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"Swamishri's Prayer "
Bapa is praying for everyone. He is praying for the rightousness of humans and for people to have good morals. He is praying for the health and knowledge of all his disciples. He is praying for the akshar purushottam upaasana to be spread and for mandirs to be built. Swamishri is praying for the happiness of all his devotees.
Priya D. patel (12)
Orange,CA (L.A. Mandir), UNITED STATES
  I think that swamibapa prays that he prays that don't let any of the devootes suffer make me suffer but not my devottes. Thats what hlf of his marras are for his devootes that don't let them suffer.He also prays that let every bodys wishes come true. He prays so that the devottes that are sick get well quickly. He prays that every body stays healty. he prays so thers peace in india and all over the wrold. From this we know how much bapa loves us. so cause he loves us this much and makes all of our wishes come true we should do what he tells us to do. an example of it is follow the niyams that he gives you.
jay patel (12)
cherry hill, UNITED STATES
Swamishri is praying for peace and harmony in this world and that no harm will be done to any people or any other living things.
Mikhil Patel (8)
I think swamishri is first of all praying for the danger that happened recently in Cairo were some people were bombing and for their well being for their souls. Secondly i think swami is praying for us like swamibapa always does such as praying to keep us safe and protect us from all the bad things like bad company,TV etc. Haven't you realised that in 75% of bapa's photo's he is doing this? well if you haven't then please try to!
Bhavik (9)

Swamishree- when you hear this word, your heart puryfies. swamishree is always praying to almighty bhagwaqn swaminarayan to make his bhakts and every common people to get devoted to god.
Digant Raval (15)
As we pray for Bapa's health and stuff we need help with, we wonder what can Bapa be praying for? Bapa only has one person in mind all the time; Bhagwan Swaminarayan. I believe Bapa is praying to Maharaj for the betterment of the devottees. It it with Bapa's prayers that we can survive every day of life. He is probably praying that unemployed people will get jobs, that the hungry will get food, and that the unfortunate will find a way to stay strong. Bapa never asks for anything for himself. Jai Swaminaryan.
Priti Modi (15)
Lawrenceville, UNITED STATES
I think Swamishri is praying to Bhagwan Swaminarayan is that all the kids in the world respect their elders, do well in school, and grow up to be respectable adults. I also think Swamishri is praying to Bhagwan Swaminarayan that all the creatures in the world are living happily, and that all countries be united together instead of having hatred against each other.
Ravi Thakker (12)
Brownsville, UNITED STATES
Bapa is praying that whole world stays in peace and he is asking god to forgive everybody in the world for their sin and give me punishment instead. May everybody in the world remains happy.
Ashutosh Ajay Brahmbhatt (10)
Bapa is praying " please keep everyone in the world Happy, Nice and Good.
Viresh Jiten Shah (10)

Bapa is praying " O' god please make every person smart enough that they never go near Maya.
Dhruv Chetan Nagar (11)
I think oue beloved and loving Bapa is praying for someone(but not for himself). I think Bapa is praying for someone who is sick or has any other problems. Bapa looks very serious doing prayer. I even think Bapa might be praying for Peace in world
Mayur Bhavin Raval (8)

Bapa is praying for the balaks to be good and have peace in their life. Bapa is also praying for the sick people to become healthy and fresh for a new life out of hospital. Bapa is praying for all the santos who go to different countries to spread the swaminarayan satsang and maharaj's life in india.
Utsav Jayesh Garach (10)
Bapa is praying about all people shouls go to akshardham. Also he is praying for all people who needs clothes, Money and who lives in street.
Bhavesh Nikhil Chawla (12)

