The Vedas are the oldest scriptures in the world. Ours is a Vedic culture and we Indians are proud of our Vedas. But the frequently asked questions are, “What are Vedas?” & “What are its forms?”

Meaning:-The Literal meaning of the Vedas is ‘KNOWLEDGE’. Those scriptures from which we can acquire knowledge are called Vedas.

Composer: - There is no one particular person who can be attributed with the composing of the Vedas. These Vedas were given to the Maha Rishis by Bhagwan Himself. Then they were passed on from Guru to disciple.

Time Period: - it is still a matter of discussion but it is widely accepted that the Vedas were written some 10,000 years ago.

Which are the 4 Vedas?

RIGVEDA:- Hymns in the praises of the gods and goddess have been sung in the Rigveda, also it has been described how a proper human should live his life.

SAMVEDA: - The shlokas of the Samveda are in the musical form. The basic notes of Sa, Re, Ga, Ma, Pa, Dha,Ni, Sa of the Indian Classical Music have been taken from the Samveda.

YAJURVEDA: - The scriptures which are used for doing pujas and Yagnas are called the Yajurvedas.

ATHARVAVEDA: - The Vedas that preach non-violence and propagate peace are called the Atharvaveda

MORAL:- Many cultures have been born from the teachings of the Vedas. The Vedas give the message of “WORLD AS A FAMILY”, where everyman is a brother to the other man.

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