A Single Virtue from Everyone

Once Shriji Maharaj came to serve food to the sadhus. He served lovingly and filled their bowls to the brim. The sadhus hailed the name of Maharaj for being blessed with food served by His own hands. As they were about to commence their meals, two sadhus arrived. They had not eaten either.

Maharaj was aware that there were no food items left to serve. How would He fill their bowls now?

So Shriji Maharaj told them, “Go to all the sadhus with your eating bowls and ask for a little food from everyone.”

The two sadhus held their bowls before every sadhu, and each one in turn gave them the best item they had. Within no time their bowls were full and the sadhus joined the group.

On seeing this, Shriji Maharaj told a moral to the sadhus, “Listen everyone! The bowls of these two sadhus were initially empty. But when they bent low to accept what you gave, their bowls became full with the best food items. Similarly, in Satsang, if you humbly accept a single virtue from everyone then your life will become full of virtues.”

By accepting the good qualities of others, one’s life becomes virtuous and divine. A little pledge to see and accept the virtues of others will enrich one’s heart with the joys of goodness and divinity.

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