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    Samuh Puja
Friday, 9th December 2005, South London, UK
On Friday 9th December 2005, South London Bal Mandal held a Samuh Puja as part of Swami Bapa’s 85th birthday celebrations. The samuh puja was held during the evening bal sabha, and was attended by over 30 balaks. The event was held so that new balaks gain the motivation to start doing nitya puja, and those who already do puja could find areas in which they could improve. The hall was beautifully decorated and lighted, and the balaks had come dressed traditionally, all adding to the divine atmosphere. Those that did not have a puja set were provided with one on the day. The puja was conducted by P. Manoharmurti Swami, who carefully explained each step in nitya puja as well as the spiritual importance behind these steps. The balaks were also informed of the basic mistakes people make in an amusing presentation, which the balaks all enjoyed. A total of 8 new balaks took a niyam to start doing puja regularly, and many others said that they will make their puja regular instead of just doing it on the weekends. The event was concluded by the balaks attending the annukut in in the main sabha where those that took a niyam were felicitated in front of the sabha.

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