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24 June 2006, London, UK


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On Saturday 24th June, 33 Balaks and 58 Balikas from in & around London came to London Mandir, for the launch of a new project, involving helping to maintain the Mandir. The Bal-Balika’s came to do a whole four hours of seva!

The day started at 2pm when the children gathered in the haveli and took part in an assembly, with P.Yogvivek Swami giving the children inspirational talks about seva. He talked about the seva done by Maharaj and our guru Parampara.

At around 2-30pm the children commenced their sevas. There were various types of seva allocated, according to children’s ages and abilities. The seva’s were cleaning the gym, cleaning the banisters and stairs, cleaning the shoe racks, administration and much much more. The children enjoyed their seva very much, as they got to do seva with their friends, and even the sanchalikas enjoyed the fun and interactive environment created.

After two hours of seva, the children had a lunch break. The children enjoyed their lunch very much, and they all took part in finishing cleaning. After that they took part in sports. The balaks played football outside, whilst the balikas played netball in the gym.
This was followed by a thank-you speech by P.Manoharmurti Swami.
During the beginning of the speech, feedback forms were also given out for the children to fill out. The response was great, a13 year old balak stated that, ‘I enjoyed the seva day very much. The working atmosphere was great and I would like to share this seva with other balaks from my mandal and tell them how much fun, and how much pleasure I got out if it.’ Other feedback that we had from the balika side was that, they had found it very helpful and now they would help their parents too at home with cleaning and cooking.

The children also had an opportunity to write down which type of seva they would like to do, most children said that they would now like to help out in the kitchen, cleaning the outer marble surface of the main mandir, and also they would like to clean the entire haveli.

Overall the day was a success and all who were present including the Bal-Karyakars and Santos were pleased. Further seva days will be held on a regular basis.


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