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    Wellingborough bal mandal promotes ‘mystic India’
Sunday, 15 January 2006, Wellingborough, UK
On Sunday, 15th January, the Wellingborough Bal Mandal, in conjunction with the Kishore Mandal, promoted ‘Mystic India’. Accepting a special invitation from other Hindu organisations, the Bal Mandal performed a prathana as well as a short play. This event was part of a multi cultural programme in which other non-English groups participated. The Balaks sang the prathana ‘ Sau nu karo kalyan’ which was chosen for its’ universal appeal and was performed live in addition to a DVD presentation. The Bal Mandal also performed a short play in which a karyakar successfully weans an Indian television serial addict away from the lure of the T.V. and leads towards the ‘Nilkanth Yatra’ Imax theatre.
At the end of the play the large audience were treated to the ‘Akshardham’ DVD that contained the ‘Mystic India’ trailer. What was interesting to note was that a large section of the non-Asian audience purchased the Akshardham DVD as a result of the play they witnessed.

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