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    South London Bal-Balika Annukut


On Friday 3rd March 2006, South London Bal-Balika Mandal hosted the first Bal-Balika annukut. In this annukut the food items were prepared by the children, and the thaal was also sung by the balaks. The aim of this event was to give the children a chance to offer their bhakti in the form of an annukut. Also the event was stage to promote Bal-Balikas to take up doing thaal and arti on daily basis at home. Prior to the event, the children were given a list of potential items of food they could bring, and on the day almost all the bal balikas had brought a dish with them to offer to Maharaj and Swami. Before the food was offered, each child had the opportunity to be photographed in front of a murti with their dish, so that they could remember the hard work they put in to please Maharaj and Swami. After this the food was all offered to Maharaj and Swami, and five thaals were sung by the balaks. The shishu mandal also got the opportunity to offer the food to the murtis. After the food was offered, all the children were given the food as a form of prasad. All the Bal-Balikas thoroughly enjoyed this event, and many parents were impressed by the fact that their children were so ready to help make the food!
All in all, the evening was a great success due to the hard work and efforts of not only the Bal-Balikas and their parents, but the South London Karyakars as well. Well done everyone!


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