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    Pramukh Swami Maharaj's Birth Centenery

Pramukh Swami Maharaj's Birth Centenery

What will you do celebrate Swamishri's birthday every day and make him a part of your life ?

Jai Swaminarayan And Hi ! We can make bapa our part of life in any ways we want . I'll give you some examples :- 1) Do whatever bapa likes 2) Being a pure satsangi And at the end i would like to say what Vanmalidas said Chhie Sevak Swamiji Tamara Ame , Amekarshuhamesha je tamne game . Jai Swaminarayan 
KarunaGuha (12)

Jay Swaminarayan, As the questions says to celebrate dear Swamishri's birthday everyday and to make him a part of my life I will try to do these following things on a regular basis: 1. Follow as many agnas I can that were said by Swamishri such as going to my local BAPS Mandireveryday for Arti. Also I will try to read 1 hour of satsang books each day. 2. I will try to do smruti of Swami whenever I talk to someone so my speech can be controlled, so I can continue being nice and so the other persons feeling isn't hurt. 3. I will try to keep Swami in mind all the time rather than just praying when I need something of mine done. So I am not selfish. I wish I can do these things regularly and make Swamishri my top importance. Jay Swaminarayan.
Shrey Patel (14)


I will do gharsabha every day to make Bapa happy and to be close to my family.
Akshar Parikh (9)

I will make Him a card everyday so i can remember him.
Sheeya Parikh (3)


I would do puja every day and I would follow my niyamdharam. love Ruhi
Ruhi Patel (8)

I will take a niyam for 5 years till bapasshardhshatabti.
krishna kotecha (9)
toronto, CANADA

I one time said at a sleepover that I like my iPad more that swamishri and Bapa has forgive me and other people that have been in the same place and what I am going to do is use my iPad less and pay more attention in satasang because I feel like I'm sleeping in satasang and I am not come on this earth to do this so bapa please forgive me for what I have done in the past and Let me start a new life with you and I❤️ You bapa.
NilkanthDhariya (10)

To celebrate Swamishri's birthday and make him part of my life I will think of him everyday by doing mansi of bapa in my puja. I will do vichran daily on and I will also do an extra dandvat, pradakshina, and mala for his health.I will also try to follow his agnas every day.
Maansi Amin (9)

I do every one who lern me in balsabha&yovasabhai will try my best to be an aadarshbalak every in mansi puja i do holy prerna to him . and make swami bapa to part in my life 
navsari, INDIA

Happy Birthday AneAmne Sara AashirvadAapo
Jadav Hitesh GopalBhai (17)
Surendranagar, INDIA

I would do bhakthi to bapa every day, including aarthi.
sienna (9)
harrow/brent, UNITED KINGDOM

I will remember him day and night I will remember him all the time. Bapa was anyway to please him I would do the best I can to treat him. I will inspire him in my activites. I should do anything for him. On Bapa's birthday I would just be happy.
Sharad patel (9)

Jai Swaminarayan! To make bapa a part of my life, every morning and night I will remember and pray to bapa to make me think everyone's good and inherit his virtues. 
Palak Patel (10)

Jay Swaminarayan, To make Swamishri a part of my life I would follow my niyams and do puja every single day. I would also seva and help in mandir and also in the house. That's what I would do to make Swamishri a part of my life. Jai Swaminarayan 
Sajni Patel (9)

Jay Swaminarayan! To celebrate his birthday and make him come more into my life I have taken a no ice cream niyam. So California is hot and we buy more ice cream, so when I see the ice cream I will remember my niyam and why I did it. This niyam is for his shatabadhimahotsav and will last 5 years. Jay Swaminarayan.
Krisha Patel (13)

Jay Swaminarayan, I would celebrate Swamishri's birthday and make him a part of my life by Following his niyams and do seva or help in mandir. I would do puja everyday and do it properly . Jay Swaminarayan
Paras Patel (11)


I will participate in the samayo in mandir and I'll do other/new niyams for Bapa. 
Nitya Patel (11)

Jai Swaminarayan I will make sure to follow Swamishri'sagnas such as doing Satsang reading daily. I will also make sure my nishkapatbhav with Swami is not lost. This is what I will do in order to celebrate Swamishri's birthday everyday and make Him a part of my life.
Sakshi Patel (12)
Pickerington Ohio, UNITED STATES


Jai Swaminarayan Doctor Swami had come here to Tzaneen and gave an amazing pravachan and he basically told us that we as Hindus think we are very busy people. And he is correct and somewhere we should not forget the gloriness of Bapa and the satpurush itself. We should all take niyams for Bapa. We can do 5 extra malas when we do puja, or extra pradakshinas. Read our sanstha publications or do something that makes you connect to God in your way. As you all know we are celebrating Bapa'sShatabdiMahotsav and we should all put in our own little efforts to make this a great one. Pramukh Swami Maharaj ShatabdiMahotsavni Jai Jai Swaminarayan 
Simran Darshan Brahmbhatt (14)

Jai Swaminarayan Bapa has helped me in many ways. So to celebrate Bapa's birthday everyday I am going to do 3 extra malas. I will also do 11 pradikshinas around the Akshar Deri every Saturday.And... HAPPY BIRTHDAY BAPA!!
Gauri Patel (12)

Jai Swaminarayan! I do niyams to celebrate Bapa's birthday. What I do to make Bapa part of my life is to remember Bapa whatever and whenever I need help on. Whether it's school, Mandir, or any exams, I always think of Bapa before I start the test. We should all think of Bapa every second of our life. Whether it is just for remembering him or in tests, Bapa helps us whenever in needed. So I think that remembering Bapa every second is a good way to do Bhagan Bhakti. Jai Swaminarayan! 
Mukti Patel (10)

