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Name: Nirav Amin
Age: 14
Mandal: South East London, UK

Introduction to fencing:
Modern fencing is derived from the noble art, science and defence method of sword fighting. Because it is such an enjoyable activity, both mentally and physically, it evolved to make participation completely safe and become the modern sport of today.
As in fencing the emphasis is on skill, rather than speed, it is a sport that can be taken up at any age and continued until any age. Also, the nature of movements involved makes it largely free of the niggling injuries found in other sports. There are 3 different weapons in fencing – foil, epee and sabre. Each requires different techniques and so appeals to different people.

Nirav’s Fencing Experience:
Nirav began to fence when he was 11 years old. He attended Bickley Park School where his coach taught him the skills of foil. Nirav achieved the first two grades of fencing at a young age.

He then joined Whit gift School, where he continued to progress in his talent and learnt to use a new weapon – the epee. Every Monday after school, he would attend training sessions for an hour. This gradually increased to two hours and now he trains for six and a half hours per week. This training helped him to attain the accolade of being third in the County of Surrey. He then moved up to compete in the South-East England Championships where he emerged 14th out of 200 competitors. At the Public Schools Championships, he represented his school and was in the top 32 out of 500.

Nirav then competed in the UK team championships in which he came 2nd in the UK. Nirav still says, “I remember Bapa’s motto, ‘To be the Best’ and I still want to achieve that.” Nirav is the Vice-Captain of the under 14 squad.

Throughout the competitions, he has upheld all his niyams. Whilst other competitors would have snacks and meals during the competitions, Nirav would take a simple pack lunch from home and not eat from the canteen. Also, he does not eat chocolate, pizza or chips. He is an active member of the Bal Mandal and participates in all the activities. He was a member of the Support Services Team that assisted with all the projects of the Suvarna Jayanti, UK.

When Doctor Swami came to London, Nirav and his brother did a demonstration in front of him. Nirav was felicitated in the sabha for performing well.


Aim to be the Best in whatever you do. If you put the effort in and persevere, your hard work will bear fruits just as it did for Nirav.


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