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Ramayana is one of the most important scriptures of the Hindu religion. It consists of 24,000 verses and the authorship is attributed to Rishi Valmiki. The Ramayana tells the story of the Journey of Life that Bhagwan Ram took. Bhagwan Ram is called the Maryadapurushottam-someone who is Ideal. His life is an exemplary life; he was an Ideal Husband, Ideal Son, Ideal Brother and an Ideal Ruler. He was born to King Dashratha of Ayodhya. And was the eldest of the four prices. But fate had it such that he was made to spend 14 years in the forest along with his wife Sitamata and his youngest brother Lakshman. The demon Kinng of Lanka, Ravan abducted Sitamata from the forest and took her to Lanka. Bhagwan Ram went on a long and tough search and rescued Sitamata from the clutches of the evil Ravan. Through the Ramayana we understand the ultimate truth that good always wins over evil not matter what!

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