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    Child Developmental Seminar
25 to 30 April 2005, Surat, INDIA


The Balsevak Kendra or the children’s activity center is the soul of any variety entertainment program showcasing the talent of the children that is no less beautiful than the spectrum of color in a rainbow. The activists, who happen to be the foundation of the future goodwill activities or the satsangi, were felicitated by the Surat chapter of the kid’s activity center by organizing the Balsevak Vikas Parv-2005. This program registered a total of 284 participants, namely the children, in their post-exam phase vis a vis the vacation. The program was held between the 25th and the 30th of April’2005. Having learnt with great devotion, sincerity and effort throughout the year, the children presented their talent in the form of discourse, speech, organizing and managing the gathering, arranging a plethora of games, music etc. The hard working, talented and seasoned children put forth various programs ranging from discourse and good thoughts by the saints to video shows, debates, speeches besides the presentations adding to the general knowledge of the audience, which happen to be a feather in the cap. This program whose duration ranged from 7:30 in the morning to 6:00 in the evening for a period of six days, proved itself to be something par excellence. The celebration came to a close with the children visiting mandirs for darshan.


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