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Everything is Due to God’s Grace


Everything is Due to God’s Grace


On 14 November 2008 Swamishri was residing in Bochasan.  A youth who was very close with Swamishri had come for darshan after a very long time.  He studied well and moved out of India to start his career.  He achieved great success in his work field.  Coming for Swamishri’s darshan he had worn a tilak chandlo on his forehead.  Meeting Swamishri, one sadhu mentioned, “He has only done tilak chandlo because he was coming to meet you.  Otherwise, over there he doesn’t do it.” 

Swamishri said to the youth, “Understand that we don’t do devotion just to show off.  Whatever we do should be done only to please God.” 

Another sadhu said, “His salary is one million dollars, what’s the need for all this?” 

Swamishri replied, “One million dollars or two million dollars, whatever he has it’s all due to God’s grace.  Understand this much. Therefore, don’t ever forget God!” 

Swamishri showed this youth the importance of keeping God in the forefront because even the money earned in life is due to God’s grace.
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