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(36) The Venerable Cow

The Venerable CowThe cow is the most respected and worshipped animal in India.

The holy cow is kind like the mother, since she gives us milk, and her dung is useful for us in many ways. That is why the cow is called ‘gau mata’– mother cow.

From cow’s milk, yogurt and then butter is made. From butter, ghee is made. Milk, yogurt and ghee are three of the five important ingredients of panchamrut, used in puja rituals for bathing God. Ghee is also used for lighting divas in puja. Cowdung is used as fuel in the rural areas even today. The dung is made into fuel cakes and used in fires to cook food. Cowdung is also used in plastering walls and floors. It has antiseptic properties. This is what modern science has discovered.

Now let us consider the place of this wonderful animal in Sanatan Dharma’s sacred shastras. It is the general belief that devas live in the body of the cow. That is why it is declared that nobody should kill a cow.

The Vedas are also associated with the cow. The back of the cow is believed to be the Rig Veda, her mouth the Sam Veda and the body the Yajur Veda.

Giving a cow as donation to a Brahmin is considered a highly meritorious act.

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