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    London Balika Mandal Celebration


On Sunday 26th March, the Mother & Daughter's Day celebrations were held in the London Mandir Haveli.

The day then began with a traditional Mahapuja which was carried out by the Balikas followed by the Janmangal Namavali. Approximately 400 mothers and daughters took part and performed the Mahapuja together.

A video presentation entitled "A Mother's Love" was presented which portrayed the love that Bapa has towards us all, his children.

This was then followed by “The Eti Minger Show”, which addressed the issue of the troublesome relationship that may exist between mothers and their daughters due the generation gap and how to overcome these problems. The show was full of comedy but with a lesson to be learnt.

The “Like Mother, Like Daughter” game quizzed the contestants (a team of mother and daughter) on their knowledge of each other. The winners were the team who knew each other the best by answering correctly a series of light-hearted questions. This was a fun game and was enjoyed by many mothers and daughters sitting in the audience who played along with the contestants. All the Balikas were then invited to the stage to sing Dhoon for the health of their mothers.

The mothers and daughters then all went to eat lunch together. Photos were taken of mothers and their daughters in front of the stage with Maharaj. These were then given out as a gift and as a remembrance of the special bond between each other. Well done to all Sanchalikas.


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