What is Divo?
What is Divo? Ans: The divo, the divine flame, symbolises the matchless, infinite light of God and is an important element in Hindu worship. All actions begin with the lighting of the divo. Every Hindu desires for the divine light of knowledge and freedom from maya and so with these noble thoughts the divo is lit each day.
(18) What does Shankh signify?
What does Shankh signity? Ans: The shankh signifies the echoing sound of the conch shell and honours and salutes the supreme creator. Its sound signals the victory of good over evil. Being one of 36 naturally occurring musical instruments of Indian origin, it is seen as being pure and sacred. Devotees blow it with the sentiments of welcoming God in their hearts and as a symbol of His divine grace.
(19) What is Ghantdi?
What is Ghantdi?
Ans: The ghantdi, known as the bell, is India's ancient religious instrument. The divine sound of the ghantdi has the power to energise the atma. It drowns all evil thoughts and feelings, and inspires pious, divine emotions.
(20) What is SHRIFAL?
Ans: The coconut is a symbol of sacrifice. No auspicious work is accomplished without sacrifice. The Shrifal is offered as a symbol of sacrifice in all Hindu rituals. It is pure, beautiful and sweet within. It echoes the eternal message of inner beauty and pristine opulence.
(21) What is PURNA KALASH?
Ans: The traditional Hindu symbol for Perfection. It sprung forth from the churning of the ocean to bestow immortality on the devas. Through mantras, rituals and prayers the holy rivers of India are invoked in a pot of water. And this sacred water is sprinkled in all directions for perfect peace, purity and prosperity. From the ritual of inauguration to the pure sacrament of marriage, the Purna Kalash grants auspiciousness and perfection.
Ans: Every human being desires for supreme protection and freedom from obstacles. The ritual of Kankan Bandhanam symbolises a divine promise for protection. Before any auspicious deed, a red and yellow, holy thread known as nada chhadi, is tied on the participant’s right wrist. The priest then prays for him : “O Bhagwan, protect him from obstacles and guard him from evil influences. Grant him long life and bless him with the fruits of good deeds.”

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