Why do sadhus wear saffron colored robes?

Saffron is like the color of fire. This fire can burn away all worldly desires. Hence, for sadhus this symbolizes that they have renounced all worldly attachments.

(7) Do Hindus worship many Gods?
Answer: Hindus believe in one Supreme Divinity. This God incarnates on this earth during different times for different reasons, which we call avatars of God. On earth they receive a name just like everyone else. Because these different avatars have different names people get confused and believe that Hindus believe in many Gods, which is false. These avatars are different forms of the same one Supreme Divine God.
(8) What is a mandir?
Answer: A mandir is a place of worship for all Hindus. It is the house of God. Murtis of God are ceremoniously installed according to Vedic traditions. Hindus believe that God is omnipresent but through these murtis, devotees experience the divine presence of God.
(9) Why are Hindus vegetarian?Vegetables
The shastras ordain that: “Ahimsa Paramo Dharmaha” – ahimsa is the highest dharma. “Ahimsa” means non-injury. The meaning of this word doesn’t only mean non-injury to humans, but it also means non-injury to all living creatures. Just like humans, all living creatures also have feelings. Therefore, it’s important that we do not harm any creatures in any way be it killing a spider, slaughtering a cow, or even stepping on an ant. If we were to eat any dead animal it is as if we had killed that animal ourselves. As Hindus we have to be kind and care for every living thing. If they don’t harm us then why should we harm them? And also, when we can survive on vegetables then where is the need to kill animals!

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