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    Bal Mandal Celebrates Yogi Jayanti
4 June, 2005, Wellingborough, UK

On Saturday 4th June 2005 Wellingborough celebrated Yogi Jayanti. When Yogiji Maharaj established the Bal Mandal in 1954 one facet close to Him was mukhpath i.e. memorising spiritual tenets. In that honour the Wellingborough Bal Mandal celebrated Yogi Jayanti in the form of a mukhpath. Thirteen-year-old Darshan Patel gave an eloquent delivery of one Vahnamrut while equally on par Divesh Patel recited Swami ni Vato. Not to be left behind both Heran Patel and Yugdev Parekh narrated shloaks and sakhis to the tremendous appreciation of all present. One virtue specially instilled in all Balaks is the need for brotherhood (samp, suryadabhav & ekta) and it is for this reason that Jayanti’s celebrations have taken the form of a group presentation as opposed to an individual hence all develop together.


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