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(42) The Sacred Pipal Tree

The Sacred Pipal TreeThe pipal tree is considered very sacred in Sanatan Dharma. It is believed that Vishnu resides in different parts of the tree under various names like Narayan, Hari and other names. In the Bhagvad Gita (10/26), Shri Krishna describes its glory, “Among the trees I am ashwattha (pipal).”

Whenever you come across a pipal tree you find traces of worship; the tree invariably has kumkum and haldi marks.

Sometimes women tie a thread around the trunk. The dry twigs of the pipal are used in yagnas as fuel.

Every pipal tree is a reservoir of oxygen. People who stay near it have a plentiful supply of oxygen. A pipal tree is rarely cut. The huge tree gives ample shade to people and animals alike. It is also a home to a lot of birds and insects.

In some of the old Indus sites clay objects with pipal leaf markings have been unearthed. This shows that the pipal tree has been worshipped from very early times.

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