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Bal Mandal and You 
It helps me to learn about God. It pleases Bapa and Bhagwaan.
Tejas Dave (9)
San Jose, USA
Bal Sabha helps me learn more about Bapa and other Maharaj.
Tapan Dave (9)
San Jose, USA
Bal Sabha benefits me because it made me get to meet other people. It
also made me get new friends. Also I learned about Maharaj and Bapa.
Harsh Bhatt
San Jose, USA
Bal Sabha benefits me because I would not have friends otherwise. It
also taught me about Maharaj and I learned to do tilak chandlo. I was
also interested in the prasang that the sanchalak told us. I love to
be in Satsang.
Akash Patel (11)

San Jose, USA
The things that I have expereinced in Bal Mandal are stories, lessons, games, dances, instruments and it even teaches you how to speak Gujarati. The most fun to me is when bal karyakers tell stories. I feel that they are very interesting. I learn these stories and tell them to my little brother at bedtime. He loves the stories too. That is my experience in Bal Mandal
Hari Patel (10)
Bangor, USA
By going to balika sabha,I have gained knowledge about my religion and guru parampara, I have become more confident and have learnt to sing bhajans and prathana.I have made many friends.I enjoy very much as we celebrate all the festivals like diwali,holi and all the janma jayantis.In short balika sabha is a place of continuous learning for me
Krisha Vasani (8)
Dar-es-salaam, Tanzania
The benifits i have recived from bal sahbha is respecting my elders which is important. i also learend how to speak my mother tounge(gujrati). I learned alot on how our satsang was established and who made it. I have also taken the satsang exams which has taught me alot. We have great sanchalaks who know alot about the Bapa and other members of the guru parampara.i think bal sabha has helped me not just physicaly but mental.I hope that Maharaj and Swami will watch over me just as if a mother watches over her baby
Jankee Pandya (13)
Anahiem, USA
I have benefitted by attending bal sabha that I learn more and more everytime I come there. We do kirtan, dhoon, jay naad,dhyan,prathna,presentations,and much more other fun activities. It teaches me what I do wrong and right. It helps me make friends with everyone. By coming to bal sabha it helps me do more and more seva everytime I step into the mandir. I get wiser and smarter by coming to bal mandal and gives me more education. By coming to bal sabha it makes Maharaj and Swami proud and makes me proud that I am a balak of Swami!And forever in my heart I will always have Maharaj and Swami with me to take me bal sabha and do satsang! "SwamiShriji"
Alisa (10)
Los Angeles (Anaheim), United States
Bal Sabha benefits me because I get to learn more about Swami Bapa,
hear prasangs about Maharaj and have fun.
Ankur Patel (8)

San Jose, USA

Bal Sabha benefits me because I make new friends. It also benefits me
because I can learn a lot about our Sanstha and get a step closer to
Akshardham. Also because I can get smarter and will be a better
Akash Patel (9)

San Jose, USA
You learn about Bapa and the murtis. You please Bapa.
Smit Vachhani (8)

