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    Acting on his Wish

Acting on his Wish

"We should always act in a way that Bhagwan and his sadhu stay happy with us.” – Gadhada II-45.

As per Bhagwan Swaminarayan's sermon in Vachnamrut given above, how should we behave so that Bhagwan and his true sadhu -Mahant Swami Maharaj would stay happy on us?

There are many different ways we can make Maharaj and Mahant swami happy. One way to do this is by following all of their agna's in any situation. We can do puja, satsang reading, no eating out, and many other things that the list is endless. Another way to make Maharaj and Swami happy is by staying away from kusang. Kusang means bad company. We should always have good friends so we become good. If we have bad friends we will become bad. These many ways we can make Maharaj and Mahant swami happy. We should always remember this vachnamrut and keep improving with steps.
Maansi Amin (10)

We should always follow Bapa's and Mahant Swami's agnas. Earning Bapa's rajipo and doing as his agnas will also earn his happiness. Bapa wish was for us to learn Gujarati. We should never feel like we dislike learning Gujarati and enjoy to please Bapa. We should also do puja every day as it says in the Shikshapatri.By doing as stated in the Shikshapatri, Mahant Swami will always stay happy on us.
Deexa Kachhis (12)


"We should always do as per Swamiji says" 
mayur kothiya (14)
rajkot, INDIA

Jay Swaminarayan As written in the vachnamrut we can keep bhagwan and swami happy by following his agnas and his niyams. We could also keep them happy by doing daily puja. Jay Swaminarayan
Parth Patel (12)


There are many ways that we as kids, can please Maharaj and Swami. One very effective way is by being committed to following our niyams. Follow our niyams with all of our heart is Mahant Swami Maharaj's agna and therefore, by following our niyams we are directly pleasing him. Throughout life we will definitely face many obstacles that will block us from following our niyams but we need to surpass them and be committed to following them no matter what circumstances there are. Another way you can behave to please them is by respecting everyone even if they're younger or older. We also have to keep in mind that alongside being respectful, we should become das na das, and serve everyone with kindness. Lastly, another way you can please them is by doing bhakti. When I say bhakti, it doesn't mean sitting in a corner and doing nonstop bhajan. Bhakti can be done in a vast variety of ways. One way is by attending arti and gharsabha and doing thaal. When we are thinking about committing an action, we should also think, "What would Swami do". If he were to do something similar to you then go ahead and do it, but if he wasn't then it means your action isn't a probably the best way to go. In the end, we should make sure we please Maharaj and Swami. Jay Swaminarayan!
Pari (12)
Guelph, ON, CANADA

We should behave as that we were happy because if we are happy and doing bhakti and prathana everyday, it will make Bhagwan happy and we will all be happy forever.
Purav Patel (12)

Do puja everyday Respect your parents Do tilak chandalo everyday Wear a khanti Take part in ekadashi fasts Go to mandir and bal sabha every week 
Akshar Parikh (10)

say truth do puja regularly go to mandir [temple] do arti [prayer] that's all I think
maitri.movaliya (12)
pune, INDIA

To keep Bhagwan and his sadhu to stay happy we should come regularly to sabha and activly participate in the things that are told to us and follow the agya and opasna that are given by our lord swaminarayan Bhagwan at last happy birthday pramukh Swami Maharajas 7 December 
Kirtan Vinod Patel (12)
Chandrapur, INDIA

Jay Swaminarayan, One should follow his or her niyams by doing nitya puja, panchang pranam and be the best in studies.
Kesar J Patel (10)

Jai Swaminarayan! I think that we should follow the shikshapatri, follow Bapa's and Mahant Swami Maharaj's agnas. We should follow the five vartmans that Maharaj gave us. I think we should behave like Maharaj or Mahant Swami are like our mom, dad, brother, or sister. Jai Swaminarayan.
Mukti Patel (11)

If we follow Agna of Bhagwan and Sadhu and realise their true Swaroop and keep Divyabhav in Bhagwan and their Bhakta then Bhagwan and Sant will remain raaji on us. Jai Swaminarayan 
Tilak Patel (15)
Cary , North Carolina , UNITED STATES

