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(60) Why do some devotees touch the steps of a mandir while climbing its steps and then touch their heads?

The steps of a mandir are used daily by hundreds of bhaktas. The shãstras extol great glory of bhaktas. Therefore the steps are hallowed by the glory of the feet of bhaktas. So when a person touches the steps, he is actually hallowing or sanctifying himself with the holy dust particles of bhaktas’ feet, on his head; to confer purity and humility in his buddhi (intellect).

When Yudhisthir held an Ashwamegh yagna, Shri Krishna Bhagwan himself used to collect the plates of bhaktas, after their meals everyday. Such was his humility and mahimã (glory) of bhaktas. This form of bhakti is known as pãdsevanam.



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