San Jose, USA
Bal Sabha helps me by showing me how to do puja and who Sarvopari
Bhagwaan is.
Pragnesh Patel (9)
San Jose, USA
i attend bal sabha regular i like different things i am joining west london bal mumdal i have learnt lots of things about lord swamianarayan i bow to my parents every single day before i go to school.i will be greatful if you select me. i have received lots of trophy.Jay Swanianarayan
Aarti Koria (10)
London, UK
i have been in satsang for 2 and a half years now and from the beginning i have been attending bal sabha regularly. i have benefitted in many ways. i have all sorts of niyams and i feel that what i'm learning is right for me. Jai Swaminarayan
Niral Vekeria (13)
London, England
Premad Prumukh Swami
Tanisha (8)
S.London, U.K
Bal sabha helps us to stand up and deliver the best in us.Thanks to Swami Bapa
Shvetanshu B Desai (9)
Surat, India
I love bapa and Bapa loves me (I hope)Going to Bal Mandal, i have learnt a lot about being an ideal all around person. Being Adarsh, doing Gharsabha, aarti, and the Samaiyos. Utsavs are the best because you get to see clips of Bapa being raji with all of his good, adarsh satsangis
Anonymous (9)
Noside, USA
I have corrected alot of my bad habits and know I really understand about our religon. I also got to know that our religon is the oldest and is the second highest populated in the world. I now know how important Swaminarayan is to me. Nimit now learned that every morning do puja
Nidhi and Nimit Gandhi (9)
Sherwood, USA
I've been going to bal mandal for a long time. its taught me how to follow Bapa's agna's and i've learned more about our Sanstha
Bhakti (15)
Chicago, U.S.A.
Self Confidence, Managerial Skills. Inspiration of doing Puja regular. Love of Swamibapa
Flory Chandresh Kanabar (6)
Rajkot, India
I learned about God. I feel happy to learn because I want to learned
about him. I now have more friends to play with.
Sneh Raghu (8)

San Jose, USA
In Bal Sabha I learned how to do puja.
Krunal Patel (9)
San Jose, USA
I learned that to do dhyaan everyday because it will make Bapa pleased
with you. Also never face your back to Maharaj because it will make
Maharaj sad.
Kevin Vachhani (9)

San Jose, USA
Bal Sabha benefited me because I used to hang around bad company and
now I hang around good company.
Romit Patel (10)
San Jose, USA
Bal Sabha helped me do tilak chandlo. Bal Sabha also made me start
reading the Vachanamrut. Now I’ve finished the whole Vachanamrut.
Ravi Patel – (9)
San Jose, USA
Sabha benefits me by teaching me there is one supreme God.
Janak Jobanputra (9)

San Jose, USA
i benefited from bal sabha by me not eating onions garlic eggs and other bad increased my gnan, it helped me progress in satsang, by not eating out, taking regular niyams such as daily puja and tilak chandlo in school. And above all it helped me get the samagam of our beloved Param Pujya GuruHari Pramukh Swami Maharaj
Anand Patel (12)
Riverview, USA
By going to Sabha I have learned many things. Here are some examples;I learned when and where Bhagwan Swaminarayan was born.(Chaipaya 1837). I have also learned how to behave at mandir. One other thing is that i have learned why we do things such as Aarti, Thaar, Pradakshinas,and Sabha. I have have learened a lot and thats why i go to sabha every Sunday
Amy Dhanani (11)
Phoenix, USA
At Bal Sabha, we learn many important things. This helps me with
school. In school I used to be lazy and I never used to learn
anything. But now that I go to school I learn to center my mind on
what needs to be done and I learn at Bal Sabha that it is Bapa’s
personal seva to study hard and at sabha I learn from two great
sanchalaks Nikhilbhai and Ankitbhai. All the stuff that we learn helps
me in my daily life.
Nimit Patel (12)

San Jose, USA
Going to Bal Sabha has helped me a lot. It helped me become a better
person. It has taught me what are good and bad things. For example
staying away from maya. The niyams help me a lot too. For example I
don’t watch TV because there are bad things on TV. Once again going to
Bal Sabha has helped me a lot.
Dhruv Gandhi (13)
San Jose, USA
Well I used to be short tempered and I would swear a lot, but after
starting Bal Sabha I stopped swearing and stopped eating meat.
Akash Patel (13)
San Jose, USA
Bal Mandal benefits me by teaching me about Bapa. Aagnaa and why Bapa
asks us to do things like niyams and if you follow His aagnaa you can
go to Akshardham. Bal MAndal also helps me in studies.
Anish Dave (13)
San Jose, USA
You Get to respect all and learn alot off thing
Vasudev Patel (14)
Jersey City, USA
kids praying to god, and listening to the stories
Vishan Patel (7)
VVNagar, India
It helps me to concentrate on Maharaj’s murti and get good grades. It
teaches me to listen to my parents and elders. The sanchalak
Nikhilbhai and Ankitbhai are really nice. They also encourage us to
take niyams for our good and benefit. I have been in Bal Mandal all my
life. In Bal Mandal we practice for Bal Satsang Exams. I just
finished with Bal Satsang 2.
Bharat Patel (11)
San Jose, USA
Bal Sabha benefits me because every time I come to sabha I learn how to
act good. I’ve also learned that I am the soul and not the body. I’ve
also learned that you control the mind, the mind doesn’t control you.
You shouldn’t be scared of anything because Maharaj is in you.
Meet Patel (9)