Looking at BAPA at age of 95 he still does puja everyday that inspires me to do puja everyday no matter what.I also do 1 extra mala for BAPA'S good health.
jiya patel (9)
bakersfield, UNITED STATES

Jay Swaminarayan! and Hello! I think we all can do YogYagna to celebrate Swamishri's birthday every day to make him part of our life. Yog means company and Yagna means to sacrifice.Another way to celebrate Swamishri's birthday everyday and making him part of our lives is to exept Niyams and follow them accordingly everyday.Jay Swaminarayan! and Bye!
Arya Zolapara (9)

I will do mala everyday for wellbeing of Bapa.
Rishi R Patel (7)

I will think of bapa in my mind always and has good health for the next 5 years
Shreeni R Patel (9)

Jai Swaminarayan, The sway of leaves on branches of trees and the placid scene of the sky.Below,a majestic tinge of sunlight and a cool breeze aided the steady movement of a busy river.Some would think of the creatorof these natural movements? Well,this is the art of Bhaghwan. As Swamishri often says that without Bhagwan's grace not even a dry leaf can move. Due to Swamishri'sdaya we have earned a chance to please a person who resides with Bhagwan and Bhagwan resides with him.Now it is our turn to show him what we can do for such a divine person like him. Currently,at the age of 95 he joined us on his birthday in Sarangpur. Niyams such as daily Pooja ,Arti, Thaal and so much more.Thinking of what he has done for us,we are nothing...
Nyari Barot (11)

I will try to speak Gujarati every day because it makes Bapa happy. That will be my gift.
meerakatwa (7)
wellingborough, UNITED KINGDOM

I will do mansi puja everyday to remember Bapa. Also he has done a lot for us sp now I want to give back
parth patel (11)
Beltsville md, UNITED STATES

I will celebrate it by doing quality puja,arti and thal.I will please Swami bapa by doing niyamdharma I will do 1 extra mala for swamibapa's health!!!
Stuti (7)

Jay Swaminarayan I will follow more of the niyams he tells us to do, because he is my life I don't know what I would do without him. I will pray for his wellbeing. I will do mala for his health, without any distractions. I will try to constantly think of him. I WILL make him the most important person in my life. Jay Swaminarayan
Meet A Patel (13)
Chattanooga , UNITED STATES


Anirudh (15)
Bharuch, INDIA

Dear Bapa, I love you so much because u are the one who does everthing 4 us
Tithi Patel (9)
Brampton, CANADA

I will always do study with full concentration and always help my parents and always do seva of them.I will remember Bapa for every moments of my life. Jay Swaminarayan. 

Jay Swaminarayan.I will make sure i try my best to follow the Yogyagna niyams and remember him at every moment of my life.
Vrunda patel (13)
Nairobi, KENYA

what I will do to connect better with swamishri is to watch guruharidarshaneveryday!
krishna (9)
toronto,canada, CANADA

I will watch one of Swamishri'sdarshan clips to connect better with his divine leela - I will listen to his ashirvachan for 5 to 10 mins. - I will done extra quality mala each day for his health - I promise to take part in Ghar Sabha each day - I promise to support New Jersey Akshardham, by saving extra expenses - I will do satsang reading.
Aneri (12)
Toronto, CANADA

Dear Swami Bapa, Thank you Bapa for making me a satsang. I promise that I will pray to Maharaj to keep you in the best shape and health.
Aashil (14)

Jai Swaminararyan, I will do more seva whenever I can and I will try to read more prasangs or listen to bhajans and kirtans more often.
Kashish Patel (12)
Cherry Hill, New Jersey, UNITED STATES

I would make Bapa a birthday cake and feed it to him. Also I would sing Bapa a birthday song and sing prayers to Bapa. To make him part of my life I will think about Bapa before doing anything else. Also I will feed Bapa food like breakfast , lunch and dinner.
Ruhi Donda (9)

For Swamishri's birthday, I have taken various niyams, but the one that will keep me most attached to him is watching his vicharan videos everyday.I will always be updated with what he is doing and how he is feeling. This will increase my jodaan with him.
Kaushali (16)

I will celebrate bapa's birthday by following his aagna of panchangpranam to parentseveryday. I will also do extra mala and do prathna for bapa'swell being.I will keep bapa'srajipo before doing any activities. I love Bapa!!!!
Siya Brahmbhatt (11)

Jay Swaminarayan for Swamishri's birthday I am doing I will watch 5-10 minute video clip of GuruhariDarshan,I will do mala every day for Swamishri's health and think about Swamishri'smahima and do smruti of his prasangs,everyWedesday, I promise to take part in a gharsabha with my family,and as a mandal,we will read an excerpt from Divine Memories-Part 1-4 and do manan on it for 15 every day.
Aashvi Patel (10)
Morristown,Tennessee, UNITED STATES


Jay Swaminarayan, To celebrate bapa's birthday everyday and to make him a part of my life, I will watch guruharidarshan, do manaan of bapa's work, do smurti of him, do an extra mala and read books related to him. Jay Swaminarayan!!!
Isha Patel (14)

Birthday everyday????? Wow that would be wonderful becoz there is no other big happiness then celebrating our gurus birthday everyday........
dhvinsi valand (12)
pretoria , SOUTH AFRICA


I can't believe it! You are actually 95 years old! Bapa you are the world to me and I will never forget you for being brave and selfless at times. You are the satpurush and aksharbhrama that leads to thousands of lives attaining moksha everyday. You are our true path to fly to Akshardham and without you nothing would be possible. Thank you so much for everything you have done for all of us. Happy Birthday and Jay Swaminarayan!
Aneri Patel (12)




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