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Bhakti in chaturmas

Which extra observances (Niyam) of bhakti and austerities would you like to undertake. Write five to seven sentences and send to us.

Jai swaminarayan hun roj 10 swamini vaato vachish karan ke mare swami bapa ne raji karva che. ane mare navi navi swami ni vato learn karvi che.
sakshi p patel (6)
worthington, UNITED STATES

I would like to do Ekatana for the austeritious month of Shravan. I would also like to do extra malas for bapas good health. I already perform extra niyams and would like to continue them for as long as I can. I will read Vachnamrut, Swami ni Vatos, and other books during ghar sabha. I will bring more friends to mandir. In doing all these, I hope to please Maharaj and Swami and get their rajipo. Jai Swaminarayan
Sakshi Kamdar (11)

In Chaturmas, we should take niyams to please maharaj and swami. We shouldn't take niyams to show people or tell other, we should take them to please swami. You should take the niyam and actually follow it, don't be like Surakhachar and change your niyam when you see someting tempting. Remember, you can only do this if you know the "Mahima" of taking niyams. Just remember,we are taking niyams in chaturmas to please our guru; not to show people how great and brave we are thatwe took niyams. If we understand the mahima of taking niyams and pleasing bapa, we will surely end up in Akshardham!
Nayan (8)
Brampton, CANADA
Doing niyams is very good. It is better is you don't eat somthing you like alot like chocolate or cheese. God would be very proud of us. if you think about ghar sabha could be lots of fun so your family could do ghar sabha every night for a niyam. Doing dhrna parna is a little difficult, but I know a 6 year old boy in Houston doing it so can't we. We could all try !!!
Surta Dave (11)

I will do ektana. I will also do 6 dandvats and 11 pradakshinas at my mandir and also do arti and astaks there. I will also do 1 extra mala for bapa's health.
Kirtan Patel (12)

This Chaturmas I am going to do ektana. I did it last year to. I will only eat once a day. I want to do ektana because I want to make Bapa happy. I also do it because my whole family does ektana. At mandir my friends help me make sure that I control myself from eating things I am not suppose to eat. Ektana is not a very hard thing to do. I think everyone should try doing ektana if that happens then baps will be very happy and proud. You should at least try to do ektana.
Aashka Chauhan (10)
1.kacha dharna parna 2.3 extra mala tv 4.satsang raeding 5.10 swami vato
Jay D Patel (11)
Chaturmas is a combination of 4 important months and during this period we should worship god to the maximum we can.Maharaj too has said in shikshapatri that all my followers shall take up extra niyams duing the chaturmas. This is the best time for us to please we can take some niyams like doing extra malas everyday etc.
Astha thaker (15)
manama, BAHRAIN

I would like undertake about 5 to 6 niyams.I would try to do them regularly.Some of the niyams I would like to undertake are watching T.V 1 hour a day,step by step we can do no T.V and please Swami Bapa.You can also do Satsang reading daily.That way you will please Swami Bapa and you will become his true ideal child.
Shruti (11)
North York, CANADA

I took a niyam of doing ektana during the month of Shravan !! I am praying to Maharaj and Swami to give me strenght to do this niyam !! Jay swaminarauan.
Helly.Nagar (12)

I would like to do 3 niyams to please Maharaj and Swami. My first one is to do ektana during the month of Shravan. My second one is to read 10 swami ni vato every day. My third and final one is to do 1 extra mala for Swamishri's health. I hope all these niyams will please Maharaj and Swami.
Shreya Patel (9)
Coral Springs, UNITED STATES

Jay Swaminarayan, As my last couple weeks of Balika Mandal come to an end, I wish to take the shravan month niyam of ek-tana. This year, because I will graduate from one mandal to another, I will sacrifice all types of juices throughout the month. I will eat once a day. Throughout the day, if I need, I will drink water and that is it. Because my soda niyam still applies, I will try to control my indriyu of taste by drinking water without added sugar. Thank you and Jay Swaminarayan!
Punam Patel (14)
Chaturmas is time for pleasing God and Guru by offering bhakti (devotion).Chaturmas is considered four holy months of the hindu calendar.During this time period,people who are young or old take niyams to please Swamishri.These are some of the niyams you should try to take.As you all know bapa hates TV ,so on these four months you should try to limit watching TV for only 1 hours a day.You can also do satsang reading for half hour a day.That way we would know alot about satsang,or go on this website and read stories and do lots of fun things at .Also you should challenge your self by giving up your favorite food for example many of your favorite food will be chocolate or candy.If follow the niyams you took for chaturmas,bapa will raji.
Shruti (11)
North York, CANADA

I am going to do niljala every ekadashi,watch no T.V and movies, read a satsang book daliy,do ektana in the month of shravan,do five extra malas and danvats.
Vandan Patel (11)

I will be doing Ektana in the month of Shravan. I will also 1 extra mala every day for the good health of Prumukh Swami Maharaj. These are the niyams I am going to take during the month of Shravan.
Parth Patel (12)
Coral Springs, UNITED STATES
My legit niyams for Chaturmas: -Daily Gharsabha -Do chesta atleast 3x a week -5 extra malas -Kacha Ektana during Shravan mas -Read Vachanamrut & Swami ni vato daily -Continue to follow all present niyams (daily puja, tilak chandlo, no eating out, no o&g, etc.) jaY SwAmiNAraYAn!!!
Dhaval V. Patel (13)
North Brunswick, UNITED STATES
daily bowing down to parents daily extra mala-5 daily extra dandvat-5 No tv/movies No video games Weekly mukhpath/satsang reading daily chesta/viday shloka after chesta Ek tana Listen to samput 13
Hamish Hira (11)

In chaturmas i am going to take a big niyam. It is going to be always bow down to my parents and listen to them. Jay Swaminarayan!!!
jay Patel (7)
I would like to take the niyam of doing extra malas for bapa's health. Also, I would take the niyam of sitting in ghar sabha daily. I could try doing Ektana for 2 weeks in shravan month. I agree that these niyams are very special as maharaj has mentioned in shikshapatri. Thus, it makes us spiritually devoted towards maharaj and swami. Jai swaminarayan.
Ishani (13)
Scarborough, CANADA
*Bhakti In Chaturmas* Qoute. What is Chaturmas? During Chaturmas you get to please God by offering devotion (Bhakti). During Chaturmas you will take niyams, that will last 4 months. The niyam I will take is - Do Dhana-Pana In Sharavan Month. - Do 1 extra mala for Bapa's Health. -Read 10 Swamini Vatos per day. I will try 2 offer more Bhakti each year for Chaturmas.
Anjani H. Patel (12)
For the four months of Chaturmas I will read 10 Swamini Vatos everyday from the 200 Sermons Of Gunatitanand Swami booklet. I will also for the good health of Pramukh Swami Maharaj,do extra mala everyday in my puja. These are the two niyams I am taking for the 4 months of Chaturmas.
Dhruvi Patel (14)


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