San Jose, USA
I learned that doing tilak chandlo is good because it makes Bapa proud.
I also learned to ignore people that make fun of it because I know
it’s for my own good. It also teaches me to make the right choices. I
like coming to Bal Sabha because it helps me with my life. It guides
me through life, like not eating out and not eating onions and garlic.
I want to make the right choices because I want to go to Akshardham and
be with Maharaj and Swami.
Govinda Barbhaiya (12)
San Jose, USA

I learned that our main goal in life is to go to Akshardham. I learned
that Bhagatji Maharaj did a lot of seva and he only slept for an hour
everyday. I learned Yogiji Maharaj told a lot of people to do nirjala.
Bapa is our Guru and Bapa is coming to our region in June. I also
learned that Bhakti is better than Gnaan.
Ravi Amin (11)
San Jose, USA

Going to sabha has helped me in school. It helps me concentrate by
taking Maharaj’s name. It has helped me greatly. Going to sabha has
started me on puja.
Saheer Dalaal (13)
San Jose, USA
Bal Mandal benefits me because I used to go and I stopped but I’m going
now and it’s helping me to go to mandir and it teaches me to do niyams
and about Akshardham.
Sarjit Patel (14)
San Jose, USA
I have just learnt so much and have had fun ever since I have started Bal Mandal. It helps me in school and even in sports I play. It helps me concentrate. Swamibapa's bal mandal has really changed my life
Sagar Patel (14)
Shawnee, U.S.A
I've been in Bal-Mandal for 6 years now. Bal-Mandal is the key to peace. Bal-Mandal teaches you stuff about Maharaj and Swami. Bal-Mandal not only teaches you, but it has fun activites. Once, the Houston Bal-Mandal got to go to a zoo. Even bigger, the Orlando shibir. Bal-Mandal will take you to an easier life
Parth Bhavsar (10)
Houston, U.S.A.
Ball mandal has helped me in developing my inner strength and leadership training is very helpful in school I do tilak chanlo at school everyday It gives me strength
Dipul Patel (10)
Glendale, USA
Dhruvi (8)
Toronto, Canada
Going to Bal Sabha benefits me because I learn a lot of things. Some
of the things I learn are about making the right choices. This
benefits me because I want to learn to make the right choices in life.
I want to make the right choices because I want to succeed in life and
also go to Akshardham.
Akshar Kachhia (13)
San Jose, USA
I benefit by doing niyams like no TV, no PC / video games, no internet
chatting, do tilak chandlo everyday, respect parents, do arti / thaal
everyday, and daily Satsang reading. This helps me become a better
person and get closer to becoming Brahmrup.
Yogesh Patel (13)
San Jose, USA
Bal Sabha helps me by getting me to not ruin my eyes by watching TV.
It also helps me by taking niyams. What I learn in Bal Sabha reflects
in real life. It includes puja, maya, etc.
Sachin Patel (11)
San Jose, USA
Bal Sabha helps me learn about Hinduism and stay away from bad company.
Milan Patel (13)
San Jose, USA
i have benefitted alot by the bal sabhas because i started bal sabha at a very young age. but when i grew up to the age of 15 when i as going to Kishore mandal i was so attached to bal mandal that i stayed in bal mandal for two more year to help out in the suvarna jayanti i think to be a balak at first and then to help other balaks by being a sanchalak i think give you alot of experience in the satsang and for the future carrer. jai swaminarayan
Yogi Patel (16)
London, UK
When I first started coming to balika mandal I really loved it, why??? You might be asking, because this is Maharaj’s work being carried out. Your knowledge of the satsang increases you get to take part in competitions, which also increase a number of skills such as your learning. If you do come, you can learn a lot from it
Pratiksha Kanabar (14)
Loughborough, England
Bal mandal is very fun there is allways interesting stories to listen to about our religion and culture.Our balsanchalak jelps us understand more about my culture.I like to listen to prasangs of other sadhus etc when I go to bal sabha.I also get to play with my friends in balsabha.I also like to listen to Prathna.When we do Prathna we close our eyes and see god.Bal sabha is SOOOOOOOOO fun!!!you should come to
Dhaval Patel (11)
gahanna, USA
There are a lot of benefits of coming to Bal Mandal which have affected
me. Bal Mandal has taught me from starting to behave for at least 5
minutes, to do antardrashti and improve myself in practical life. Bal
Mandal has improved my grades because if I didn’t come to Bal Sabha, I
would have very poor grades and I would hang out with bad kids at
school. The niyams that I took help me benefit because I took a TV
niyam and it helps me concentrate more on studies and improving in
Satsang. It also has helped me to do more seva and to how to treat
others nicely. For example, not to take abhav-avgun and think that
everything and everyone is divya. It has also helped me respect my
parents and how to treat them like they are God. Bal Mandal has helped
me so much and it is still helping me.
Ravi Patel (14)
San Jose, USA

