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1 February 2005, Surat, INDIA

On Tuesday 1st February 2005, in the presence of Param Pujya Swamishri, Surat bal Mandal celebrated a Bal Din. In his morning puja, balaks sang kirtans with musical instruments. Vivek Panchal pleased Swami Bapa by reciting the Yogi Gita by heart. In the evening, during Swami Bapa’s walking session, bal sanchalaks gave him a report using power point presentation about Surat bal Mandal.

In the evening sabha, the balaks presented a good programme named “Chhook Chhook Gaadi” based on the kirtan, “Maari Swaminarayan ni Gaadi…” Huge screens were placed on both sides of the stage for the public. The balaks presented a lively performance about upasana by playing the role of sadhus and devotees during Shastriji Maharaj’s time. Swamishri observed the whole programme with great interest. At the and he gave blessings based on the short maxims written on the wagons of the little train on the stage.

This Bal Din sabha was attended by about 1700 balaks, 1200 balikas and 15,000 haribhaktas.


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