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    Why Do You Like Swami Bapa?

Why Do You Like Swami Bapa?

Bapa every morning. Kids of all ages perform dances and other special programs to please their beloved Guru.  Why do they try so hard to please their beloved Guru? Because they all love him dearly!

I bet you love Swami Bapa loads too! Tell us why you love Swami Bapa in 5-7 sentences so we can share it with all the other children who love him too.
Jay Swaminarayan! Swamibapa is my heart. He brings me from darkness to lightness. He's my mother,my father, my brother, my sister and he is everything of mine. WhenIhere his name I feel so cheerful. The reason I love him because he is the one who is my life. He helps me with everything I need. By looking at his face, it makes my day. He is going to be mine forever.His blessings encourage me.My absolutely best goal is to make Swamibapa happy.I would do anything for him. Whatever he tells me to do. These are the reasons I love Swamibapa! He's my rolemodel.Bapa is the best.
Sweta V. Patel (9)
North Brunswick, UNITED STATES

Jai Swaminarayan Bal Mitro, There are a million reasons for why I and all of the kids that I know love Swamibapa. It is impossible to get all of that into just 5-7 lines, but I will try my best. To begin with, Swamibapa will drop anything that he is doing to play with kids. His saying, "In the joy of others lies our own," plays a big part in this. When he sees kids happy, there is sure to be a smile on his face. Next, even though he is almost 90 he acts like a kid when he is with a kid. Swamibapa will do anything for us and in return we should follow all of his agnas, and do anything to see our guru smile.
Janki (12)

Swami Bapa teaches us great values like doing puja, following niyams, doing panchangpranam every morning to our parents etc. These values make maharaj proud, and make us atain akshardham. Bapa is at the age of 90 now and yet he still does vichran around the world, this proves how much he loves us. He is doing so much for the sanstha, and still showing no signs of stoping. Bapa cares for everyone, old or young, rich or poor. that is why i love swami bapa.
Amar Chollera (12)
dar es salaam, TANZANIA
I love Swamibapa because...he is our dear guru. Swamibapa fills everyones hearts with divine joy and peace. He also inspires us all in small and big ways.Just by doing darshan of Bapa warms my heart.Thanks to him a lot of us are in satsang.Swamibapa loves us all so i think we all should love him a lot too. He is our everything.
Shivangi Patel (14)
I love bapa because he love me, you and everyone else. He never gets angry or hits people and he is a sahanshilt person.
Kirtan Patel (12)
I love swami bapa because he is our one inspirer, he helps us whenever it is needed. He cheers us up when we cry, he picks us up when we fall, he is the one source of joy that will always put a smile on our face and a twinkle in our eye.
Aesha Mukeshbhai Patel (13)
North Brunswick, UNITED STATES
I love swami bapa because he accepts us as his children and inspires us to educate ourselves and do satsang reading. He shares happiness with us and takes care of us. No matter what, the one most thing I love about swami bapa is that he never forgets us...
Kirtan Mukeshbhai Patel (7)
North Brunswick, UNITED STATES
I love swami bapa because he gives us many edifying advices and his loving nature is salutary.
i like swamibapa because he takes care of us and loves us all
Maunee (11)
Jay swaminarayan,I love Bapa he is only your life line,he fufil our wishes and forgive us every time
Radha (9)
I love Swami Bapa because not only is he there for me every day of my life but guides me through it. Whatever Bapa does is always for the best. Bapa also has a divine smile that makes eveyone smile, no matter what age group he makes eveyone feel special.Thats why I love Bapa so much.
Dhruvi Patel (14)

