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    Thaiye Yogi Jeva
20 May 2006, Leicester, UK


On Saturday 20th May, Leicester Balika Mandal celebrated Yogiji Maharaj's janma jayanti. 200 people attended the sabha. The program included stuti and dhoon which was sung by shisu girls and balikas.
A news program was acted out which showed Puribai taking the young Jinabhai to the fields.

Following that balikas also did another drama when chandu was beaten in the classroom, which showed students should not cheat copy or bully other students.

The balikas then sang a kirtan - Swaminarayan namani ho kanthi chhe dokama.
The shishu mandal performed a dance which really impressed those sitting in the sabha. The kirtan was - Swami mandiriya ma mithu mithu bole. The older balikas also sang a kirtan and presented a speech on 'Sahan Shilta of Yogiji Maharaj'. The Sanchalikas also played a game with all the Balikas. Finally, balikas, shishu girls and mahilas did a garba and everyone participated. Arti was performed.

The success of this event was wholly attributed to Bapa's grace and team working by sanchalikas and some mothers.


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