To keep our guru happy we must not break any niyams that he has given us. We should follow all the rules of the shikshapatri and read the holy scriptures. Reading these scriptures are vital: Shikshapatri, Swamini Vato, Vachnamrut and the Vedas.
Skand Shukla (10)

Jai Swaminarayan I will follow Niyams, help daddy and mummy. I will behave good in school, home, and mandir. I will be an Adarsh balak. I will learn to write and read gujarati. I do and will continue to listen to my parents, teachers, and sanchalaks. I will do anything to keep bhagwan and Mahant Swami Maharaj happy. 
Akshar Upen Patel (5)

Jai Swaminarayan To make my Guru happy, I do the six things that Swamibapa has said 1. Do daily puja 2. Avoid bad books, company etc. 3. Attend Sunday Sabha 4. Respect Parents 5. Study hard 6. Read Satsang book daily
Sajni Patel (10)

Jay Swaminarayan We can get Mahant Swami maharaj's Rajipo by doing bhakti, seva and following his agna's.
Harikrishna (7)
Robinsville, UNITED STATES


We should be an adarsh bal/balika. Mahant Swami Maharaj will only stay happy if we remember satsang in our daliy life and make it our prority. When we keep samp Mahant Swami Maharaj will be very happy on us.
Siya Patel (11)

We should follow the niyams mentioned in the shikshapatri. Do puja daily. Attend Sabha regularly. Respect parents. Avoid bad books company and tv. Study hard and read satsang books daily. Mahant swami will be very happy.
Nancy patel (9)
Brampton, CANADA


Mahant Swami Maharaj is my real guru & friend
Tilak Deepakbhai Darji (12)
Surat , INDIA

As per Bhagwan Swaminarayan's sermon we should act as if we are slaves of him. He is the one who gave us this body and everything we have. Without him we would be the lowest of the lowest. Like that we should act as if we are the atma and the jiva is only temporary. Bhagwan Swaminarayan said to keep him and our pragat satpurush happy. We should behave according to their agna and make the raaji. Pretty much we should follow this swamini vat. "Vishayna marge andhara thavu,bera thavu, lula thavu pan asakta na thavu
Pragat Patel (12)

Jai Swaminarayan, how do we behave so that Mahant Swami Maharaj can stay happy? We should behave like a adarsh bal/balika, follow our guru's aganya, bow down to our parents and our alders, and etc. 
Tithi Patel (10)
Brampton, CANADA

We should do as they ask and say. We should follow the Vachnamrut and other scriptures like the Shikshapatri. When our guru Mahant Swami Maharaj tells us we are doing something wrong then we should fix the mistake and do as our guru says. We should not take Abhav Avgun of other people,but look at our selves. We should have Samp,Suradhbhav and Ekta like Yogiji Maharaj says. Then only will we get far in life and increase Satsang.
Nishi Patel (11)

There are many ways to make Maharaj and Mahant Swami stay happy on us. One way is to follow all of Mahant Swami's agnas without any question. One example is by doing puja and coming to mandir every Sunday. Another way is by studying hard and respecting our parents. Bapa said that we should study at least 3 hours a day. We can respect our parents by listening to them and doing panchang pranam every day after puja. These are some of the ways to make Maharaj and Swami happy.
Maansi Amin (10)

I would try my best to make Maharaj and Swami happy by attaching myself to them, and following the niyams I have been given by them.I would do a lot of seva and become a das of Bapa, Mahant Swami, and Maharaj. Jay Swaminarayan
Meera Panchal (11)

we should act in a way that Bhagwan and his Sadhu stay happy with us.
akshara (6)

I will follow his aagna and study well, obey parents, do ghar sabha daily. 
Pari Patel (9)

Jai Swaminarayan to make Mahant Swami Maharaj happy is to follow the niyams he tells us to do. Like do your puja daily or listen to your elders. These niyams can make Mahant Swami Maharaj happy and make us closer to Mahant Swami Maharaj. This is what can make Mahant Swami Maharaj happy. 
Aashvi (11)
Morristown , UNITED STATES




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