Pearly White Teeth
Pearly White Teeth

It was a beautiful sunny day and Ghanshyam was outside with his friends under the cool shade of a giant tree. Ghanshyam spotted Suvasinibhabhi and approached her. He said, "Bhabhi, my molar teeth are hurting. I cannot even chew rotlis! Will you please prepare shiro instead?"

Lovingly, Suvasinibhabhi made delicious shiro and called all the family members for dinner. Ghanshyam washed His hands and quietly sat next to his two brothers, Rampratapbhai and Ichharam. Though the fresh shiro tasted sweeter than any honey, Ghanshyam gave some of it to His younger brother Ichharam, while He Himself ate less than a mouthful. Leaving the rest of His meal in the plate, Ghanshyam washed His hands and left. Seeing Ghanshyam's pain, Suvasinibhabhi followed Him into the courtyard behind the kitchen. "Do your molar teeth give you much trouble, dear child?" she questioned.

Ghanshyam replied, "Yes Bhabhi, it is very painful and loose. Why not pull out all the loose teeth! That will greatly relieve my pain." Willing to do anything to stop Ghanshyam's pain, Suvasinibhabhi agreed and quickly pulled out the tooth. Then Ghanshyam requested, "Bhabhi, there is another loose tooth which gives me lot of pain. Please pull it out." Suvasinibhabhi agreed once again, and soon, as per Ghanshyam's requests, she pulled out all of Ghanshyam's teeth, one by one! Suddenly, she realised what she had done. Horrified and worried, Suvasinibhabhi immediately called Bhaktimata and explained the shocking situation. When Bhaktimata saw the heap of fallen teeth, she asked Ghanshyam to open his mouth. She and Suvasinibhabhi were stunned; Ghanshyam had already grown a new set of teeth! The fallen teeth had miraculously transformed into sparkling pearls. As soon as Ghanshyam picked them up, a flock of swans from Manasarovar swooped down and carried them away, one by one. Once again, Bhaktimata and Suvasinibhabhi realised that Ghanshyam was indeed Bhagwan incarnate.

Ghanshyam did not perform these miracles for entertainment, but to inform others that he was Supreme God and to ensure His devotees would remember His leelas and attain the bliss of Akshardham. So now we wonder, doesn't Pramukh Swami Maharaj perform these leelas, if Shreeji Maharaj is present in him? In fact, he does perform miracles once in a while, but we are unable to notice his greatest leela - his undivided devotion to Bhagwan and his golden heart- filled with love for all. 
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