I like Swami Bapa because he is our guru and I think swamibapa deserves to be our guru.Swami Bapa has all of the qualities a guru should have. He is nice hearted.He alwayas thinks good of others and he also helps every body.Mostly he loves playing with kids.I love our Guru,Swami Bapa. Jai Swaminarayan.
Shruti Mistry (11)
North York, CANADA
I like bapa because he loves everyone no matter who you are,he always helps us in studies.He cares about how we do in school and he want's us to become a adarsh balak and balika.He also want's us to respect our parents and elders. ~Nidhi Patel San Jose(U.S.A) Patel
Nidhi patel (8)
i like swamibapa because does my raksha, if i have a problem he solves it when i tell him, i like swamibapa because he loves me and i love him too. i like to watch bapa doing tilak chandlo in his puja and i also like to do darshan of bapa when he is eating. i like bapa because he comes comes and gives me darshan.
sakshi patel (6)
westerville, UNITED STAT
I love Swamishri due to many reasons. However, the first and foremost reason is because he is my idol and I always know that whatever he does or says is the right thing to do. For example, Bapa always tells us children to study at least 3-4 hours every day. I know that this is the right thing to do because it will help me achieve good grades and in the future get a job that will help our Sanstha. Another reason I love Swamishri is because of the fact that he loves us, as Yogi Bapa did. I know that if someone loves me to such an extent that He wants to help me become closer to God, I would love him too.
Ajay Patel (12)
East Brunswick, UNITED STATES
Jay Swaminarayan, Everybody, everywhere loves swami bapa why? Because of his nature. He talks sweetly to everybody. When there are eldery people talking to bapa, Bapa talks seriously. But when there are kids he becomes kids with them. He jokes around with kids he plays with kids and the way he smiles can change the life of a child in a fraction of a second. That is the Nature of Swami Bapa and that is why I Love him. Jay Swaminarayan, Vinay Sutaria
Vinay Sutaria (11)
Loughborough, UNITED KINGDOM
Jai Swaminarayan everyone, When I heard I was moving house with my Dad to Kenton, Harrow , I was very saddened that I was going to be away from all of my friends. But Swamishri suddenly came in my mind. I had then regained happiness just because of him. That is how he was and still is special to me. And now, I still remember that from last month on my birthday. So I am proud to say that I love Swamishri because he blesses and treats us. He really cares for us just like we care for him.Swamishri is the best person we have ever loved apart from Bhagwan Swaminarayan and His Guru Parampara.
Sabri Patel (11)
I like Swami Bapa because he is the satpurush and help us get moksh. If we follow his rules then we would surely go to Akshardham. That is why I like Swami Bapa.
Parth Patel (12)
Coral Springs, UNITED STATES
Js, I love Bapa as he has such a loving and caring personality. He so humble and never complains about anything. I've also got the chance to meet Bapa and he had a big smile on his face when me and my dad walked into his room. Bapa meets a lot of people and still he takes out time to talk to all of them one by one. He also has so many letters to write and still at any chance he would ask his sevak sant to give them to him so he could write replies to them. This is why I love Bapa
Akash Patel (13)
I talk to Swami Bapa every morning when I pray and tell Swami Bapa to bless me so that I have a good day. I like him because he is the one who makes me a good human being.
Neil Chhotalal (15)
Wellington, NEW ZEALAND
I love Swami Bapa because he loves all of us. He cares about us and he is the only person that can take us to Akshardham.Jai Swaminarayan
Akshar Patel (11)
I love swamishri because he brings peace to my heart everytime i think of him. I experienve inner peace and joy when i see him. He is always humble, respectful,friendly and a perfect role model. There are no faults in him.He is just perfect.
Ami Patel (14)
I love Swami Bapa so much !!! Do you know why ? I love him because he helps us to do the right thing. He is always on our side. He has done so much for us, now we should do somthing for him and the thing that makes him so happy is if we do bhakti. Doing bhakti shows bapa we love Bapa alot !!! Bapa also travels all over the world to see little kids like us.I know that Bapa loves everyone the same and cares for everyone the same.Bapa cares for us so much, that is why I love him so much !!!
Surta Dave (11)
I love Swami Bapa because I know that he shows me the right path all the times. He gives me support and confidence in my work. Also, he himself has a simple living with no desires except to go to Akshardham. He is truly filled with all the great qualities like having no worldly desires or attachments, etc. He takes everyone and everything equally, and that's one of the main points why I love him. I'm so lucky to have such a great guru like Bapa who has totally devoted and offered himself to Maharaj and Swami.
Ishani (14)
Toronto, CANADA
I love Swami Bapa because whenever I see him my heart leaps with joy. I feel like I haven't felt that kind of joy in my life. I love Swami Bapa because he encourages us. Whenever I feel very depressed, a story in the Bal Prakash about Bapa and a balak always encourages me. And that is why I love Swami Bapa!!!!!
Shreya Patel (9)
Coral Springs, UNITED STATES
ssarvene Jay Swaminarayan,I love swamibapa bexause not only he is our Guru but he is every thing for me. I get inspiration for daily puja,to offer things 1st to maharaj.i GET INSPIRATION AND MORAL SUPPORT FOR PRAVACHAN PRESENTATION AND ALSO FOR MY EXAMS. JAY SWAMINARAYAN
Why I like Swamibapa: As a balak of Swamibapa, I love him for many reasons. He is always there for everybody from little kids to old dadas. He showers his love everywhere to everyone no matter what kind of caste he is. He gives up his valuable time for us and makes us joyful be traveling all around the world. There are countless qualities of Swamibapa but these are some that reaaly affect me.
Dhaval V. Patel (13)
No. Brunswick, UNITED STATES
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