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The former President of the United States of America, John F. Kennedy, once said, “Ask not what your country can do for you, but ask what you can do for your country.” Often, Pujya Doctor Swami restates this quote in his discourses by saying “Ask not what BAPS can do for you, but ask what you can do for BAPS.” BAPS is a socio-spiritual organization which is out to help people like you and me become the ideal citizens of tomorrow.

Write 5-7 sentences on how you believe you can help BAPS grow as an organization and continue to prosper forward with the work being lead by our guru Pramukh Swami Maharaj.


Jai Swaminarayan, I would like to help BAPS sanstha by influencing others in an educational and spiritual way BAPS mandir in London teaches young people philosophy. I would use my skills and ability to bring the santha's name forward and make Swami Bapa proud.
priyeshpatel (15)

Jai Swaminarayan, I have an interest in designing new buildings and mandirs and when I am older, I would like to design the best mandirs for BAPS and help BAPS with my skills. BAPS should have a mandir like Delhi Akshardham in more countries and more mandirs will mean the sanstha grows, makes swami bapa proud. I love Swamibapa and doctor swami and I will do anything to make them proud and BAPS proud.
Devdutt Patel (9)
Jay Swaminarayan, We could do lot's of things for BAPS. We should help mentally, pysically and financially for BAPS. We can help building mandir. We can learn lots of prasangs of Ghansyam. We can pray to SwaminarayanBhagwan that bapa live for a longer life. We can try our best to do everything we can for BAPS. Jay Swaminarayan,
Shrey Patel (11)
I believe that we can make our B.A.P.S grow by telling our fellow friends to come to mandir with us on Sundays. This would make them want to come to mandir every Sunday. If we add just one balak or balika, it could really make a difference. Why? Because the friend that you invite to mandir,they may like it there, so they tell they're friends to also come to mandir and so on and so on.
Aashka Chauhan (12)
I believe that I can help BAPS organization to grow by bringing more friends to mandir. I would explain and help them understand the concept of SwaminarayanSantha. I will respect elderly people. I will attend Sunday sabha, and bring many others too.I will follow regular Niyam and take other niyam and follow them too. I will do seva and help BAPS to grow as an organization in many ways.
Mokha Patel (10)
jsn! baps- bochsanwasi shri aksharpurushottam swaminarayan sanstha,is an awesome sanstha with knowledge,intelligence,discipline, devotion etc, but we always think of our benifits.why is that?whycann't we think of doing anything for our sanstha?we always think right, that pramukh swami is my guru & baps is my sanstha whenever it makes any development?so why cann't we help our sanstha, not in financial way but in physical way? and you know why we feel proud to say that we are the children of baps? it is because our sanstha has scored the top rank and it is a very hepfulsanstha cause in any calamity baps stands first to we the children of baps take a pledge to help our sanstha by doing ekadashi,niyampalan,studyhard,give the satsang exams according to our age & most important to attend bal &balikasabha regularly and on time.thank you & jai swaminarayan
shrawan parmar (10)
manama, BAHRAIN
BAPS convinces many of the wonders and powers of Swami Narayan. I have been to the temple in Akshardam in Ahemdabad and the marble mandir in Atlanta. Both of these temples have guided me spiritually to join BAPS and to help myself become a better citizen of the world. Pramukh Swami Maharaj helps BAPS grow by giving to the less fortunate- those who have not what we do. The less fortunate who have been helped join BAPS and spread word of the magnanimous hearts of BAPS members.
Vivekanand Rajasekar (13)
What i would do to continue to prosper forward with the work being lead by our guru Pramukh Swami Maharaj is that i would tell people in my neighborhood who our leader is and how powerful, great he is and many more.
Tulsi Mistry (11)
we should always be honest so that others get a good impression.We should try to bring people to mandir.we should do Vyasanmukti who have vysan
Yogi Bhatt (12)
I can encourage my friends to baps mandir. I can increase my freinds to baps mandir and I can tell them to do sava.Like this I can make bapa very happy and I can help baps sanstha .
i think a way we can help BAPS grow is by telling everyone about what you can learn and how you can stay happy when listening to bapa.we can also show them the mandir the sabha and what we learn. we will show them to follow whatever pramukh Swami says so they can learn peace and be happy in their life.
RitikaMistry (10)
Jay Swaminarayan, I would encourage and tell my freinds about our sanstha BAPS, tell them how we are taught to behave as an ideal child and the interesting things we learn, so that they come to our bal sabha and due to which their parents would even often visit our mandir. Due to which swami bapa will be happy on me and my freinds of Bal sabha and thus we will spread the glory of BAPS sanstha around the world.
Fenil Brahmbhatt (11)
Dar es Salaam, TANZANIA

