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    Balika Mandal celebrated Swamishri's 85th Birthday
4th December 2005, Leicester, UK

On 4th Dec 2005 Leicester Balika Mandal celebrated Pragat Guru Hari Pramukh Swami's 85th Birthday The sabha started with the Lighting of Divo followed by Jaynad, stuti, Dhoon, Prathana and shanti path sang by the Balikas. The Balikas also performed speeches in English and Gujarati on Swamishri’s life and Sanjni Chatwani did a story on Shantilal's birth.

3 Balikas then did a sketch on how Shantilal used to study and the hard work he used to put into his education. Poonam Palan did a speech on how Shantilal became a sadhu.

A presentation highlighting different activities of Swamishri was shown.

The highlight of the sabha was the dance called Swami Bapa naa Bal Mandal maa maja pada performed by the Shishus. Priyaben took the interview of the Balikas and asked them about why they like coming to Balika Mandal & Mandir. Two balikas then sang the whole Jan Mangal namavili. The programme ended with a cake and special Dhoon for Swami’s Health.

110 Balikas and their mothers attended the event, which proved to be a great success. Congratulations to the Leicester Balika Mandal.


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