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    Humble Servant

Humble Servant

It was around 1967 when the Akshar Purushottam Mandir of Kanthariya was almost complete. Modubha and other devotees from the village came to Gondal to meet Yogiji Maharaj to discuss the inauguration. Yogiji Maharaj said, "Take Pramukh Swami and Sant Swami." So according to Yogiji Maharaj's command, Pramukh Swami and Sant Swami came to Kanthariya.

Three days before the murti-pratishtha, a parayan was organized in which Pramukh Swami and Sant Swami both delivered spiritual discourses twice a day.

One afternoon, after finishing the morning discourse, Pramukh Swami came to the kitchen. He noticed that Devcharan Swami was alone rolling puris. There was no one to fry them. Seeing this, Pramukh Swami quickly turned a dirty old oil can upside down, sat down on it, and began placing the rolled puris one by one into the frying pan. Tomorrow, the same Pramukh Swami would install the murtis in the mandir. But today, here he was frying puris sitting on an old tin can.


From the incident I found out that You should respect your elders and Guru ji's. Also, I learned that no work is lowly and you should do all work with true love, pride and devotion!
Ritik (11)

JAI SWAMINARAYAN, From this Prasang we get to know that 'SWAMIBAPA has no ego in him . He is nirdosh . The day he was appointed as the leader of our sanstha ,he had washed all the devotee's dishes . He never thinks for himself , only thinks for our good.

no matter how big he was ,he got content on doing seva.
naiya (13)
nakuru, KENYA

In light of the recent celebrations of yogi jayanti, I understood that yogi bapa really appreciated the virtue of seva. Seeing pictures and hearing prasangs about our gurus doing seva inspires me to do seva. I also understand the hardship swamishri has faced. This makes me feel like I should give my all for him and repay him for his services to us.
Bhavin Depala (14)
How much ever a man is great humbleness is a virtue of life
Varun Harshad Parmar (13)
Mumbai, INDIA

The inspiration I get from Swamishri is that he did the work without even being asked to do this job.From this we should get the inspiration to follow what he did. do something even if you are not even asked to do whatever it may be.
dev parekh (9)
What inspires me most is the quickness in Bapa's decision of just taking down the can, sitting on it and frying puris. It shows how natural the humility is in Bapa and it is not just for show or something. Also his desire to help is quite evident in the prasang.
Milan Ranpara (15)
Nairobi, KENYA

The inspiration i get from swamibapa is that he can foollow all the principles in satsang so why can't i. He gives me the motivation that no one else could give me. He is the one that does everything that i have achieved today.
shree jobanputra (10)
1. Pramukh swami did not think about his status. 2. He always helps others
Disha Vadgama (12)
mumbai, INDIA

The inspiration I get is that no matter who you are no job is too small or big for you. I am always inspired by swami he is our guru. And he does not think of him self like that. Even at this age he still inspires people everyday.
Harsh patel (8)

I will help my mother. I will do my work myself. I can do my work without any problem.
Priyank Kalpeshbhai Bhatt (9)
Surat, INDIA

jai swaminarayan what i learned from this incident is to do seva/help without being told or asked
sakshi patel (8)
westerville ohio, UNITED STATES

Jay Swaminarayan WE SHOULD BE PROUD THAT PUJYA PRAMUKH SWAMI IS OUR GURU OF BAPS sanstha. After reading this incident it inspires us that we should not keep ego in the work we do and we should perform any kind of seva that has been given to do and not only do the seva we like.
mansi manish vyas (10)
Dar-Es-Salaam, TANZANIA

Jay Swaminarayan, This prasang makes me realize that bapa is our guru, he is our leader. He can make any of us doing something for him at the snap of his fingers. But bapa tries to show us selfless seva. To be honest I like it when some one tells me good job for doing seva. But bapa does not care about being honored and congratulated. He wants to do seva and make maharaj proud. by doing selfless seva as bapa we can enjoy doing seva for the hope of making our mandir better and making maharaj and swami proud.
Akshar Patel (13)

Bapa is at such a high position in our sanstha. He is the President of our sanatha. Even though at such a high position, he is so humble. He does not even care about his status.
Mansi C. (13)

to help each other in things like washing dishes. to cut the grass and more .help each other when they are sick.And I help my grand father everyday everytime.
Dave rakesh bhai patel (9)
Don't have pride in yourself just because you did something great of because of your standards. People of any age should be thriving to do seva, just as Bapa does.
Disha Patel (13)

Pramukh Swami Maharaj is very nirmani. Even though he is the president of the sanstha he does every little seva. The inspiration I get from this is to not only do the seva, but to do it for Shriji Maharaj and Swami Bapa's rajipo.
Sarang Patel (13)
Coral Springs, UNITED STATES
Jayswaminarayan, the inspiration that I get from swamishri's incident is that always do seva and help out others, because in the incident above when devcharan swami was rolling puris swamishri also started doing it and in that way he did seva and helped out devcharan swami. We can learn that the spirtual head of our sanstha Pramukh Swami Maharaj does seva like this then we should also give our hard work and dedication in towards seva and helping out others in anyway.
Shreya (10)
scarbourough, CANADA

Bapa thinks about everyone and every thing. Bapa also does very small seva even though he is the president of BAPS. he also never thinks of himself highly, he'll do anything. "Daas na Daas"
Pari (11)

He is a big guru but he does small seva.He thinks about everyone .He cares about everyone and everything.
Krupa (8)

Jay Swaminarayan, From this text we can see that pramukh swami maharaj always likes doing seva and also he likes helping other people.
Shrey Patel (11)

Swamibapa's incident inspire me to do any kind of seva no matter what (professional)we are. We should do seva without any hesitation.
Sajni Patel (6)

Jai swaminarayan i was inspired bye how swamibapa helped others and did his seva
yogi bhatt (13)



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