The Sesame Scholar

There once was a Brahmin who was eager to study. In particular, he was trying to study Sanskrit. But this Brahmin had a problem. He did not have a very good memory and therefore had trouble memorising anything. Each day, he tried, and he learned something new. However, he would quickly forget it! The Brahmin was determined to learn Sanskrit, no matter what, but how?

One day, he thought of a brilliant idea. He filled a water gourd(tumbadi) with tal (sesame seeds). Next to this, he placed an empty tumbadi (a gourd, a dried hollowed out vegetable shell). The Brahmin then said one Sanskrit word and placed a sesame seed in the tumbadi. He repeated the word and placed another seed in the tumbadi. In this way, he filled the tumbadi, repeating the same Sanskrit word over and over again. He then emptied the tumbadi and began repeating another word. His persistence led him to start remembering every word that he learnt. This became his daily routine.

Time progressed and he soon became a famous Sanskrit scholar. He would defeat others in debates on the scriptures. Whenever a scholar from a distant place came for a debate, the people always selected the Brahmin to speak for them. They knew he would always win the debate for he was very clever. He became known as the Tal-Tumbadiya-Shastri.

We should also study with courage and determination. Never say, “I can never learn this. I can't remember anything.” With effort, learning any subject is possible. Try and try again, and soon success will come. Just look at the tal-tumbadiya-shastri! He never gave up and kept trying. Bapa, too, has given us a formula for success:

Effort + Prayer = Success.
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