Bapa prays that: 1)May there be peace in the whole world. 2)May all worship god,(whichever religion they are following). 3)May all people be happy. 4)May all my haribhaktos be tane,mane,dhane happy. 5)May all people's life become pure and pious.
Krisha Vasani (10)
Dar es Salaam, TANZANIA
We all are getting message different ways eventhough it is given at the same time and same place we all have different thinking so we believe what we want to .The essence of this story is that even if one understands in ones own way we should take guidance from elderly and saints like Pramukhswamimaharaj and makes us more knowledgable in the field we have limited knowladge Jai Swaminarayan Dipul Patel
Dipul Patel (11)
Bapa prayes for us to Maharaj so Haribhaktoo's stay healthy, and have fun in life. I love maharaj and bapa. Bapa prays so I can do seva to help people and make them feel happy. Bapa you stay in my and Maharaj's heart.
jai swaminarayan! i think that Swami Bapa is praying to Bhagwan Swaminarayan for his cevotes and his saints. As we all know, Bapa never thinks of himself, only his devotes and God so he has to be praying foe us. Bapa is the best!
krishna patel (13)
hacendia hgts., UNITED STATES
Swamishri might be praying to Bhagwan Swaminarayan that every body will be happy and will not have any troubles in their life,Swamishri might also be praying that in every country that the satsang will grow and we will have more satsangis and go to Akshardahm and another thing that Swamishri might be praying to bhagwan Swaminarayan is that all satsangis will follow all the niyams such as do pooja daily,no eating out side.
Winnie Jobanputra (10)
Swamishri might be praying that, "He Maharaj! He Swami! Hu prarthanaa karu chhu ke badhay haribhakto tan-man-dhane sukhi rahe, Guru Shastriji Maharaj ne Jogi Bapa ne raji kare ne aa badhaa haribhaktone ant same aap leva avo te prarthana."
Vandan Popat (11)
I think that swamibapa is praying for the safety for all of his haribaktos. He prays for people that are doing bad thing to do the right thing. He wants to make sure that we all have what we need to live a successful life because he loves us all just like we are his children.That's what Ithink he's praying about!
Priya Patel (12)

Jai Swaminarayan, I think Swamishri is praying for us his devotees. So that we can experience peace and Maharaj's divine darshan. He would pray for all the mandirs and especially that Akshardham Delhi goes to the best as possible. Even though He soesn't need to pray he does so for our own good. He never prays for himself Jai Swaminarayan
Niral Vekeria (15)
He Maharaj! May there be peace in celestial regions. May there be peace on Earth. May the waters be appeasing. May herbs be wholesome, and may trees and plants bring peace to all. May all beneficient beings bring peace to us. May thy Law propagate peace all through the world.
Megha Kaul (14)
amdavad, INDIA
Swami Bapa is probably praying to Bhagwan Swaminarayan so that he can get the Height issue for the Chino Hills Shikarbadh Mandir solved. He is also praying for the mandir itself to be done in a quick amount of time.
Vinit Patel (15)
Panorama City, UNITED STATES

I believe that Swamibapa is praying about his hope for us, children to be working very hard and he is wishing that we will always follow his prayers, the Gurus before him's prayers, and all the prayers of the following Gurus.
Ronak Gandhi (12)
Bapa might be praying to maharaj is that us, children, will have a great future. he will also be praying for our good health and education. he will pray to maharj that we follow uor basic niyams and follow Bapa's agna as well. Jai swaminarayan.
Shaniqua Patel (14)
I think swamishri is praying for wellfare of his disciples and his devotees & that in this great big world we all live in peace & harmony and follow his agnas,come to mandir & pray to Lord swaminarayan in all dangers & challenges of lives & it is all what he is praying to God for.Jayswaminarayan.
Jay Raval (13)

Jai Swaminarayan~ i think that swamishri prays for many things.he prays for his devotees so they do not suffer,he also prays for world peace so that everybody is united. i also think that bapa prays for a new shikar bhand mandir in Los Angeles,Toronto,and Atlanta.he also prays for his sadhus so that they are able to serve God.I think bapa also prays for our health and our families.he makes sure that we are comfortable Basically bapa prays to god so we benifit,he never thinks highly of himself!! Jai Swaminarayan
jankee pandya (14)
anahiem (Los Angeles), UNITED STATES
swamishri prays for everyone and everything but himself. he never thinks about himself, instead he prays for the well being of his devotees. He has Maharaj in him, so he also knows which devotees have what prarthanas, and he prays to Bhagwan that their prarthanas are answered. He also proabably prays that all his satsangis deepen in satsang and all see good in others. last butdefinetly not the least he prays that there is peace on this earth, peace in all's mind, and that everyone attains the highest goal; to reach akshardham!!! I LoVE YOU BAPA!!!
Radha Patel (13)

