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   Why My Friend is Special
Why My Friend is Special
jay swaminarayan . My name is kirtan. i am going in balmandal sabha we learn different qualities.there are my many friends in sabha. iam going sabha from 6 friend rahul told me that there is saba in sawaminarayan mandir. i thank god that they gave me a nice friend
kirtan tank (13)
amerli, INDIA
My friend is my mom and bapa. My mom gives me great advice when I get nervous for a test. And bapa helps me because when I pray a lot to get a good grade on my test, , then I always get a 100. My mom tells me to also study, because maharaj will only help you if he knows you are trying hard and not being lazy. Bapa and Maharaj, and my parents are my best friends, now and forever.
Rhea Patel (12)
Kirtan is my best friend. He is very smart and has a attitude. Kirtan is also a good satsangi. he is very nice and funny. He never breaks a rule. Kirtan is in the 4 grade. He has met Bapa alot of times.
Niran (10)

|| Jai Swaminarayan || Other than bapa and Shreeji Maharaj my best friend is Ashutosh Brahmbhatt. Ash is from Harris park in Sydney Australia he was here for the Murti pratishta of our new Hari mandir in 2002. When I met him in Bal-Sabha, I had a feeling in my mind that he will care for me understand me and listen to me. From then he has called me for sleepovers and return I called him for some too. We have both taken part in dramas, skits, dances and many other things together. Whenever I made a mistake he would teach or make me understand what to do and how to do the steps especially for dances and skits. Ash has also been a good cricket player, and has been playing for along time. Whenever i get time I ask him for tips (bowling and Batting), since I play for a team and I fell like he has everlasting time for my Questions. Ash is not my only best friend, I have others also. || Jai Swaminarayan ||
Utsav . Jayesh . Garach (13)
Jay Swaminarayan I am from Sydney and we have a wonderful Bal Mandal here. If I start talking about all my special friends I have in our Sydney Mandir, then i will never finish typing. So, after a long session of thinking, I finally decided to write about a 13 year old balak named, Mayur Rawal. He is the most hardworking balak I have ever seen! He plays fantastic cricket(as he made it to our state team, New South Wales, in Australia!!!). Making in to a state team in Australia is an incredible achievement. He is sure to be the next wicketkeeper playing for Australia. While he is playing cricket he has managed to excel in his studies as well! He wakes up before sunrise which is before 5am, he takes a bath, does his pooja and then he studies in the morning until he leaves for school! While he studies and plays cricket he does not forget about satsang either. He gives satsang exams every single year and he also sings bhajans beautifully. He is the main Balak who is going to sing dhun and prathna in the coming up Bal Parayan being held at our mandir this year. Mayur is an extraordinary balak with many qualities. The most special thing about Mayur is the fact that he is harnessing his qualities extremely well. He is the balak that everyone should look up to and try to achieve what he is achieving right now. Jay Swaminarayan
Kushan Fozdar (13)
These are 10 traits about my friend. She is: 1.helpful 2.kind/nice 3.supporting 4.understanding 5.polite 6.respectful to others 7.caring 8.honest 9.intelligent and always appreciatable. These are the 10 traits about my friend.
Rima patel (10)
My best friend is Dhaval Patel, from Edison Mandir. He is really special to me, because he is always there to help if I need it. He always has a pure, compassionate smile on his face, and everyone around him gets one too. He is smart and talented, yet humble and modest. He is energetic and cheerful, yet serious and determined. He is a great, all-rounded balak, and I am proud to call him my best friend. Jay Swaminarayan.
Aneek Patel (12)
My friend Vandan. He is very nice. he is a person whom i can look up to. he is the type of a person whom i can tell everything, even if it is good or bad. he is very special to me because he would always be by my side, in days of happiness and sorrow.
Akshar Patel (10)

Mandir is the best place for, not only satsang, but for great friends! In my Sydney Mandir I have a lot of friends, some who are my age and some who are even older and younger than me. These friends have really helped me get along in school life and satsang life. Without them I would have been stranded in the island having no idea to get out. My friends have been the boat to lead me away from the island and back on land. The friends in mandir have to be the best because they are all virtous, kind, helpful and understanding. I love all my friends and thank you for everything you've done for me. I also thank Bapa for gifting me with such wonderful friends!
Shreeya (13)
My friend is Shivangi Patel. She is very nice and whenever I need her she is there. She never lies to me and tells me the truth. We are always there for each other.
Rhea Patel (12)
friends: friends are very important in our lives without them we would be very lonely and bored. my friend is Parth Pankaj Patel from edison(age 12). parth is a good friend because he is very friendly and caring. He always makes me laugh with his humorous jokes. He is very talented and gets good grades in school. Parth knows so many interesting facts that none of my other friends know. he is also very smart in satsang. he is taking pravin for satsang exams. as you can see the following statements make my friend parth very special. Jai swaminarayan
tilak zinzuwadia (13)
east brunswick, UNITED STATES
I am sure that we all have friends that we like. But these are just our bodily relations. My true friend is Bapa. Bapa is from eternal. As we all know Bapa has many outstanding qualities, some of them are:he never looks at our faluts he always looks at our soul like Yogibapa. he always puts god first in life. That is why Bapa is my favourite friend.
Hamish Hira (10)

Jay SwamiNarayan everyone!! The friend that is very important to me at the mandir is Archita. She is very important to me because she teaches me what is right and what is wrong. If I do something wrong by mistake I can always trust her to tell me that you cannot do this if you are a satsangi. I also like the fact that she is ready to take any seva there is in the mandir....whether its vaasan ni seva or cleaning the washroom ni seva. |This really influences me and teaches me to do seva as well. When she does seva she does dhun. My prayer to SwamiShri is please give me these qualities too. Jay SwamiNarayan to all!!!
Rutvi (13)
Toronto, CANADA
The friend that has the most qualities I can learn from would have to be our very own Bapa. He has a heart that the world can live in. He is always there for you when you need an ear to listen to what you have to say, a hand to hold, a heart to love, and a warm smiling face that we can smile back at. Bapa is my best friend and he will be till the very end. When I feel like everything has just messed up and i need someone to talk to, I have Bapa there for me and I know that he will never let me down. Jay Swaminarayan!
Sheena Patel (13)

Jay Swaminarayan! Milli, my best friend has a lot of qualities that I can learn from. She finishes her work as soon as she gets it. In this way she has a lot of time to play,or just have fun. There are a lot of things that I can learn from the friends that I make in balika mandal.
Saheli Thakkar (5)

A friend is a person who is there when needed, someone that is always there when I need him is our guru Pramukh Swami Maharaj. I always remember him, either I am playing and enjoying or studying for a test and taking it. I will always have a place in my heart for him. He is the one and only best friend that I will have forever...
Aesha Patel (12)


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