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    Samuh Puja
1 April, 2005, Portugal, UK

Samuh Puja

Several Sah-Sanchalaks had the opportunity to travel to Lisbon with P. Santos during the Easter break from 1st April to 5th April. It was a chance for them to see the progress of satsang in Europe and also help strengthen Satsang through various means. The Satsang Mandal in Lisbon is very loving. They looked after the karyakars very well. The evening sabhas were attended by over 120 people. Each of the Karyakars presented different things during the sabhas but there was also a special samuh puja arranged for the balaks during one of the days. This gave an opportunity to those that did puja to improve, and gave inspiration to those that did not do puja regularly to start. Around 15 – 20 balaks attended this samuh puja – the first of it’s kind for the kids in Europe!


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