I think swami prayes good for his devootes. And who ever sick to help them get better health. And for kids he prays that they study. And mainly he prays good for everybody
Kruti Joshi (12)

Dear Maharaj, Please let your haribhaktas and balaks follow your and my agna. Let their future be good and let me teach them the true meaning of life and your greatness. Jay Swaminarayan
Darshan Jitesh Kothari (11)

Swamibapa's ultimate solution for the peace in the world is one and only one "His in-depth prayer to Lord Harikrishna Maharaj".
Flory Chandresh Kanabar (7)
Rajkot, INDIA

i think bapa would be praying for the well being of our bal-balikas and for all other devotees. for everyone to be safe and for everyone to atain there main goal which is to find the gate way to akshardham. and for evey satsangi to be happy and well.
nehal patel (13)

jay swaminarayan, Swamishri always prayes that he can fullfil all the wishes of Shreeji Maharaj and Yogiji Maharaj and make more and more hari bhaktos all over the world and in ever leave people chant only 'Swaminarayan Swaminarayan' (pandade pandade swaminarayan ratvu).
Pratik.J.Bhalani (10)
Dar-Es-Salaam, TANZANIA

He is praying for all the devotees (us!).
Shivani Kanji (12)
jacksonville, UNITED STATES

Jay Swaminarayan. Swamishri is praying to Bhagwan Swaminarayan about us. He is praying to maharaj for his haribhaktas. He is praying that we follow our niyams and agnas and stay in satsang, chnating the swaminarayan mantra. he prays that we come to mandir regulary and do seva from the soul. He prays that we don't take avgun and get attached to all the maya around us. He prays that we all go to Akshardham so we dont have to be reborn on this earth again. He is always praying for us night and day.So if swamishri is praying so much for us, why cant we follow the niyams and agnas he gives us? Why cant we be like swamishri? Why are we still attached to all the maya and worldly desires out there? Shu na thaay...
Mira Amin (12)
Philadelphia Mandir, UNITED STATES

Swamishri will be praying to bhagwan swaminarayan for the well being of everyone in his sansta.He also wants us to teach others what we know ,and to whom we follow.To do this he prayes that the journey and life of bhagwan swaminarayan can be spread if the mistic india film is a sucess.

I think Swami Bapa is praying to Bhagwan Swaminarayan about us balaks and balikas.
Alisa (11)

He might be thinking about for the good health of every single person in the world. A happy life for everyone and peace. Doing darshan to every single mandir and praying for more. Like for the Delhi mandir or Chino Hills Mandir. That is what Swamishri might think in his everyday prayers to Maharaj.
Radhika Raj (11)

Jai Swaminarayan I think bapa is praying for the well being of the world. the well being of his deevotes. For balaks and balikas. He prays that we get good grades and continue this religon so it will once be as large as the world. If he can do all this for us why can't we pray for his well being?
Rupanshee (12)

swamiji prarthrna kare chhe ke maara badha bhkto tan man dhanthi khoob sukhi thaay duniyama shanti thaay maharaj saunu saaru kare badha ekantikdharma siddha kare.saunu kalyan thaay.
leena patel (14)

Jai Swaminarayan, What I think Bapa is praying to Maharaj is that we all bcome adarsh and that we all obey his all of his agnas. I also think that he is praying is that all the people that are in need become better and if they are physically or mentally hurt that thye get better soon. He also prays that all the bad people that commit sins and all that people that all of those people become good and become part if this sanstha and last that he parys for is that this sansta becomes bigger and better. Jai Swaminarayan
Krishna Patel (14)
Valley Stream, UNITED STATES

When ever I see Bapa praying, it makes me feel so happy, almost like I myself am going through divine bliss. Whenever I see Bapa praying it always makes me think about how selfless, and loving he is to all of his haribhaktos. It is so unique when Bapa prays, because when he is praying he prays with such concentration and focus. Another amazing thing about his praying is that he does it constantly, he never stops. He is always praying for the well being of his haribhaktos. Every day, by praying, he makes thousands of peoples life onehundred times better. I truly find it inspirational, just looking at the way Bapa prays. Jai Swaminarayan!
Kush Patel (10)


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