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Innocent hearts praying for global peace
London, UK



From 13th July – 4th September 2004, 9 World Peace Prayers will be conducted by 50 Bal-Balikas in different areas around UK. These prayers will be done in the form of Mahapujas. The Suvarna Prarthana Project is part of the Golden Jubilee Celebrations of the children’s activities of BAPS Swaminarayan Sanstha.

Recent events around the world have highlighted the issues facing mankind today. The evils of terrorism, war, violence, crime and drugs are all playing their part in influencing the 21st century.

During these trying times the Hindu Community has found solace and peace through prayer. In the modern world the value and importance of prayer has been diminishing and in light of this a series of unique prayers for world peace have been organised by the volunteers of BAPS Children’s Forum. Inspired by P. Pramukh Swami Maharaj, children as young as 6 years old performed Vedic Hindu rituals and spread a message of peace and reconciliation to all members if our society.

Scores of children have been practising recitation of Sanskrit verses. 50 Bal-Balikas conducted the whole Mahapuja whilst 50 Shishus aged 6-8 had also learnt the Jan-mangal Namavali by heart. All Yajmans were expertly guided through the various rituals by the children. The participants were all given Murtis, Upvastras, and Plates as a memento.

The program also included a sant pravachan, prarthana and ended with everyone standing and collectively singing the National Anthem of India.

Till date, 6 Mahapujas have been completed in East London, South London, South East London, Birmingham, Finchley and Luton and have been attended by over 1800 Yajmans.

The prayers have been attended by several dignitaries including local MP’s, Mayors and councillors who have all remarked on the quality of the programme.

The Finchley MP said, “I have been to several religious gatherings of all religions, but this is the only one, the only one where I see young kids involved”

Other Mahapujas will be conducted in Brent and Leicester before the final one is done in Pujya Swamishri’s presence on September 4th.

All the local Karyakars worked extremely hard to make the Mahapuja a success in their Mandal.


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