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    Tiny Shishus Perform Eloquently On Stage
London, UK

On Saturday 29th April 2006, the London BAPS Shishu Mandal celebrated Shri Hari Jayanti held at the Shri Swaminarayan Mandir Haveli in Neasden. They put together a programme called, ‘Shri Hari Leela’ which was based on Lord Swaminarayan’s childhood. This celebration was attended by about 300 children and 1200 devotees.

More than forty children in the age group of three to twelve years participated under the guidance of six Sanchalaks. The school holidays are normally a time for children to play, relax, and enjoy themselves; instead these kids chose to come to Mandir to rehearse for this very special event. During the four days of rehearsals, the children attended the practices and spent time with their Sanchalaks who trained and supported them throughout the whole programme. The kids enjoyed bonding with each other during these sessions making sure they had the opportunity to play and lunch together.

This is the first time that the children in the age group of three to five year actively participated in the event by performing a dance on stage to the tune of the song “Kyaye nathi Ghanshyam” . The highlight of this programme was when Hersh, a two year old toddler and our youngest member came on stage to say a shloka in his own child-talk which everyone found very amusing. The whole programme consisted of a speech, stunning display of dazzling dances, drama, parayans, and comedy sketches.

The main objective of this very special evening was to explore the hidden talents within our young and innocent children. All the children that took part stole the hearts of all that were present within the Haveli. Each and every child brought out their own unique talent displaying the best performances that will be talked about for a long time to come.

Many of the Shishus that performed stated, how much they enjoyed being on the stage and the confidence they gained to perform in the future.
Finally at the end of the event, Pujya Yogvivek Swami explained how important satsang is within us and for our future generation. He also spoke about the importance of taking satsang examinations and to learn Gujarati in order to please Maharaj and Bapa. He also praised and appreciated all involved in making this event successful.


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