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Things to Know - PushkarThere are only two mandirs dedicated to Brahma in the whole of Bharat. One is in Khed Brahma, north Gujarat. The second is at Pushkar, seven miles from Ajmer, in Rajasthan.

According to the Padma Puran, Brahma came here to perform a yagna with a lotus in his hand. Suddenly the lotus fell down and caused a terrible explosion. The devas asked Brahma, “How can a mere flower falling down cause such an explosion ?”

Brahma revealed, “A demon named Vajranabh had hidden himself in Rasaatal (nether world), after killing countless children. After performing tapas and obtaining a boon, he was also planning to kill you. However this lotus killed him and you have been saved from a great calamity.”

The devas thanked Brahma. A lotus-shaped pond was constructed here and named Pushkar tirth. Pushkar means lotus. Today this is the most important tirth dedicated to Brahma. Other ghats on this spot include: Gaughat, Brahmaghat, Yagnaghat, Badrighat and several others. In the main mandir there is Brahmaji’s four-faced murti, as well as the murti of his consort, Savitri, devi. Behind the mandir, high on a hilltop, there is Savitri’s own mandir. It is said that during the yagna, Savitri became cross with Brahma and cursed him, that his puja will only be performed in Pushkar. After that, Adi Shankaracharya consecrated his murti in Pushkar. However Aurangzeb destroyed the mandir. The present mandir was built in 1809. This is a popular pilgrim centre for Bengalis, who arrive here in large numbers.

There are around 400 mandirs in this tirth! One of them, Varah mandir is 150 feet high. It was built between 1223 to 1250 by Arnoraj, king of Ajmer. A few centuries later, Maharana Pratap’s brother, Rana Sang, renovated it. This, too, was rubbled by Aurangzeb. In 1727, Sawai Jaisinh of Jaipur rebuilt it.

Nearby there are other important mandirs of Badrinarayan, Ranganathji, Ganapati and Vaikunthnathji.

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