. God has protected me and will continue to protect me if I keep being a bhakta of his.
Riya (12)

When he was 2 he went through a traumatic experience..and in this we know that God Never lets us down. Saiyush knows that he is blessed everyday, when he opens his eyes and sees his 2 year old sister next to him. God is everywhere. My existence is proof that God has protected me.
Saiyush (4)

Jai Swaminarayan God has protected me from the bad world. He is making sure I do not have bad thoughts or habits. Maharaj has protected me in so many ways.
Gauri Patel (11)

god helped me when I was going to fall in a river at the age of 5. I was shouting suddenly a man pulled me up. This way god has protected me. I was thought that god was in that man and saved me
Aastha.v.patel (11)
Bangalore, INDIA

god has protected me in every single situation in my life i am really thankful to him
yashvi patel (10)
Scarborough, CANADA

I think God has protected me in my life by staying with me through all of my good times and bad times and has never left my side. He has always helped me and always kept me safe. He has never forgotten me. Even if I might be in a tough situation, God would be by my side.
Yama Mistry (14)

Jai Swaminarayan and Hi!!!!! RakshaBandhan is my one of the favourite festival of mine.In my life bapa has protected me many times but one incident of mine is unforgetable for me was when me and my father were going to Ras Al Khaimah about 100 km away from here . When we were heading back from Ras Al Khaimah we had our car's petrol going low so we saw petrol pump when we went there it was closed as it was dinner time.So we thought that there would be another petrol pump further but there was no petrol pump as we went further so now the petrol finished in our car the siren started buzzing and we were about 50 km away from Dubai so now we switched of the ac and headed further so now the most interesting part was that we even on 0% petrol we were in dubai without any problem and we had to reach dubai at any cost at 5:00 in the evening as it was friday and the weekly sabha was going to start at 6:00 and also it was the 1st patotsav of the dubai temple so we safely came to dubai.Thanks Bapa !!! Jai Swaminarayan 
Karuna Guha (10)

Maharaj has protected me in a lot of ways . Just recently I had a car accident and by seeing the car , it would have looked like no one had survived . I did get a scar on my neck and that's it . I just heard on the news that someone had died with the passenger where-as nothing like that happened to me .Everyday I thank Maharaj and Swami for saving my life that day . Thank You Maharaj & Swami
Vraj (11)
Brampton, CANADA

Jay Swaminarayan. God has helped me in every condition. Whenever I get in trouble I find a way out of it and it's all because of God. If God wasn't there it would be impossible for me to find a way out of the trouble. God doesn't only help me, he helps all his devotees. Jay Swaminarayan.
Param Kanpariya (10)

He has protected me by getting me good marks on tests I did not study for. He gives my good marks so i will get a even better mark on my report card. 
Prarthana Upadhyaya (10)
Brampton, CANADA

Jay Swaminarayan. God has protected me in many ways. I remember when I was on the swing and I was swinging really high. You would think that I mean little but seriously, I was swinging so high up. Suddenly, I swing so high that I tumbled and nearly fell over but then I just froze and managed to get the grip and came back up. That is a way that God has protected me in my life.
Aadit Jadav (9)

Jay swaminarayan Rakshabandhan is a day when a girl ties a thread that's rakhi and that rakhishe ties to her brother and says to protect, same way we tie rakhi to our brahmaswarupswaminarayanbhagwansmoorti and pray him to protect us whole life as we know that after sisters ties this rakhi to their brothers they give gifts same way bhagwan have given us gift our life,family our parents, good lifeetc. His gift of rakshabandhan is his protection to us jay swaminarayan
Pooja mahadev (11)

Jay Swaminarayan. As we know that God is always present to protect his devotees. Similarily my god Bhagwan Swaminarayan also protected me in my life. Before three months, I was travelling by air. Suddenly in the middle of our journey, our plane starts trembling.At that time pilot announced that it would happen because of bad weather. But it was dangerous and I feard.After sometime the intensity of tremdling increases.Our plane was moving up and down.All passengers were too worried even air hostees. I was feeling that today definetly we wouldn't go back alive. And I started chanting swaminarayanswaminarayan.....and surprising.Plane stopped trembling.On that day I was very thankful to god to save us.
KaushaAdesara (15)
Morbi, INDIA
RakshaBandhan is about sisters and brothers. Its when sisters wrap Rakhis on brothers hand to protect them. HAPPY RAKSHA BANDHAN
Haley Dave (8)
auckland, NEW ZEALAND

