Yogiji Maharaj

Shastriji Maharaj pointed to Yogiji Maharaj as the fourth guru in line after Shreeji Maharaj.

Yogiji Maharaj Ideal Child
As a child he was called Jhinabhai. Jhinabhai was born on 23 May 1892 in a small village called Dhari in Gujarat. He was an ideal student and devotee of God. As Jhinabhai grew up, everyone in the village grew very fond of him. Everyone loved his smile and loving nature. He was loved and respected by the entire village.

Yogiji Maharaj - Tha Sadhu
At the age of 16, Zinabhai decided to offer his entire life to the worship and service of God as a sadhu. He was initiated as a sadhu and named Sadhu Gnanjivandas . Because of his deep attachment to God and virtues as a sadhu he was affectionately called "Yogiji".


From the outside, he looked fragile and simple. But from the inside, he was a mountain of strength because of his qualities of devotion, service, tolerance, penance, humility. By obeying the words of his Guru Shastriji Maharaj, Yogiji Maharaj was loved by everyone.


Yogiji Maharaj - The Guru
On passing away, Shastriji Maharaj left the Sanstha in the hands of Yogiji Maharaj. On Yogiji Maharaj's shoulders rested the whole responsibility of thousands of people's well-being and spiritual progress. He tirelessly moved from country to country, city to city, village to village, visiting every hut and home. His purpose was to free people from the evil traps of addictions and teach them to lead a pure life. He inspired Satsang activities in every town and village he visited.

Yogiji Maharaj was both a mother and a father to everyone. His loving nature captured the hearts of kids and youths who enjoyed his company and valued his wisdom. Many kids would regularly travel with him during their school and college vacations. He knew kids and youths were important so he started special assemblies to help them progress in life: Bal Mandal for kids and Yuvak Mandal for youths. He also introduced the weekly satsang assembly an Sundays and inspired the congregation with his popular messages of, "May God do good of all" and "Harmony, friendliness and unity."

He never hurt anyone or humiliated other people's beliefs. Yogiji Maharaj never ever found fault with others. He simply lived his life in devotion and service to God and his Guru.

Yogiji Maharaj was the first to introduce Satsang to the rest of the world by touring in East Africa and England. There he opened mandirs and centers. Because of the seeds of Satsang he planted, today that Satsang has branched out throughout the entire world.

Yogiji Maharaj is often remembered for the large smile that never left his lips, his loving pat and his awesome hand gestures. However, today, his spirit is felt through his spiritual successor, His Divine Holiness Pramukh Swami Maharaj whom he revealed as his whole and sole.

Life Span: 79 Years

From 23 May 1892 CE to 23 January 1971 CE

Birthplace: Dhari, Gujarat, India

As Guru: 20 Years (1951-1971 CE)

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