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(46) Prithvi – Mother Earth

Prithvi – Mother Earth

Hindus consider the earth to be a goddess. She is called Prithvi. She is also known by two other names Sri and Lakshmi. These are the names of Shri Vishnu’s wife. Shri Vishnu is also known as Narayan.

Prithvi is indeed like a mother. She provides us all our needs. She gives us wheat, rice, vegetables and fruits. The list is very long. You have only to recall what we get from mother earth.

In order to grow crops and to drink and bathe, the gracious Mother provides us rivers.

Apart from all these things she provides us a shelter. But for mother Earth where else would we go. We no doubt build houses and for that earth is required. Mother Earth bears our weight, our buildings, and other structures built by us. This is in addition to mountains and rivers.

Mother Earth is one of the five elements. They are earth, water, air, fine and space. Life on earth is only possible because of them.

We get everything we need from Mother Earth, but we should have the wisdom not to overuse things. Take for instance trees. If we go on cutting them then we will not have any forests. They are essential for rain. Trees attract clouds. Then all the birds and animals will be affected. Animals need trees and plants for shelter and food.

We should preserve rivers. Rivers bring water so that the fertile soil and crops can be cultivatied.
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