Of course there are going to be people out there who will literally say how God has protected them, perhaps by saving them from a car accident but here is my answer to the question that has been posed. God has protected me in my life by giving me the strength and power to love Satsang... if it wasn't for his will, I probably wouldn't be in Satsang and learning so much, so this is how he has protected me. If not, I would have been doing something else not particularly good and therefore, hanging out with the wrong people (i.e.. kusang), getting wrong ideas in life and many other things (i.e. feeling it is okay to take drugs and drink alcohol - as in this day and age from a very young childhood people do end up venturing towards these things - but they are BAD!!! and as satsangis we know this). 
Jeeyam Patel (16)

I think that god has protected me in many ways for example when I was 2 yeas old you see I broke my leg I was in pain and I was a bit scared when I had my x-ray & mini operation, I was in a big cast. BAPA made me feel very happy and not scared that is one reason. Another incident - In my Gujarati school exams and knew that I will get under 80% marks but, when I saw my marks they were over 90%. I was amazed? God protects me always in my everyday life. 
Umika Upadhyaya (8)

jai Swaminarayan my friend I would like to share that god and swami alwyes protect us when I was born I have nose problem. I cant take breath properly even there is no hole in my nose. doctorcant judge what is the problem so I have to take breath form my mouth. after two days doctor did my operation. and I have a new life. so I can feel that swami protect me.
hardik. p maniyar (8)
ahemdabad, INDIA

Jay swaminarayan! yesbapa had protected me when I had hurt in my eyes when I was so small. My all the relatives were shocked. But in rakshabandhan all the Hindu sisters tie the rakhi to their brothers. In return the brothers protect them in their life.Inrakshabandhan I tie a rakhi to my brothers but they also gives me gift and also protects me.

God or Bhagwan is always doing rakesha during bad time and happy time So let's pray to bapa to protect use every day 
Nilkanth Dhariya (10)

Jay Swaminarayan God protects us in many ways and he protects everyone.Our god Swaminarayan Bhagwan had once asked his guru Ramanand Swami for two boons. One of them were that if my devotees were to suffer from any kind of pain then that pain may hurt me in one pore of my body by millions of scorpion. This shows the bond Bhagwan shares for his devotees. God has therefore protected me in many forms such as giving me the strength to speak up when anything wrong happens me and when i am nervous in a test he gives me the strength to continue it. Jay Swaminarayan
Rushi (12)

God protects me from bad kids in the school everyday. God protects me from getting hurt when I am working, jumping, playing, and etc.
Deep Patel (13)

urvi patel (12)
anand, INDIA

One way God has protected me is by giving me the balprakash, and other scriptures which helps learn and understand new things. One such thing I have learnt is "Satsangthipragati, kusangthibarbadi", meaning through satsang you can progress further in your life and through the company of kusang you are destroyed. By learning this god has protected me from falling into the hands of kusang and he has helped progress in my life. Jayswaminarayan
Pari Shah (10)
Toronto, CANADA

Bapa has protected from kusang. He has taught us in mandir to always keep friends with someone who is good not bad. Without him, we would fall out of satsang.All in all Bapa has protected me from kusang and kept me an adarsh balika.
Deexa Kachhia (10)

God always help as whenever i asked him to help me from big to small problem. I am narrating a small story:- I was not champion in any of the field neither in studied nor in sports.Once there was a swimming competition in my school a day before i went to temple and prey to God that Hay God please help me to be the winner of this competition and my good luck and grace of god i won the competition. 
Krityanidhi Chawla (7)
New Delhi, INDIA
Bhagwan has protected my life for facing innumerable amounts of problems! When I'm in need of help I chant, 'Swaminaryan'. One day I was going to run into a tree while sledding, and I couldn't do anything to prevent it, so I prayed quickly, and when I came into contact with the tree. I did really get that hurt but I formed a bruise on my elbow due to the impact! Jay Swaminaryan!
Yogi Vipul Patel (13)
East Norritown, UNITED STATES

God has protected me in one or another way always. there are many cases in my life where god has protected me. the list is very big...but I would say that when one follows swami bapas and bhagwan swaminarayanagna then god is always with us and protect us from various phases coming in our wise one should do puja, go to balsabha, doing santsamagam, studing nicely giving it 3-4 hours, obeyingmata pita agnas and serving them.....etc...we should also follow niyams that are given to doing chaturmas and shravanniyams.I am definetely sure and guaranteed that if one follows swami bapasagna god will protect him/her for sure in his/her life. 
Jay Swaminarayan. God had protect me in my life by giving niyams that protect me from bad company, addictions, t.v, movies, made up customs etc. Jay Swaminarayan.
Isha Patel (14)



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