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    Sports Day
9 July 2006, South London, UK



On Sunday July 9th, the S. London Bal-Balika Mandal held their sports day at Tooting Bec Athletics ground. Despite being held on the same day as the World Cup final, approximately 40 Balaks and 35 Balikas participated.

The Bal-Balikas were given the opportunity to show off their talents in the various races and competitions. As well as the track races, the children also took part in long-jump, high jump, limbu-chamchi race and a tug of war against parents. A special football match was also arranged in which the Balaks could test their skills against the Sanchalaks and get some practice in for the Pramukh cup(and just for the record, it was a very close match). There were trophies given to the winners and medals for all participants.

Everyone ate together at the end and the whole event was a success. Congrats to all South Karyakars for organising such an enjoyable event for the kids.


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