Bal Mandal, Bal Mandal, Bal Mandal. There are so many important things
that I not only learned from Bal Mandal for home, but also for school.
All the way from reading one of my first books to respecting my parents
I learned how to think in different perspectives instead of jumping to
conclusions. Bal Mandal has guided me through school. With Bal Mandal
around, my days are extremely fun even in school. Bal Mandal has made
my days organized. It has taught me to eat nutritionally and wisely by
doing Ekadashi. It has given me an opportunity to become a better
speaker and a better singer. Bal Mandal has opened my narrow box
making me extremely sociable. Before I used to have only a few friends
in school, but because of my improved attitude, I am not only doing
better in school, but I also have so many friends.
Monil Patel (12)
San Jose, USA

It is very good,From it children can develop there minds. From it childrens can worship god from there childhood.The powers which are forbidden in them can come out easily. These Bal Mandals should start all over the world.Thank you yogi bapa for this
Hitesh N. Modi (14)
Jai Swaminarayan, I have been in bal mandal since I was old enough to walk I would have never have learned the greatness of Maharaj and the glory of Bapa with out it I am now doing what my Bal Sanchalaks did are I am a bal sanchalk for kids in grade 1-3 Jai Swaminarayan
Anish Anup Patel (15)
Houston, U.S.A
It benefits me because I learn lots of things in sabha.
Jaymal Patel (8)
San Jose, USA
It helps me learn about the life of God and answers my questions.
Harin Parikh (9)
San Jose, USA

I learned that you have to make God and Bapa feel happy.
Jay Vachhani (8)
San Jose, USA

It helps me to know who God is.
Akshay Patel (9)
San Jose, USA
It taught me to do puja. I made new friends and learned a lot from
Milanbhai in Bal 2 sabha. I even learned that if you do sabha you
should invite God because it makes him happy. I even learned lots of
stories. I learned that Maharaj is the best God.
Yash Majmudar (8)

San Jose, USA

It benefited me by helping me become adarsh. I learned that Maharaj is
sarvopari and Gunatitanand Swami is Mul Akshar. Bal Sabha benefits me
by getting me more into Satsang.

Sarvopari Shri Hari Sahajanand, Mul Akshar Gunatitanand, Bhagatji ne
Shastriji na charan kamal rakho vandan.
Parth Patel (10)
San Jose, USA


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