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    Incidents of Param Pujya Mahant Swami Maharaj

Incidents of Param Pujya Mahant Swami Maharaj

Param Pujya Mahant Swami Maharaj has given special memories to children across the world these past few months. Please share any incidents of Mahant Swami Maharaj and children that you find special.

One of the incidents that have happened and that i think is special is when the new pillars with muktanand swami and gunatitand swami were being established and the boys were patiantly waiting for Mahant swami Maharajs arrival. Then when Mahant Swami Maharaj arrived Mahant swami Maharaj touched the boy's feet. After that the boy and Mahant Swami Maharaj meet backstage and the boy asked Mahant Swami Maharaj why he touched his feet? He answered that he was waiting for a long time, waiting for him and his feet must have hurt.
Haley Dave (10)

I was in Houston, Texas. I was waiting outside the sant nivas for Mahant Swami Maharaj’s darshan as he was going for breakfast from his puja. When he got to the door he saw me holding it and then his sevak swami asked me “How many pieces of pizza do you eat?” (The reason he is asking me this is because back in 2015 when I was living in Singapore, Mahant Swami gave me a niyam for only eating two pieces of pizza). So I replied “I only eat two pieces.” Then Mahant Swami himself asked “What sized pieces of pizza do you eat?” So, then I spread my arms at least one foot apart then we all started laughing so hard. He then patted me on the Head and went for breakfast.
Hari Patel (11)
Houston , Texas, UNITED STATES


Once swami was giving darshan to all the people in USA. Just then, he noticed that the first three lines were children and they were trying very hard to see as the stage was too close. Immediately Mahant Swami ordered one of the swamis to make the first three lines stand up and to be moved to one side. it was then fixed that every darshan the first three lines to be moved
Prakhar Trivedi (11)
Singapore, SINGAPORE

This year (2017) Mahant Swami has been doing a lot of vicharan and still is. Some of his past vicharan was in Toronto, Canada. He had played raas on Yuvak-Yuti Din with santos and yuvaks. Mahant Swami first played with the yuvaks. Then while playing with the santos he decided to stand up and play. The host had decided it was time to continue the program so he made an announcement. Swami made an agna that the raas continues so it did. At the end of the sabha Bapa said he had never given such labh to any mandir except for today and also said it was his first time giving such aashirwad. This showed that Mahant Swami has unique ways to express his love for all of us haribhaktos!
Prapti Brahmbhatt (11)
Brampton, CANADA


Hi and Jai Swaminarayan. The incident that happened was in Toronto, Canada. The incident was that, it was Bal Din and a bal was saying a Vachnamurt and then Mahanta Swami Maharaj called him over. He hugged the little boy.
Tithi Patel (11)
Brampto, CANADA

Jay swaminarayan, i think Mahant Swami Maharaj has given a lot of people happiness but one incident that i find special is when Swami was in Robbinsville where a balak from Toronto when on stage in front of thousands of people a small balak only 4, went on stage dancing and mahant swami embraced him. i find this special because know that little balak and also because there were so many people and Mahant swami could have told his sevak santo to tell him to get off stage. instead Mahant swami gave him labh. I think that was special.
Krish Patel (12)
Toronto, CANADA

Jai Swaminarayan, Whatever satpurush does is always divya , alaukik and adbhut . For me personally in each and every thing swami does is a LIFE TIME memory . Particularly , an incident of mahant swami and children that I find special is when swami went to Mt.Abu , to the boys hostel . When all the kids were showing their talent in the playground and swami sat on the bench he saw each and every boy with so much of attention and affection , and at the end he praised and appreciated every child as a parent does when a child gets very good marks in his school exams . This gesture of swami makes every child think that , 'SWAMI MARA NE HU SWAMINO...' 
Karuna Guha (12)

I remember when in my vacations I was watching mahant swami maharaj's video when he had gone to Chicago he had celebrated his birthday with small kids and how all the kids were desperate to play with him.And one small boy was giving a small speech on maharaj and asking him for blessings.I think all that children are very special and lucky.
Nandini chauhan (13)
Mumbai, INDIA

My favorite incident occurred during Bal/ Balika Din, when Mahant Swami Maharaj rode in the school bus. It made me realize that wherever I am, like school, he will always be there with me. 
Krishna Patel (12)

When pujya Mahant swami is doing walking every boy he sees he blesses them and moves on.
Riddhi Panchal (9)

When Swami was in Chicago and during the Pooja, alll the balaks were saying differnt swami in vato and other quotes, one balak said his vat and then went to Swami and got a pinky promise and hugged him.. I saw that on live streaming and that’s the best memory I have
Aarav Thakkar (9)
Singapore, SINGAPORE

My favorite memory of Mahant Swami Maharaj was in Atlanta when he gave diksha to one of the yuvak and in the ashirwad he talked about his diksha and his memories of that day with his guru yogi bapa
Raheel thakkar (10)
Singapore, SINGAPORE

The incident that I found special was when Mahant swami maharaj spoke with us in english. It was a very special moment for me.
Nancy patel (9)
Brampton, CANADA

Jay swaminarayan! I like mahant swami maharaj because he speards the message of unity and makes all the kids sit at the front row so he can see them properly and give them his blessings and before he eats he advises to give prasad to the children first. I like swami bapa and Jay swaminarayan
Tirth thakar (11)
Singapore, SINGAPORE

Jai Swaminarayan, My favourite incident of Mahant swami with kids is that when the Bal din was organised in robbinsville Mahant swami showered kids so much love and affection on the kids that I felt Swami showered love and his ashirwad on me. That is why, it is said 'HET TO KARE CHE EVO , AN ANT JANANI JEVU' . 




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