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    Dandvat Yatra by Balaks, Amdavad

On 19-4-04, balaks from Nikol, a suburb of Amdavad, arrived in Swami Bapa’s puja by doing dandvats. Ten bal sanchalaks and 100 balaks set off at 5 a.m. from our Nikol sanskardham and reached our mandir in Shahibaug at 7.15 a.m. All together, the balaks performed 13,700 dandvats! During the yatra, many balaks did not even drink water despite the hot weather of the Indian summer! Many got their hands and knees bruised. Yet this did not weaken their strong will to discontinue the yatra. Yatra means pilgrimage. And in the shastras, it is said that for every step one walks towards the Satpurush, one earns the punya equivalent to one Ashwamegh yagna!


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