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   Using Your Hands
Using Your Hands
Us humans have 2 hands each, and we have 2 ways to use them, we either use them for a good cause like praying and bowing down to people or we can use them for a bad cause like slapping or hitting others (violence). Our guru, Pramukh swami maharaj, has chosen to use his 2 hands by praying for the benefit of others, and blessing other people. And because we are his followers, we should also use our hands for good deeds and not engage in violence.
Siddhi Brahmbhatt (13)
Brampton, CANADA

We can use our hands in different ways.Our hands should only be used for tasks full of purity,not for the tasks which are considered not t be good. As I have mentioned above that we should use our hands for pure tasks, two such examples are folding our hands and saying 'namaste'and doing prayers with folded hands.
Soumya (10)
Bandhabahal, INDIA

hu mara hath thi chandalo karish, dandavat karish, taali padish, manjira vagadish, garbage pick karine garbagema nakhish, rotli shaak daal bhat banavi ne bapa ne mummy daddy ne jamadish, pranam karish, ballthi ramish, seva karish.
sakshi patel (5)
westerville, UNITED STATES

I claps in arti, from yesha.(4 yrs) I write my daily notes. I work in temple build in my city. I help to older people to cross road. I lift older people lauggage. I draw the god`s picture.
janhvi & yesha khandel (8)
melbourne, AUSTRALIA

I will use my hands for -Getting the blessings of the elders by touching their feet. -Loving all the young ones and pets like cow. -Watering the plants. -Offering flowers to the God. -Giving medicine and water to the sick people. -Helping the poor.
Harsh Gupta (10)
Brampton, CANADA

I will use my hands to do seva for my parents.Also i would use my hands to write in tests and to eat thal that has been offered to Bhagawan.Also i would use my hands to do Puja.These are some of the things I use my hands for!
Shivani Patel (10)
Monmouth Junction, UNITED STATES

All of us should use our hands for good things, not bad.We can use our hands for writing prasangs,praying,studying,eating,helping others, thanking,doing puja,touching feet,doing tilak-chandlo.Hitting someone is a very bad thing,one should never do that, even accidently.Sometimes hands even tell you and me a story. Jay Swaminarayan.
Maansi Joshi (8)

How to using the hands.For punja,writing,eating,blessing,praying,servicing.
patel shivam (14)
paris, FRANCE

i will give a hand to help other, to remove their sorrow, to give happiness and to make the world a place of peace and definately show my hand to stop terrorism
honeysojitra (6)

Jay Swaminarayan, hi my name is anmol and i am going to tell you what i use my hands for.whenever i go to the mandir i do darshan of maharaj with my hands.when i do schoolwork and homework i do it with my hands.when i do gujratri homework and sabha homework do it with my hands.i also even read with my hands.i read sevral different kinds of books such as storys of maharaj and storys that have funny characters in it.i type on the computer with my hands.last but not least i do puja with my hands like BAPA does puja with his hands and i also do sevral other things with my hands.
Anmol (9)

jai swaminarayan haribhakto you can pray to swami and bhagwan,you can draw,and you can do everything with your hands.and swami bapa always says bhakti first then other things after, remember bhakti first. jai swaminarayan
rutvi (10)
adelaide, AUSTRALIA

USING MY HANDS: I use my hands for a lot of differnt things. I use my hands for clapping in bhajans. I also use them in helping my parents. Another way I use my hands is by doing homework. Last, I use my hands for eating. These are some things I use my hands for.
Sweta v. Patel (8)
North brunswick, UNITED STATES

we use our hands for the most of the things we do or maybe everything we do.we use it to pray,clap,play insterments,blessing people,to do marah, to put a rakardi on someones we can see there is a ton of ways to use your hands -jaiswaminarayan
suhani patel (9)
mass,lowell, UNITED STATES

I will use my hands to pray to Bhagwan. I will use them to touch Bhagwan's holy feet. My hands will help me to do the pooja of God and feed him, bathe him, and eat his consecrated (prasaadi) food. In this way, I will use my hands to attain Bhagwan's and Swami's raajipo and please them. I will use my hands to benefit me and my soul. Jay Swaminarayan
Krisha Amin (12)

Jai Swaminarayan! i can use my hands for many things but the most important things are: education, non violence , prayer , puja , niyam, dharma,meeting bapa, and finally having fun in balsabha. as you can see i use my hands for a various amonut of important things. hands are very imporant in life. Jai Swaminarayn
Tilak zinzuwadia (13)

Jai Swaminarayan.You can use your hands for all sorts of things like doing aarti,thaal,worshipping God and stretching your hand out to help others. Other people can think of other things everyone can do! Can you think of something that people do with their hands? I can think of chanting the 'Swaminarayan' mantra with a rosary(mala) in your hand. I know I can and I am pretty sure that you can too.
Sabri Patel (10)

JaiSwaminarayan. Fristly , to get up early , wearing clean and neat dress .do regularly pooja. do dantwath to swamishir,give respect to my parents by touching their feet. to wash hands regularly before and after eating giving/serving foods(grass,biscuits ect ) to animals To study regularly.and last but not least prayer before sleeping. Jai Swaminarayan. to all.
Manan (6)
Mumbai, INDIA

I will use them for doing seva. I will use them fof praying. I will use them for studying. I will use them for doing puja. And finally I will use them to Please SWAMISHRI !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Vandan Patel (10)

jai swaminarayan, I will use my hands for various things. Some things may include doing mala, praying,writing the swaminarayan mantra or just writing,doing puja and various other activities.I will use my hands for pure and good activites only.
Ami Patel (14)


There are several activities that I would use my hands for. Some things are education, satsang, and other. With my hands, I would be able to write essays, take notes, and write test papers. My hands would come in handy in satsang because I would do seva, bow down to the santos, and fold my hands to do darshan of the murtis. Lastly, I would use my hands in sports, to draw, and shake hands. All in all, god has given me hands to use them for good deeds... NOT bad.
Dhaval V. Patel (12)
North Brunswick, UNITED STATES



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