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18 September 2017

Setting Goals

Dear subscriber,

Goals. Everyone sets goals in their lives, whether they are related to school, mandir or anything else. For example, you and I may aim to get Straight A’s in school as one of our goals. One Swamini Vato we may have learned was “Apne to Akshardhãmmã jãvu chhe evo ek sankalp rãkhvo”. This means “our sole wish should be that we want to go to Akshardham.” If we keep this goal in mind, we can achieve everything. All of the goals we set for ourselves in our life should help us get one step closer to our main goal – going to Akshardham. Therefore, getting the Straight A’s, doing well on the project, aiming for a good position for our jobs in the future are all goals we need to do well as we progress, but our Satsang should also progress with these goals as well.

So you may think to yourself, “Why are setting goals so important?” Setting goals allows us to become really good at different things in life such as a good student, a good athlete, a good brother or sister, a good child, or a good listener. It will make sure we are organized, don’t waste time, and can think about our future. It helps us think ahead about what we want to do and how we want to do it. It will also prevent us from being lazy. Think about a project we may have to complete in school. Now pretend you waited for a long time and did it the night before it was due. How did it turn out? Pretty bad, right? You may have even gotten a bad grade on it. Now imagine you set a goal of working on it for thirty minutes every day until it was due. How did it turn out now? You would probably get a great grade and have time to work on other things throughout the day and even have some free time. Along with keeping us organized, setting goals also allows us be involved in good activities that keep us busy so that we are never bored or lazy.

Swamishri and Mahant Swami Maharaj have also shown us how they set structure for each of their days, so that each day they always kept Shriji Maharaj happy. If you look at Mahant Swami Maharaj’s daily routine, he has so many little goals he sets and completes each day to give darshan to all the devotees and keep all of us happy. By doing this, he gives us an excellent example for us to follow as we aim to reach all of our goals as well.

Setting goals will only take you further in life. The outcome will always be positive. Keeping this in mind, let’s pray to Shriji Maharaj and Swamishri that we are able to set proper goals and then we can reach them with their help!

Until next time!

Jay Swaminarayan from the ‘’ team

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