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Pulhashram (Muktinath)

Pulhashram is known today as Muktinath. In ancient times Pulha rishi, Brahma’s son, performed austerities here. Muktinath, also called Muktanath, is located at a height of 12,500 feet in the Himalayas. The river Gandaki meanders in a circle around Vishnu’s mandir. Therefore it is also called Chakra Gandaki. The mandir is shaped like a Buddhist pagoda. There is a golden kalash (urn) at the top of the pinnacle. The murtis in the mandir are of Vishnu in a sitting posture, and on either side, are beautiful murtis of Shridevi and Bhudevi.

Though it is an extremely difficult spot to reach, thousands of pilgrims brave the biting winds and storms to sanctify themselves.

Neelkanth Varni performed austeritieshere standing on one leg, for two months and 20 days between September and November 1793. In remembrance of His tapas, we do one mala standing on one leg in our daily personal puja every morning. He ended His austerities on Kartik sud 12.


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