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In the Good of Others 

D - Does constant Vicharan to please haribhaktos I - Instantly listens to our problems V - Views and treates everyone equal I - Imaculate and pure is his love towards balaks N - Never does a harmful thought arise E - Excellence in serving Bhagwan - It is his endless seva that makes my life worth living -

Eva Thakorbhai Patel (6)


Pleasing everybody R est is not in his dictionary A lways there for everybody M ind and soul thinking of Lord Swaminarayan U nderstanding the feelings of everybody K ind-hearted to the whole world H e has dedicated his life for our good S miling and always thinking about us W illing to go out his way for us A ctive at an age of 85 M aharaj is always in his heart I believe this is the true guru!
Amar Chollera (9)
Dar Es Salaam, TANZANIA


Bapa always wants to do good to others. No matter where he is, what time it is; he always goes out of his way to help others. Like one time during the earthquake in Bhuj in 2001, Bapa along with santos and haribhaktos, immediately started giving out food packets, clothing and neccetities. Bapa even made sure that everyone was given hot meals 3 times a day! He started constructing homes so people could live in them. Bapa even asked the people giving out everything to put a nail-clipper so they can cut their nails. That was a simple thing, yet Bapa thought of that to give to them. Also once when a kid was travelling with Bapa, he got sick. So, in the morning Bapa insisted that the kid should take Bapa's warm shower and Bapa would take the cold shower. He wanted to make the kid better so he did this. He could've asked someone else but he did it hiself. Let's just hope that we can follow in Bapa's footsteps and start by doing good to others everywhere we go!

Kirtan Chauhan (12)


Swamishri always try to help people even at this old age. He does not care about himself he only cares about others. It is unimaginable how much Bapa helps others. if we ever tried doing the same thing it will be a lot of hard work. Swamishri does not care about that. He puts Maharaj first, his guru second, his people third but he puts himself the last. That is what is so special about Swamishri.
Shreeya (11)


Bapa is always thinking and doing everything for the good of others. For example why is he building mandirs all over the world. For our own good. He never thinks about himself. He knows that in the good of others lies the good of our own. He is always praying to Maharaj that the best will happen to us. This is one of the reason's of why bapa ia unique and the best!

Ashna (13)


In the old temple in London (opposite to the present mandir), the sevak saint suddenly woke up at 2:30 am and noticed Swamishri with a quilt over his head chanting the Swaminarayan mantra. When questioned Swamishri replied, "This is for the rainfalls in Gujarat." When questioned further, Bapa said he had been chanting the mantra for several hours and the quilt over his head was so that the sevak sant would not be disturbed. WHAT A UNIQUE AND UNPARALLELED GURU. His life is like an incense stick that itself burns but spreads fragrance to others.
Vandan Popat (12)


Bapa truly has a life for others. Bapa is the only guru in the world like this. IN THE JOY OF OTHERS LIES HIS OWN is what Bapa believes in and whatsm us to believe in too. That is mu guru the only being in the universe like this. When others are happy so is he. In the same way we should be like this too. Like Who, the one and only BAPA.

Tilak Parekh (10)


Bapa dose good for everyone, everday and from him we have to learn how to do good for everyone, yogi bapa always says bijana bhalama aapnu bhalu
Darshan Patel (10)
Lawranceville, UNITED STATES


WOW! Once I look at Bapas face, I just get amazed on what Bapa Does!HE Doesnt care it the weather is bad or the floor has to many rocks on it, He WILL still go no matter what just to meeet someone.WOW!

Kishen Patel (13)


jsn Bapa says things for our own good and his intense desire to do good to others is like what Yogibapa used to say and has been written in the yogi gita, his message is to convey to people that you shouldn't just think about yourself and care about yourself but about others too. Jsn
Rameshvari Patel (14)


Bapa always travels for others. He never goes anywhere for his own leisure. Even if Bapa is really sick he would still insist to travel. I believe that if Bapa travels in this manor, we should do something in return. That's what niyams are for!

Sharad Pandya (12)


Swamishri has done many things for the better of people. For example, all this vicharan he does isn't for nothing. It's to help those who are in need for it. It's for us. A lot of natural disasters have striked India. However, BAPS Care has helped the hungry. They have given them food, shelter, and even clothing. Pramukh Swami has done all these things for us. He even prays to Bhagwan Swaminarayan in his daily puja. This is just the beginning...
Saahil Brahmbhatt (12)
valley stream, UNITED STATES


This message to me is very spirutal because I always try to help others when they are in need

Priya R Patel (12)


Swamishri always does good to others. Whenever devotees or non-satsangi's have problems Swamishri is always telling them the right answer or what not to do. Also bapa does good to others by giving them prasad and extreme blessings. He always uses his time for his devotees. Such as writing letters non-stop for hours attending very long sabha's and katha's. Also Bapa works very hard for balak's and kishore's. So from today we shall all thank Bapa atleast by following his simple niyam's and doing good in your studies.
Neil Patel (13)


Bapa always wants to help others even though he may be very tired or very busy or even doing something important. During the earthquake in 2001 Bapa along with haribhaktos and santos went to the disaster area and started giving out meals, clothing, he built homes and helped everyone. Bapa made sure that everyone was given hot meals 3 times a day and also he even included the simplest thing like a nail-clipper. Also, once a kid was sick and he was travelling with Bapa. In the morning, when the kid was gong to take a shower, Bapa insisted that he should use Bapa's hot shower while Bapa would take the cold shower. He wanted the kid to become good and healthy again so he gave him a hot shower. Bapa always continues and will alwayts continue to help others. We too should follow in his footsteps and do the same.
Kirtan Chauhan (12)


Jay Swaminarayan pramukhswami maharaj is the one of the guru who inspired his followers to work for people who are in adays in surat his follower worked very honestly and help the people.all over goal of this santha is to help people who wants need.In this way swamishri's intense desire to do good to others.
prithvi avinashbhai brahmbhatt (14)
ahmedabad, INDIA


SwamiBapa is a wonderful perosn that Maharaj has graced us with. His love and care that he has for all of us can't be found anywhere except from him. He loves us and cares for us and protects us like no one has or will. The vicharan he does so that we are happy and our dukh is gone. There is no other person in this world that has sacrafised so much like Bapa has for others. For that i can never pay Swamibapa back. Thanks SwamiBapa for all you have done for me and evryone else in this world.

Nipa Trivedi (15)
westerville, UNITED STATES


swami shri never hurts anyone. he only believes in he always says, "in the good of others lies our own," he is trying to say is doing good for others is only benefiting you and the more you do that the closer you are getting to akshardham. ONE STEP AT A TIME
bhumi patel (13)
jersey city, UNITED STATES


Swami shri never wants anything bad to happen to us. No matter what we do he always wants to help us.bapa has a heart that is bigger than any of ours. He does't care what happens to him he only cares for us. Bapa wants us to be the best we can be.If he had to choose between sleeping on the floor and sleeping on the bed for us then he would probably want us to sleep on the bed.Bapa helps so many people around the world. I was in India last summer and as soon as I heard about a flood I saw B.A.P.S medical cars driving fast to help people. Bapa cares so much for us. I can't even explain how much.

Bhavi Patel (12)


Jai swaminarayan, I think that Swamishree was born for others, he doesn't have any privacy. All of his time is for others. He does not care about his health when it comes to do something for a satsangi. For the last 73 years, he has been giving and givng and giving in order to please Maharaj, his guru and his satsangis. And he does all this, without expecting anything back! Indeed we are fortunate to have Pramukh Swami amidst us!
Shreya (13)
Dar Es Salaam, TANZANIA



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