i think that we can help BAPS by raising money for akshardham. and they do alot for us and we can do this much for them. If you raise money for akshardham later on when you go when its built you will feel like i helped build this and you will feel so proud of yourself. And we always make Bapa happy by following his agnas.
bhavya Patel (10)
We could always find time to help out at the mandir and do seva for Maharaj and Swami. Here in the west region, there is a shikarbadhmandir being built in Los Angeles (L.A.). For that reason, all the balaks and balikas of the west region are working on a project called "One Square-Foot at a Time" to raise money, espcially because we are using base-isolaters and they cost alot (this is the only mandir who has them). We also contribute donations for our mandir in San Jose. You could do a small seva, like picking up a piece of trash, to doing an important job like cooking a meal for a big samaiyo orutsav. We should always do seva.
MansiChudasama (12)
I would like to help our BAPS socio organization by going to an old age home and help them around with their work. By doing this I can get more time to talk about Maharaj and Swami. I can talk to them about their life and what hardships they went through. This will encourage them to become satsangis and become closer to God. Our sanstha will then grow and become one strong nation. That is how I will help BAPS grow as an organization.
Sruti (12)
johannesburg, SOUTH AFRICA
I am a representative of BAPS. Whenever I step outside of my house, I am carrying the pride of BAPS, ASMITA, with me. Through the guidelines Maharaj and Swami has given me, I adhere to it. I am an ambassador of BAPS so when I go out I behave good, treat everyone with respect then I am helping spread BAPA's message.
Yogi Brahmbhatt (17)
We can help keep our BAPS mandirs grow as an organization by helping out by cleaning the mandir. Growing plants, and etc.
Mira Amin (11)
Jai swaminarayan!BAPS not only makes us a satsangi but also a good citizen.BAPS has given many things to has given us knowledge by building schools, it has made us a devotional person by building large mandirs and when there is any calamity then BAPS has always stretched its hand for, BAPS has given many things to us but have we done anything for BAPS? and you must be knowing that the president or the inspirer of BAPS is our beloved guru,we thank him and our sanstha for making us a useful person towards our country.we are proud to say that we belong to BAPS sanstha.BAPS is the best.
kritika parmar (11)
manama, BAHRAIN
I think i can help BAPS by involving my friends and telling them to come to sabha and do Puja daily and worship BHagwanswaminarayn and his Guru parmpara and i also think not only i maybe everyone can help by keeping the bhakti and love for Maharaj and spread the world to let them know about BAPS
Shreya (9)
toronto, CANADA
Jai Swaminarayan My baps i can help by going to mandir every sunday, doing niyans (follow swamishrisagna). atain moksha and be adarsh. Jai swaminarayan
moksha (10)
etobicoke ,ontario, CANADA
I will continue to spread satsang in my town.Do seva in mandir.Face all the obstacles that prevent the spread of satsang.Explain to people who our Bhagwanis,our Guru and why they are in this world.We'll fulfill our Guru's wish.
Reeya Patel (12)
Kakamega, KENYA
Jay Swaminarayan I believe that BAPS sanstha can be developed by making mandirs to develop it and it is on a good level now and we need to make it excellent.By spreading the devotion of Shrijimaharaj and having a satpurushsant like Pramukh swami maharaj.
Shreerang patel (8)
JJai Swaminarayan, Living in Sydney, and going to mandir, as a kishorekaryakar assistant, I have the seva of recording the attendance and reviewing the sabha. This encourages me to encourage new kishores to attend sabha more regularly. Indian friends outside of mandir, are a good target, who you can encourage them to come to BAPS mandir. They do not have to be gujarati! Doing seva around the mandir also makes the newcomers feel like the mandir is a good environment, and convince them to come more often, which results in them coming to mandir regularly. BAPA wants us to come to mandir regularly, do seva at mandir, and be respectful to our olders and youngers, and by doing all these things and pleasing BAPA, our organsiation can prosper. Doing the good things in satsang, can encourage the younger balaks to make you their role model and become better in satsang. So we should all be adarshbalaks and Please Maharaj and Swami, because this is the key to our organisation prospering, and our key to Akshardham!!!!! Jai Swaminarayan
Utsav Garach (15)
jaiswaminarayan.One way to help the BAPS grow is to not be shy to tell others about BAPS and all the activities we do. Another way to help the BAPS grow is by doing seva and by participating in sabhas and activities.when we go to sabhas we should listen to our sanchalikas.when we are in sabha we should listen with attention. That way when your sanchalikas ask you questions you know them.You should follow all of Maharaj's and bapasagnas and niyams. By learning all about our culture and the BAPS By doing lots of mukhpath and listening to kathavartas and by giving satsang exams.
Saksh ipatel (7)


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